Friday, June 6, 2014


Let's first reread some choice lines from Diana's Blog. The context is here. The original is here.

DIANA: "All I said is that Kiko was invited to the Phiilippines by the Cardinal."

DIANA: "the Pinoy Catholic website only VERIFIED what I stated.....that the Cardinal DID invite Kiko."

DIANA: "...what Tim is saying is that he has more INSIDE information about their cardinal in the Philippines than the Pinoys (Filipinos) who actually live in their own country. Clearly, this does not sound like a man who is willing to listen."

ANONYMOUS TO DIANA: "Tim Rohr is carelessly looking for a flaw. I hope the guy don't get a stroke swinging at the air. His audience don't realize little by little he is punking out."

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P.S. Diana "herself" told us where the lie originated

"Kiko Arguello will be visiting the Philippines. It is not yet in the news report that after the Philippines, he will be visiting Japan. We know because we received the word from Kiko who told it to the Archbishop and the Team Catechists here in Guam. If you do not believe me, that is not my problem."

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