Friday, June 6, 2014


Here's a copy of something from Diana's blog that I would like to ask you to read very carefully and to remember what is said here. You will know why I am asking you to do this in a little while. Never mind the comparison of the Archbishop's silence to the silence of Jesus and even Padre Pio. That is so asinine it is not worth a comment. Read the rest...and check back later today. [I added some notes in red.]

Anonymous June 6, 2014 at 11:11 AMOkay just in today on Princess Di's page! So what is it...invited or not invited?
Diana June 6, 2014 at 10:24 AM
Dear Anonymous at 9:42 a.m.,  
Jesus practiced being silent against his accusers, and that is what the Archbishop is following. Padre Pio did the same thing. When the other side is already making accusations, it is a sign that they are not willing to listen at all.  
As an example, just look at what happened recently in Junglewatch. Someone copied and pasted my response to an anonymous poster and gave it to Tim Rohr. All I said is that Kiko was invited to the Phiilippines by the Cardinal. After the Philippines, he will be going to Japan. He was also invited by the Japanese bishops. After that, Tim Rohr was up in arms calling the Archbishop and/or the Team Catechists a liar. He has demanded a retraction in the Umatuna after the article written by Jennifer Dulla was taken out. And he was also demanding that the Archbishop apologize because a cardinal's name was used.  
[Tim: So Diana, if it was true Kiko was invited to the Philippines by Cardinal Tagle, why would Jennifer Dulla's article have to be "taken out"?]
Afterwards, he published the Pinoy Catholic website on to his blogsite because they also copied and pasted my response on their website. However, it's apparent that Tim Rohr did not read the entire post on Pinoy Catholic because this is what it stated:
"They claim that it was Cardinal Tagle who invited them to come to Manila! But THE CHANCELLOR who is into Mass ad-lib says the Cardinal DID invite the Loony-cats. Is Fr. Sescon also ad-libing this?" 
[Tim: I did read the whole post and I understood what the Pinoy Catholic was insinuating about the Chancellor. I also understood how they might do that since they don't have the whole story - AND I DO.]

In other words, the Pinoy Catholic website only VERIFIED what I stated.....that the Cardinal DID invite Kiko. When an anonymous poster (who actually read the website) pointed that out to Tim, he stated this in his comment to Mary Lou:  
"Actually at this point, we have more inside information than the Pinoy Catholic. The PC is critical in general of priests who "ad-lib" the Mass (as well we all should be), so it appears the blog used the scandal to take a parting shot at the Chancellor. In any event, the Chancellor could make no invitation to another diocese (ours) on his own. Such an invitation would have to come from the Ordinary (Cardinal Tagle). It did not." 
In other words, what Tim is saying is that he has more INSIDE information about their cardinal in the Philippines than the Pinoys (Filipinos) who actually live in their own country. Clearly, this does not sound like a man who is willing to listen. The rest of his followers are the same.
[Tim: No, it sounds like a man who actually has the I always do, don't I!]
AnonymousJune 6, 2014 at 10:32 AM
Ha! Pinoy Catholic just copy and paste. Tim Rohr is carelessly looking for a flaw. I hope the guy don't get a stroke swinging at the air. His audience don't realize little by little he is punking out.
[Tim: I am NEVER "careless". See you in a few hours.]

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