Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Diana scores her big break in the Philippines. Millions now will be following her/him/it/them.

The Loony-cats INVITED THEMSELVES to Manila on 6 June.  

As per the comment from Peter Palomo, we now know that the regular neocatechumenal members (not the kiko's) were victimized, lied to, and used, as were we all by the story by Jennifer Dulla in the May 18 edition of the U Matuna. But we all know that Jennifer was just doing what she was told. So the question remains: Will the Archbishop let her take the fall or will he tell us who made up the story?

Also: Nakita niyo itong video noong nakaraang lingo. Normal na kaganapan ito sa mga Neo Mass.


  1. holy cow! holy moely! holy sh**! What have they done? This is so HUMILIATING!

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 4, 2014 at 6:27 PM

      Mtg notes from the Hill have just been intercepted:
      Idiot #1 - How in the hell did they find out our big lie? I think idiot #2 leaked it out.
      Idiot #2 - I did not. I wasn't able to open my email at all last week...I forgot my password. Besides, I was sick last week long and wasn't even at the Chancery.
      Idiot #3 - I warned you all that we can only lie so long before the people with more brains than us start to figure things out. I think we have finally reached that point. Is there a different lie we can fabricate to throw the mob onto a different course?
      Idiot #1 - Idiot # 2 assured me the people would forget. When are they going to start forgetting?
      Idiot #3 - Let me bully them around a bit. Maybe threaten their leader, Tim Rohr, with a more arduous and painful etc, etc, etc.
      Idiot #2 - OK! Maybe we can offer to buy his blog and then close it down. No more jungle on Guam.
      Idiot #3 - Yeah, I like the sound of that. But he would have to sign a non-compete agreement first. Yeah, that would keep them off our trail!
      Idiot #1 - You are both idiots! I'm not spending my own hard earned money to buy the Jungle from Rohr. Kiko promised I could keep 75% of all the money I can steal, as long as he gets the other 55%.
      Idiot #3 - But sir, I think that adds up to more than 100%?
      Idiot #1 - Shut up Idiot #3 or I'll send you back to Denver. If it is more than 100%, we can make it up on the next scrutiny! Darn it, we got off track again! How do we solve the problem we created by lying about Cardinal Tagle. This is very serious stuff.
      Idiot #2 - We could have our paper put out some sort of press release.
      Idiot #3 - That's a stupid idea. Silence has worked so well for us so far.
      Idiot #1 - Actually, I think silence has backfired. They now have a mountain full of facts that they have accumulated against me. Maybe we should have fixed the simple problems when they came up by actually treating people (gulp) fairly. I've already softened the people up with my heartfelt apology in last week's propaganda rag.
      Idiot #2 - You apologized? I didn't see that. To whom?
      Idiot #1 - You idiot, you really should read that paper! I apologized to the whole world. It sounded really sincere and now I don't have to give any of the money back!
      Idiot #3 - No way. No more apologies! Your the boss. They have to listen to you. They MUST obey!
      Idiot #2 - I'm not so sure about that #3. They seem pretty mad right now. Hey, #1, I'm hungry, pass me another pizza.
      Idiot #1 - ok. I have a solution. It is very complex, I hope you idiots can follow it. It involves three important steps.
      First, blame the cub-reporter who obviously mixed up the lie we told her to tell.
      Second transfer all our ill-gotten gains to our Swiss bank accounts.
      Third - I have 4 million one pass miles. I hear the weather is nice in Rio.
      So it's settled. I feel relieved. Call all the idiots at the seminary and tell them there is a change in plans. Pack a lot of black. We are going on a looooooong road trip!
      Idiot #4 - Ai adai! When you guys got Swiss bank accounts?

      ***Warning - this story is true, but the names have been changed to protect these poor idiots.***

  2. Always hear rumors since 2008 that a so called Neo church was built in Manila. Now we know it's called the El Shaddie Rainbow Church. Interesting! They label is as a place of worship! Isn't this a Church!

    1. The NCW is not El Shaddai. El Shaddai's "Kiko" is Bro. Mike Velarde. Two separate movements. But do they have an alliance?

    2. Must be. Why would the NCW converge at the this "church"?

  3. Something you may want to read on. Then from there you may want to look up on this Bro. Mike.

    The El Shaddai Rainbow is where the NEOS are to gather

    "Brother Mike" and El Shaddai - WSJ - Wall Street Journal
    May 14, 2010 - El Shaddai, a lay Catholic group with more than eight million worshippers, ... Manila. Rising out of the shantytowns and fetid creeks of this Manila ... and a technicolor rainbow so tall they dwarf the golden arches of the local McDonald's. ... Catholic Church and other Christian groups, including El Shaddai.

    1. This link works:

    2. Here is part of the article for the website I cited:

      Updated May 14, 2010 8:51 a.m. ET

      Rising out of the shantytowns and fetid creeks of this Manila neighborhood are a giant neon cross and a technicolor rainbow so tall they dwarf the golden arches of the local McDonald's. They mark the new home of El Shaddai, part of a broader Christian evangelist movement that's sweeping this predominantly Roman Catholic nation.

      Billed as the biggest center of faith and worship in Asia, the sprawling 10,000-hectare complex in Parañaque is El Shaddai's global headquarters. A lay Catholic group, El Shaddai—God in Hebrew—is among the largest of the new-generation Christian movements in the Philippines. It claims a fast-growing membership of more than eight million, including many Filipinos working overseas in locales from Hong Kong to Dubai

      The ascent of popular Catholic groups like El Shaddai, along with scores of breakaway Protestant ones, is shaping aspects of Philippine life from making babies to making movies. Protestants are flocking to them, but so are an increasing number of Roman Catholics. They are increasing in size and power in a country where religion and politics have been intermingled since the times of Spanish colonialism. Sociologists say the upshot is double-edged: Often entrenching traditional social and political conservatism, while at the same time spreading the gospel of material wealth—unusual for the Philippines— which could help spur development of businesses.

      More in between that I deleted!

      So-called renewalist Christian movements, mostly Protestant, arrived in the Philippines from the U.S. in the 1920s. But the modern-day, or born-again, gospel-driven movements, really took hold in the early 1980s. The new movements basically fall into two categories: Pentecostal, which stresses direct inspiration and intervention from the Holy Spirit, including speaking in tongues and healing powers, and charismatic, which has similar practices and faith in the gifts of spirit and miracles, but can be Catholic.

      A groundbreaking 2006 global study of the Pentecostal and charismatic phenomenon by the Washington-based Pew Research Center gives an idea of how widespread they have become in the Philippines, where followers are estimated to number 25 million. In the survey, 80% of adult Filipinos identified themselves as Catholic, while 10% said they were Protestant. Of Catholics, more than 40% identified themselves as charismatic, while nearly 70% of Protestants said they were either Pentecostal or charismatic.

      Mr. Velarde founded El Shaddai, a charismatic movement, in 1984. The group "tapped into several social undercurrents, such as a longing for a more clear-cut moral universe and a more emotionally engaging and intimate religious experience," says Katherine Wiegele, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois and author of "Investing in Miracles: El Shaddai and the Transformation of Popular Catholicism in the Philippines."

      Behind those longings, she says, were "the socially disruptive forces of modernity and migration to the cities" plus the 1986 fall of longtime dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Part of El Shaddai's draw, Ms. Wiegele adds, is that it manages to reconcile a more socially conservative message "with the materialistic desires and possibilities inherent in a modern capitalistic society."

      The personality of its founder plays no small part. Brother Mike, 70 years old, is the best-known televangelist in the Philippines.

    3. Reminds me of Mgsr Dale Fushek who was one of the founders of LifeTeen. He was very charismatic and admired for his work bringing teens closer to Christ.

      Unfortunately in his zeal, he kept drifting farther and farther from the Church and eventually was excommunicated. Read here:

      Looking at this, this El Shaddai place and the NCW seem as though they are heading in that direction of being a separate church. I hope not.

  4. Did anyone read the Pinoy Catholic website? Diane pointed this out in her comment to Anon. 10:02. This is what Pinoy Catholic website say:

    They claim that it was Cardinal Tagle who invited them to come to Manila! But THE CHANCELLOR who is into Mass ad-lib says the Cardinal DID invite the Loony-cats. Is Fr. Sescon also ad-libing this?

  5. Somewhere here in the jungle it says it was confirmed by the chancellor that His Eminence Cardinal Tagle did not invite the NCW. Yet in the Pinoy article it says differently according to the Chancellor. So which is it? Was the word DID a typo error?

  6. I'm a little bit confused. According to The Pinoy Catholic: "They claim that it was Cardinal Tagle who invited them to come to Manila! But THE CHANCELLOR who is into Mass ad-lib says the Cardinal DID invite the Loony-cats. Is Fr. Sescon also ad-libing this?"

    Even though the second sentence starts with the word "But" the rest of the statement verifies what "Diana" says, that "THE CHANCELLOR who is into Mass ad-lib says the Cardinal DID invite the Loony-cats." Sounds like The Pinoy Catholic is saying that the NCW was invited; not that they invited themselves.

    Interesting …

    1. Actually at this point, we have more inside information than the Pinoy Catholic. The PC is critical in general of priests who "ad-lib" the Mass (as well we all should be), so it appears the blog used the scandal to take a parting shot at the Chancellor. In any event, the Chancellor could make no invitation to another diocese (ours) on his own. Such an invitation would have to come from the Ordinary (Cardinal Tagle). It did not.

    2. How do we find out what is and what isn't true!

    3. You will know by the weekend.

    4. Just came out of my trance watching Kiko flap his arms on Junglewatch. Would love to see his fit today!!!! Tearing his curly hair out. Breaking his guitar over his knee. Yanking his pointy beard.

    5. So, Tim, all this time that you've been claiming that it's all a lie, now you're saying that you don't know? So, you'll wait until the weekend? It's sounds like you're backtracking.

    6. Ah, in your haste to "get" me, you screw yourself. Who said I don't know? I said "You will know" by the weekend. I'm giving the Archbishop the courtesy of telling us the truth first. If not, then I will. You should know better. I NEVER make a claim I cannot back. Now stop slobbering and go back to work.

    7. Yep. Backtracking. Everyone here knows that the archbishop has been silent and won't talk. So, why don't you go ahead and talk, Mr. Know it all. Go ahead and tell us. Why wait until the weekend when the news comes out?

    8. Because it's more fun knowing people like you keep checking JungleWatch. Now go back to work and be productive.

    9. From what I know of Mr. Rohr, we will all be viewing a copy of Cardinal Tagle's letter by this weekend if the archbishop or the Umatuna does not make a retraction. Oh my, this is exciting!

    10. Anonymous (June 4, 2014 at 1:23 PM): There is no backtracking going on. Although the Archbishop has maintained his silence, it has not served him well. I don't know if it's going to be a copy of Cardinal Tagle's letter, per Anonymous (June 4, 2014 at 1:50 PM), or some other document of proof, but SOMETHING will be revealed. If you take the time to review the contents of this blog from the beginning, you should realize by now that Tim Rohr does not make promises he cannot keep. Sometimes he will hold off in releasing proof — as with that "missing" January 2006 episode of "Why Do Catholics Do That?" — until it is absolutely necessary to do so.

      From the very beginning, Tim has tried to give the Archbishop the benefit of the doubt. He often suggested that the Archbishop was being poorly served by his "advisor(s)” and that someone was using the Archbishop. Even when this latest mess began, Tim suggested (again) that the Archbishop did not invent the Cardinal Tagle “invitation,” that someone else did. Go back and read the blog post of 1 June “Will They Watch Him Burn?” to refresh your memory — unless you are repelled by facts.

      Tim is now giving the Archbishop enough time to do the right thing. He will only reveal proof that Cardinal Tagle did NOT invite Kiko to this event if the Archbishop fails to act appropriately. Given the Archbishop’s actions in the past, my guess is Tim will have to reveal what he has on file. I, for one, continue to pray that the Archbishop will mend his ways and do the right thing.

  7. Please can we show respect for fr.Jun in the archdiocese of Manila. He is a good man, a friend of mine, and I am a friend of Tim.

  8. The post with reference to FR. Jun is correct. He is a good and holy priest please believe me.

  9. Tim. Greetings. Because this story on the invitation has casted doubt on some of our regular commenters I'm wondering if we can show evidence that the majority of good people who comment on this page blog only truth. Cardinal tagle did not issue this invitation. It is important for readers to believe this. We do not lie.

  10. Ok Tim sorry. Just read Mary Lou's comment. You will only reveal evidence if the archbishop does not act correctly on this case. I see what your doing. Your right.

  11. Let's await for an apology in this weeks Guam catholic paper regarding cardinal tagle.
    If archbishop Apuron does not correct the story, then I remain confident Tim will do the necessary posting to clear all of us. So let's just wait on this one.

  12. Pinoy catholic is kind of ok. However, it's best just to read Tim Rohr because he only prints truth with justice and integrity. This is the reason why people all over the world are reading Tim Rohr. For us in the jungle, we enter the jungle for personal reasons. Many of us have been deeply hurt by archbishop Apuron and now we seek an honest path with dignity to heal the past and the pacific church. To us it is not a game. We want to heal the past wounds of our life, and so we come to the jungle to work to do this. It is the only way for many of us

  13. Have readers noticed how sickness spreads. Archbishop Apuron caused such division in Guam . When he leaves the island to go to another country be it America, Italy, Philippines, he takes this sickness negative energy with him that causes further division. Where ever he goes problems go. Best just to keep away from this negative energy he gives off.

  14. On the Pinoy Catholic

    3. Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle himself invited Kiko Arguello to Manila. Another big, fat, LIE.

    Fr. Jun Sescon, Chancellor of the Archdiocese supposedly confirms that the Cardinal DID invite Kiko, as claimed by many Lony-cats (see below) but there is proof which says OTHERWISE.

    The Loony-cats will do anything and everything to beef up their image, even to the point of putting words in the Cardinal's mouth.

    Posted by Joe Yang at 7:22 PM
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    Labels: cults, Kiko Arguello, Neocatechumenal Way

  15. Okay just in today on Princess Di's page! So what is it...invited or not invited?

    DianaJune 6, 2014 at 10:24 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 9:42 a.m.,

    Jesus practiced being silent against his accusers, and that is what the Archbishop is following. Padre Pio did the same thing. When the other side is already making accusations, it is a sign that they are not willing to listen at all.

    As an example, just look at what happened recently in Junglewatch. Someone copied and pasted my response to an anonymous poster and gave it to Tim Rohr. All I said is that Kiko was invited to the Phiilippines by the Cardinal. After the Philippines, he will be going to Japan. He was also invited by the Japanese bishops. After that, Tim Rohr was up in arms calling the Archbishop and/or the Team Catechists a liar. He has demanded a retraction in the Umatuna after the article written by Jennifer Dulla was taken out. And he was also demanding that the Archbishop apologize because a cardinal's name was used.

    Afterwards, he published the Pinoy Catholic website on to his blogsite because they also copied and pasted my response on their website. However, it's apparent that Tim Rohr did not read the entire post on Pinoy Catholic because this is what it stated:

    "They claim that it was Cardinal Tagle who invited them to come to Manila! But THE CHANCELLOR who is into Mass ad-lib says the Cardinal DID invite the Loony-cats. Is Fr. Sescon also ad-libing this?"

    In other words, the Pinoy Catholic website only VERIFIED what I stated.....that the Cardinal DID invite Kiko. When an anonymous poster (who actually read the website) pointed that out to Tim, he stated this in his comment to Mary Lou:

    "Actually at this point, we have more inside information than the Pinoy Catholic. The PC is critical in general of priests who "ad-lib" the Mass (as well we all should be), so it appears the blog used the scandal to take a parting shot at the Chancellor. In any event, the Chancellor could make no invitation to another diocese (ours) on his own. Such an invitation would have to come from the Ordinary (Cardinal Tagle). It did not."

    In other words, what Tim is saying is that he has more INSIDE information about their cardinal in the Philippines than the Pinoys (Filipinos) who actually live in their own country. Clearly, this does not sound like a man who is willing to listen. The rest of his followers are the same.

    AnonymousJune 6, 2014 at 10:32 AM
    Ha! Pinoy Catholic just copy and paste. Tim Rohr is carelessly looking for a flaw. I hope the guy don't get a stroke swinging at the air. His audience don't realize little by little he is punking out.

    1. Whose swinging at air now, Punk? Lol