Wednesday, June 4, 2014


More mystery. The big shindig with Kiko this weekend is supposed to take place at the El Shaddai International House of Prayer. If so, then Cardinal Tagle would have no authority to invite anyone to the affair. 

Cardinal Tagle is the Archbishop of Manila. The El Shaddai International House of Prayer is located in a different diocese, the Diocese of Paranaque and its bishop is Bishop Jesse Mercado. 

But of course if the U Matuna had said that the invitation came from Bishop Jesse Mercado, most people would have said "Who?" Obviously Tagle's name was used because he is a cardinal and he has been rumored to be "papabile". Besides, it looks like Bishop Mercado is in some pretty hot water just now. It even sounds familiar. Here's a piece of the story:
Priests and lay leaders have asked the Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Giuseppi Pinto, to look into the finances of the Diocese of Parañaque under Bishop Jesse Mercado for alleged misuse of funds. They also want Mercado removed, for sowing division among the clergy for his double-standard policy.

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