Tuesday, June 3, 2014


To Diana:

I am the “Filipino contract priest” you directed your comments to. After looking at the reaction of many people, most seem to believe you are the Archbishop. This I cannot accept, because if true you need more prayers than I could offer in a lifetime. But whoever you are, you are deeply errant in almost every word you uttered.

You do not need to remind any good Catholic that God always has to be the center of our lives. That said, God also gave us a family, which is to be a reflection for the world of His great love for us. Your essay would seem to imply family doesn’t matter, which is something we have heard quite often from followers of the NCW. But this is gravely misguided, and another example of the troubling issues with the teachings of the NCW.

Your statement also contradicts your own actions. A hermit is called to live a strictly solitary life, but that is a difficulty few are able to dedicate themselves to. That said, I certainly understand how important your Neo family and community is to you. It is confounding to most how you cannot see how important communal life is for all people. As priests, we give up our families and have a special brotherhood. For you to lecture us on this is truly a sign of the type of fruits we have come to expect from the NCW.

Your theology on the Prodigal Son is stunning. Do not forget, that all of us are sometimes the younger son, and at other times the older son. It is a parable that shows us both sides of our actions. What you fail to understand is the key to the parable – the unconditional love of the Father. He loves us no matter what we do that would offend anyone else. As our spiritual leader here on Guam, our Archbishop is called to love and guide all, unconditionally. Unfortunately, what the NCW fails to see is that our Bishop loves those who follow the Way, but often casts aside those who do not.

This is a core reason the clergy on Guam are so divided. The Archbishop has an absolute duty to be our father. Ask him if you do not believe me. He has succeeded with some, but has failed with the majority. How you fail to recognize this is beyond imagination. If you are a Neo priest, then shame on you for speaking the way you do against a brother priest neglected by our father. If you are really a lay person, you should not comment on something you obviously know nothing about.

How many “guest” priests in the NCW have been immediately incardinated to this Archdiocese, and yet there are priests who have served here for decades who have been denied incardination? How many young men have been blocked in their journey to the priesthood in Guam because they were not in the NCW? These are not actions that a true father would allow, are they?

And then, in a mean spirited attempt to kick a man when he is down, you state the following: “God loves you, Father, and if you had experienced this Love from God, it would not matter who rejected you.” So now you say that I have not experienced the love of God! How dare you make this assumption. But it is exactly this attitude once again that causes division. Is this the type of fruit that Kiko has sown? Many in the NCW are taught that the only way they can experience the love of God is through the Way. I know this because parishioners healing from their NCW experience have shared this with me. They actually fear the loss of salvation when they leave the Way, and they were told this by their catechist in an attempt to keep them in their community.

Diana, I don’t know who you are so I would not assume anything about you, except what you reveal in your biased ideas. I don’t know if you are a catechist, or a responsible, or simply an adherent, but you really should consider how your judgmental nature blinds you from the obvious problems here on Guam and throughout the Neo world. 

I love my ministry and my calling to the priesthood, and I love the people of Guam. I see the good works done by true believers in the NCW, but I also see the very real damage done because of the arrogance of the NCW hierarchy, and the bad catechism and liturgy of the NCW. In my humble opinion, it poses a severe threat to the Catholic community on Guam. For this reason, I urge all my brother priests to step up and take immediate action. If you believe that our Archbishop has been blinded by his involvement in the NCW just like Diana has demonstrated her bigoted blindness, then I urge you to write the Apostolic Delegate to plead for his assistance. The CARA effort to unify us didn’t work, but I pray that Mother Church can step in to help us out.

Not a Filipino Contract Priest, but a priest asked to be here by the Archbishop of Agana. The same bishop who has assumed responsibility for my care and growth in service to the people of God in Guam. 

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