Tuesday, June 3, 2014


To Diana:

I am the “Filipino contract priest” you directed your comments to. After looking at the reaction of many people, most seem to believe you are the Archbishop. This I cannot accept, because if true you need more prayers than I could offer in a lifetime. But whoever you are, you are deeply errant in almost every word you uttered.

You do not need to remind any good Catholic that God always has to be the center of our lives. That said, God also gave us a family, which is to be a reflection for the world of His great love for us. Your essay would seem to imply family doesn’t matter, which is something we have heard quite often from followers of the NCW. But this is gravely misguided, and another example of the troubling issues with the teachings of the NCW.

Your statement also contradicts your own actions. A hermit is called to live a strictly solitary life, but that is a difficulty few are able to dedicate themselves to. That said, I certainly understand how important your Neo family and community is to you. It is confounding to most how you cannot see how important communal life is for all people. As priests, we give up our families and have a special brotherhood. For you to lecture us on this is truly a sign of the type of fruits we have come to expect from the NCW.

Your theology on the Prodigal Son is stunning. Do not forget, that all of us are sometimes the younger son, and at other times the older son. It is a parable that shows us both sides of our actions. What you fail to understand is the key to the parable – the unconditional love of the Father. He loves us no matter what we do that would offend anyone else. As our spiritual leader here on Guam, our Archbishop is called to love and guide all, unconditionally. Unfortunately, what the NCW fails to see is that our Bishop loves those who follow the Way, but often casts aside those who do not.

This is a core reason the clergy on Guam are so divided. The Archbishop has an absolute duty to be our father. Ask him if you do not believe me. He has succeeded with some, but has failed with the majority. How you fail to recognize this is beyond imagination. If you are a Neo priest, then shame on you for speaking the way you do against a brother priest neglected by our father. If you are really a lay person, you should not comment on something you obviously know nothing about.

How many “guest” priests in the NCW have been immediately incardinated to this Archdiocese, and yet there are priests who have served here for decades who have been denied incardination? How many young men have been blocked in their journey to the priesthood in Guam because they were not in the NCW? These are not actions that a true father would allow, are they?

And then, in a mean spirited attempt to kick a man when he is down, you state the following: “God loves you, Father, and if you had experienced this Love from God, it would not matter who rejected you.” So now you say that I have not experienced the love of God! How dare you make this assumption. But it is exactly this attitude once again that causes division. Is this the type of fruit that Kiko has sown? Many in the NCW are taught that the only way they can experience the love of God is through the Way. I know this because parishioners healing from their NCW experience have shared this with me. They actually fear the loss of salvation when they leave the Way, and they were told this by their catechist in an attempt to keep them in their community.

Diana, I don’t know who you are so I would not assume anything about you, except what you reveal in your biased ideas. I don’t know if you are a catechist, or a responsible, or simply an adherent, but you really should consider how your judgmental nature blinds you from the obvious problems here on Guam and throughout the Neo world. 

I love my ministry and my calling to the priesthood, and I love the people of Guam. I see the good works done by true believers in the NCW, but I also see the very real damage done because of the arrogance of the NCW hierarchy, and the bad catechism and liturgy of the NCW. In my humble opinion, it poses a severe threat to the Catholic community on Guam. For this reason, I urge all my brother priests to step up and take immediate action. If you believe that our Archbishop has been blinded by his involvement in the NCW just like Diana has demonstrated her bigoted blindness, then I urge you to write the Apostolic Delegate to plead for his assistance. The CARA effort to unify us didn’t work, but I pray that Mother Church can step in to help us out.

Not a Filipino Contract Priest, but a priest asked to be here by the Archbishop of Agana. The same bishop who has assumed responsibility for my care and growth in service to the people of God in Guam. 


  1. I don't think your a priest.

    1. Ah, Fr. Adrian shows up again.

    2. Anon6:34a.m. You weren't invited to Manila. You decided to crash in. Kiko probably got a message about the New Evangelization from a NCW community member or the RMS in Manila and took it as an opportunity to crash in also.

      Pandora's box is slowly opening!

    3. Makes no difference what you think. When all the clergy start to send their issues to the Apostolic Nuncio, he will believe.

  2. Why are you going to Junglewatch to address Diane? DUH..

    1. 1. Because he cannot address Diana in person because he/she/they is/are cowards. Duh.
      2. Because "Diana's" lecture to the "Filipino contract priest" was posted as a comment on THIS blog. Duh.
      3. Because he probably doesn't even know where the hell Diana's blog is. Duh.
      4. Because he actually wants people to read what he has to say. Duh.
      5. Duh.

    2. Priest and idiots can't take their own battle with Diane. Grow a spine!

    3. Perhaps you don't recall my attempt to meet personally with Diana (not Diane btw). Talk about no spine. It speaks volume that the default spokesperson for the Neocatechumenal Way has to hide.

    4. And by the way, where's your spine? COWARD.

    5. Priest are meant to be servant but what he stated on this blog, he want's affection. Be a man and be a man of GOD. Cry to GOD not on this blog. You are ordain to be servant not to cry about how alone you are, if you are alone then why be a Priest.

    6. There's some Kiko talk for you. Thanks for the "fruit".

    7. To Anon 8:26 PM: Because Father wants a unified and harmonious community as Jesus wanted it, that's affection, which you consider unmanly and ungodly? Hmm...Does that mean that the "affection" showed by Jesus to his beloved disciple, John, was unmanly and ungodly? We all need affection, and the ultimate giver of said affection is God himself. God cares. He does not want us to be wooden in our relationship with each other. To have affection, you need to love and experience love. Father cries because the Father that was ordained to be his Father on earth has failed miserably in his duties and responsibilities. Apuron is as wooden as a stone slab. He does not care. He is loveless. Father does not cry because he is alone. Father cries because his Father on earth is a troubled and lonely old man, and because of it, our community in Guam suffers deeply. You must be a deeply troubled and lonely man Anon 8:26 PM to think and feel that way. I will pray for you.

    8. FUNNY! 8:26 exhorts Father to "be a man"..while hiding behind a rock as "anonymous". COWARD.

    9. Janet B - MangilaoJune 4, 2014 at 6:51 AM

      To Anonymous June 3, 2014 at 8:26 PM -
      Affection unmanly? From your english we know you are an ESL which means you are a priest or seminarian. And your machismo means you are South American.

      HELL DEACON HAROLD! Welcome back to the jungle!
      You really should stay out of here because every time you comment you give us a frightening foretaste of the type of priest to expect from you. I am already praying for your parishioners.

      I guess I should also pray for you, since you obviously grew up in a dysfunctional family and know nothing of true love. I pray that one day you will find your emotions buried deep within that hardened heart of yours. Then you will weep and sob for days, and I hope there is someone there to console you.

      Just so all you kikos don't get me wrong. Yes we all know that God is always with us and we should always focus on Him. But we are also humans that require a human touch. This is an important part of our human reality.

      That you don't realize this says a lot about who you aren't. And sadly, rather than teaching this need for the human touch, the Neo encourages this type of cod, heartless attitude. I guess it is true what they say...

      When the fruit is fed strictly with kiko-manure, it becomes bitter and without juice and sweetness..

      My prayers to you Deacon Harold.

    10. South American men are real men. You wana try us jan

    11. On the small island of Guam the concentration of South American MEN are all living in YONA. Even without this particular post, this "attitude" should be a major concern. This is why thorough screening is necessary before these South American Men are ordained.

    12. Seminarians need to be screened prior to ordination to the diaconate. If seminarians are posting such comments which reflect their thinking it is a major concern for the archdiocese since we are responsible for them after ordination.

    13. Janet B - MangilaoJune 5, 2014 at 3:42 PM

      To Anonymous June 4, 2014 at 6:40 PM:

      Wow. I guess I must have hit a nerve. My apologies, Deacon Harold. I forgot your english is impaired, so I'll try to make my statements real simple...ok?


      What I clearly said was: "And your machismo means you are South American."

      Why you would interpret that as meaning you are not a real man, I just cannot figure out. Are you lacking any of the necessary requirements of manhood?

      Please, no need to answer that.

      In an effort to help you out I went to an english-spanish translator site, Babylon, to translate so you may better understand what I was saying. The english word machismo translates to the spanish word: (wait for it...)
      MACHISMO -
      well I hope that helps you understand better what I said. Good news, you just learned a little more english today! Congratulations!!!!!

      I merely point this out because the latino male is known for a larger than average bravado, so I know who you are by your words.

      Sorry, no need to question your manhood Deacon. Glad you are still playing in the jungle!

    14. 6:40 pm. You are full of filth!

    15. Good answer Janet.

    16. Seminarians are to be screened before and during their training. And a criminal background check is a necessity. We in the Church of Agana have A right to be assured this is being done. It is very hard to do with the scarcity of resources here and because of so many foreigners. From whom can we get these assurances? So far all I have heard are crickets.

  3. I posted on Diana's blog. In case she won't post it here it is: Dear Diana, my impression reading fake questions and your quick phony answers is that your "blog" is not a blog it is a "dear Abby" column. Nothing of substance. Get out of the business. You are definitely in way over your head.

    1. From the little I've seen, "Dear Abby" hits it right on the head.

  4. Father, I pray that Diana and other members of the NCW take what you just said to heart. I wished that our archbishop thinks and feels like you because it is obvious form what you say, and how you say it, that your calling is to be a servant of God. God bless you and may your calling to be a priest continue to strengthen and grow in the eyes of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  5. Thank you, Father for standing up for the true faith. We surely are divided in this community and many see that. We see this blog as an outlet to share our disappointments, the confusion about the neo way practices, what to do and say, and do we go about this whole situation when no one wants to speak up until only now. Keep encouraging your fellow brothers in Christ to do the same. We are depending on you, the priest, as well as the laity, to do what is right.. because it is the right thing to do. It is truly a sad time for Guam.

  6. This guy is a priest I know how priests write.

  7. I have personal confirmation from a friend of his. He is a priest.

  8. o my,o my, I wish someone in Boston would make this stand.
    Thank you Father.

  9. If he's a priest, he's a lousy one. Not very humble at all. He's calling on other priests to step up & take action? So much for being obedient to the Archbishop.

    1. And you are saying the same about Fr. Mike who also called for action? Too bad more priests didn't step up and confront their bishops when they were moving around and hiding child molesters. And there is NEVER any requirement to be obedient to a bishop who himself is disobedient to the Church.

    2. Obedient and loyal Filipino guest priestJune 3, 2014 at 7:06 PM

      My dear Anonymous June 3, 2014 at 11:41 AM -
      You have much to learn about obedience. Let me give you one quick lesson and then you can do "More" research on your own.

      St Thomas More was a lawyer and statesman. More importantly, he was a respected adviser to King Henry VIII. More was also Lord Chancellor to the King for three years. When Henry VIII wanted to break away from the Catholic Church, St Thomas More refused to accept King Henry VIII as "Supreme Head of the Church of England" even though he was still the Kings adviser. Enraged, the King knew that More had the respect of many, but eventually the King was able to fix a court to convict Sir Thomas More of treason.

      With St Thomas More out of the way, the King was able to fulfill his lust for Anne Boleyn, and the Church of England granted what Pope Clement and Sir Thomas More had refused, his annulment from Catherine of Aragon.

      Just before he was beheaded, he gave all of us a marvelous teaching on what it means to be obedient, when St Thomas More said, "I die the King's faithful servant, but God's first." He died at the Tower of London on 07/06/1535.

      I hope this helps you understand where our first obedience lies.

    3. Father, your invocation of More is right on the money. Thank you for your service in the archdiocese.

      "Sir Thomas More is more important at this moment than at any moment since his death, but he is not quite so important as he will be in a hundred years time."

      ~ G.K. Chesterton, 1919

  10. Here goes Princess Di the theologian again.

    Living Out The Gospels

    The goal of the Neocatechumenal Way is to live out the Gospels. To be born again of spirit and water so that we become a new creature in Christ. To live out our baptism as the Catechism of the Catholic Church says:

    537 Through Baptism the Christian is sacramentally assimilated to Jesus, who in his own baptism anticipates his death and resurrection. The Christian must enter into this mystery of humble self-abasement and repentance, go down into the water with Jesus in order to rise with him, be reborn of water and the Spirit so as to become the Father's beloved son in the Son and "walk in newness of life":
    Let us be buried with Christ by Baptism to rise with him; let us go down with him to be raised with him; and let us rise with him to be glorified with him. Everything that happened to Christ lets us know that, after the bath of water, the Holy Spirit swoops down upon us from high heaven and that, adopted by the Father's voice, we become sons of God.

    "We become sons (and daughters) of God. To convert. By conversion, we mean "a change of heart." During biblical times, the word "conversion" held a different meaning than today. Today, it means to change from one religion to another religion. But during Early Christianity, conversion means "a change in heart." An excellent example of conversion is St Paul who persecuted Christians. After his conversion, he no longer persecuted Christians. Yet, St. Paul still considered himself a Pharisee and a Jew.

    We cannot convert on our own. We need God. Only God can make us holy. Our goal in the Neocatechumenal Way is to be disciples of Christ, sons and daughters of God. Of course, this does not mean that we are no longer sinners. From time to time, in our weakness, we will fall, but we have Christ to lean on. He will always be there to pick us up, and we continue our walk toward holiness and sanctification.

    Posted by Diana at 11:29 AM No comments:
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    I don't know about Princess Di but I became a child of God through my Baptism into the Catholic Church. It was then that I officially belong to the Catholic community. Through my Confirmation, I officially became a disciple of Christ.

    We all have crosses to bear. Some many be heavier than others, but we must carry them. It doesn't take an idiot to know that when we fall into sin, or our lives become unbearable God will always be there. Yes, we need to ask for pardon through the sacrament of reconciliation and ask for strength to get through whatever. As for guidance of the Holy Spirit, there is a prayer:
    "Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful an de kindle in them the fire of your love..."

    The way I see it, the NCW waits to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Saying this prayer on a daily bases, one asks the Holy Spirit for Guidance in doing what is right.

    I may not be well educated an May not be the best of a write, but I do know my God. Praying is not just merely sitting for hours mumbling words. I can do my housework and pray at the same time. I can get in my car, not listen to the radio, but rather pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

    I do not know who Princess Di's catechist is, but to say that one does not become a son/or daughter of God is becoming a disciple through the NCW is full of crap. The sacraments of initiations that I received DOES MAKE ME A CHILD and a DISCIPLE OF GOD.

    If being a Disciple is going into the street with my tambourine/ guitar proclaiming, it is not in my nature. I proclaim the words of God through my words and my actions! I don't know how the NCW interpret the Catechism of the Church, but if this is what is instilled in the minds of those who walk it is wrong!

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 4, 2014 at 7:25 AM

      Oh, sorry. Did Diana say something? I didn't hear anything of value.
      Diana, remember what you were told yesterday please: preach often, use words if necessary.

      I guess because Diana doesn't have the works all she can do is spew mindless words. How terribly sad. We should pity her more than ever.

      Now run along Diana! Shoo.

    2. Janet B and the rest, cunning like a serpent.

      John M Cruz

    3. John M. Cruz , you can consider your self and the rest of the NCW cunning like a serpent too and yet trying to be as sly as a fox and shrewd as a rat!

    4. If someone wanted to give a name and stay anonymous then there is no better name on this blog than "John Cruz", even with the initial. However, don't be critical of his statement. We should take it as a compliment for Christ says to his apostles in Matthew 10:16: "be as cunning as serpents."

  11. Diana - in a recent baptism preparation class a deacon once quoted a beautiful piece of advice, which must now be directed to you. St Francis of Assisi said: "Preach often, use words if necessary."
    Diana, time for you to be quiet and use your actions to speak for you.
    Nuff' said?

  12. Father, I thought you might like to know that "Diana" admitted that she is a "Co-responsible." It was part of the discussion on her 24 May post "My Response on GIRM 43."

    Diana May 26, 2014 at 5:27 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 4:53

    People who leave their parishes because their parish supports the Way is not the problem of the NCW. That is THEIR problem. We cannot control what they want to believe about the Way. I can attest to the fact that many of the brothers in the communities give up their time and money in helping the parish as I do. I even know a person who volunteered to fix the airconditioning in the parish for free without charging any fee to the parish. And those not walking in the Way actually think it's the parish who paid for the repairs.

    I also know for a fact that the collections we do every reconciliation goes to the Parish. Those who say that the donations go back into the NCW doesn't even have any evidence to show this. There are those who constantly ask the Archbishop to show where the NCW money is going, but the Archbishop remains silent. Nevertheless, rumors are already spreading out that money goes back into the NCW without any documented evidence. BECAUSE I AM A CO-RESPONSIBLE WALKING IN THE WAY, [my emphasis] I know where the money is going because it is always being announced to the brothers in the Way. Only those not walking in the Way would not know because they are not there to hear the announcement.

    The NCW already has the endorsement of five Popes. That is good enough for me. I trust God who is the Head of the Church. He will not lead His Church astray; therefore, all five Popes who support the Way could not be wrong and blind.


    Thank you, Father, for the sacrifices you made to come to Guam and minister to us. I pray for you and apologize for the hurtful commentary made by "Diana." Please be assured she speaks for herself and not for the majority of the Church Militant here on Guam.

    Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for our priests, especially for our Non-NCW Beleaguered Priests!

  13. Janet B - MangilaoJune 4, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    Thank you Mary Lou June 4, 2014 at 11:03 AM. How interesting that Diana claims to be Co-responsible. In her comment/blathering nothingness she states "I also know for a fact that the collections we do every reconciliation goes to the Parish. Those who say that the donations go back into the NCW doesn't even have any evidence to show this."

    Oh, my dear Diana, your naivete is charming, but boring! You say we have no proof, then you make a statement with absolutely no proof. I can tell you are a kiko because your double standard is exactly the same as my dear Archbishop, and all the others.

    But I am glad you have proof. Now show it to us. Since you are about the only person who ever responds to the jungle, this is one response I do look forward to seeing from you. You can now perform an action, rather than just mindless words.

    Very simple questions will have very simple answers which you can provide:
    1. When was the last reconciliation your community had where money was collected?
    2. How much was collected?
    3. How much was remitted to the parish?
    4. Which parish received these funds?
    This is a good start on the financial transparency so many have been asking for.

    I look forward to you response, but no offense if I don't hold my breath, okay?

    1. I know for a fact that nothing collected at the Saturday celebration or whatever reconciliation they have they do not turn the money in. They don't even want to pay for the use of the utilities when they have their weekday classes! I am only referring to the Cathedral-Basilica. I wonder why? Who is the pastor? None other than Archbishop Apuron!

    2. We pay we give cathedral money. At least 200,000 year for utilities.

    3. You don't pay! Ask Dominic Kim!

      You people live off at the expenses of other people contributing to the Church. Where is your receipt?

    4. Can you please put decimals in correct position on 200,000. 20.00 200.00 20,000.00 200,000.00 how much is it? HUH?

    5. The problem with you NEOS is you go and utilize the facilities of a 5 star hotel for the weekend passing the trash bag around to accommodate your celebration and your fabulous feast. You come back to the real world and you use the church facilities for free.

      Other people use the Church and have to pay for expenses. What make you different? Maybe the church should start making you sign a contract like the rest of us do when we want to use the church!

    6. No decimals needed. They paid 200,00 in centavos!

    7. To Anonymous 6:42 PM:

      So you say that the Agana communities collects and pays $200,000 a year for utilities. lol...................................................Sorry, I had to pick myself up from the floor because I fell from laughing so hard. Ask the Basilica how much the NCW pays and you will find it is a pittance and I heard that when the staff tried to collect, they were told to back off. I know for a fact that the NCW Agana communities have a free ride of the Basilica's facilities. Poor Monsignor James. He has to suffer and endure all this. But he's not the pastor. Archie Antony Apuron is. And he wouldn't dare have his brothers and sisters of the NCW pay. That would be scandalous!

    8. Thank you so much 10:53 p.m. They have this free ride and the rest of us have to make up for the payment of the utilities. Imagine they use the Cathedral-Basilica on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Each time they use it, the lights and aircons are on for more than two hours a night. Utility is not cheap. NCW PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE!

    9. Janet B - MangilaoJune 5, 2014 at 9:07 PM

      Since I asked the question, and Anonymous June 4, 2014 at 6:42 PM chose to answer with the following:
      "We pay we give cathedral money. At least 200,000 year for utilities."
      Therefore let's look at this revelation. This person is obviously a kiko because his statement says "we". And because he is obviously in the Agana community since he knows the amount in question, we should deduce several things.

      1. He definitely believes what he is saying...he says it with such conviction. He doesn't leave any room for doubt...it was at least $200,000. I am personally convinced that Anonymous June 4, 2014 at 6:42 PM is just relaying exactly what he/she has been told. "this money will go to the Cathedral to pay for utilities"
      2. It is obvious that the Agana community collects large sums of money, and it is probably collected regularly. $200,000 per year is a lot of money, about $4,000 per week. And our Anon friend doesn't even question this claim by their responsible/catechist. If he and all others were not giving big amounts each week then he would certainly question whoever told him they pay the Cathedral $200,000 per year. So we can be fairly certain that large amounts are being collected by community members, and the intention is to give so the Church they use gets money. Bless their hearts!
      3. I was recently talking to a priest that transferred from Agana to another parish and he told me they rarely get money from the Neo communities at Agana, and it only amounts to a few thousand dollars per year, not a few hundred thousand. That seems to be consistent with what others have said about Neo contributions to the parishes they "belong to".

      That leaves us with some very troubling questions. If the Agana community gives more than $200,000 per year to pay Cathedral utilities, and the Cathedral only sees $4000 per year, we must ask what happened to the other $196,000 per year that was collected but not remitted to the Cathedral?

      Did they make the checks out to the Agana Cathedral, or to the Archbishop of Agana?

      The Finance Officer should know how much is reported from the Cathedral and can verify if $200,000 is really received. If not, then we certainly would like to ask him to research this and find out what happened to all the missing funds.

      Looks like the Swiss bank accounts may be fuller than I initially expected. My oh my. This is be huge. The neo in Agana since 1997, 14 years times $200,000 per year missing...that's $3,000,000 in missing funds that even the kikos say they have given to the Church. And that is just for Agana. What is the amount unaccounted for at Barrigada, Chalan Pago, Tamuning, Yigo, Asan, Maina, and the South?

      Hello Archbishop Krebs. Don't you have a mandate from Pope Francis to review financial improprieties? I think we have a significant anomaly on Guam that warrants your visit.

      We hope to see you very soon.

    10. Well, at least we now know how the Archbishop can afford to travel first class, and how the seminarians can afford to go to Manila to see Kiko, go to Molokai to see the site of St Damien, and all the other travel they are famous for. Based on what Janet reveals, it seems like the brothers have unknowingly paid for all these luxuries.

      This actually seems like something the AG's office might be interested in looking at. And Rev and Tax may be interested in reviewing the Archbishops tax return to see if he reports all he collects. Al Capone committed horrible crimes, none of which he was ever convicted for. But it was the IRS who nailed him for tax evasion. Wouldn't it be something if our Archbishop went into the history books with two names not on his baptismal certificate. Benedict Apuron for turning against his own people, and Tony Capone, for being nabbed for tax evasion.

      To all the community members that gave money, if it went to the Archbishop you cannot take it as a tax deduction since he is not a non-profit entity for this purpose.

      Rest well now. A 6' x 8' room is in your future.

    11. Janet B. trust me when I say THEY DO NOT PAY! I KNOW!

  14. Janet B that is non of your concern you quarter whore from Detroit. You can have sexual favor with Tim for all I care.

    Mangilao Guy

    1. I just love these kind of comments. More Kiko-fruit!

    2. Mangilao Guy

      Do me and the rest of the NCW and stop posting here. Stop speaking for the NCW because you are an embarrassment. You should actually be ashamed of yourself.

    3. Thanks, David. I actually have quite a lot of those that I keep in the unpublished file Gino from Sinajana, George from Agat, Old Man from Santa Rita, Mangilao Guy...I'm pretty sure they're all the same person, and very sure we know who HE is. We ALL know who he is! Unfortunately, he is a very solid KIKO, and very close to you know who.

    4. You need a woman south America . Many south Americans soon come here.

  15. Many issues here that need to be addressed but sadly little time. Little by little we will work through everything. Let's focus first on the Manila trip. One thing at a time.

  16. Janet B - MangilaoJune 4, 2014 at 5:57 PM

    Sorry, Mangilao Guy. I just don't think your crude-ish behavior is very attractive. Besides, I totally respect my body, and it is not for sale, at any price.

    But go ahead and take you dirty little sack of quarters and head on down to Anigua...you just might get lucky for a change.


  17. Well, this is certainly getting us off track. Filth.

  18. Yes, let's get back on track.