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...or anyone else who is "responsible".

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I don't know what changes have been made since I was in a community that is directly associated with the Celebration. Back then the Creed, Agnus Dei, and the presbyter's washing of his hands was omitted. Wondering if this is still being practiced since the approval of the statutes. Anyone out there willing to answer? 


  1. Guess no one has the guts or glory to answer my question! Need to find out on my own.

  2. Okay no responses so I dug for I for info on my own. This what I found. Take notice of the words sometimes omitted in error. How can a priest omit the Agnus Dei and the Dominum sum Dignus in error? When handing out out the blessed host, does they presbyter say to recepient The Body of Christ? Or does he hand it out, sit, hold the host up and say Body of Christ give us life everlasting? Read and then decide!

    The faithful receive the precious body while standing, take seat and wait until all have received. Then the celebrant says 'Body of Christ, bring us everlasting life!' and the whole congregation consumes immediately after the priest consumes the host. The ecce Agnus Dei along with the Domine non sum dignus are typically recited but is sometimes omitted due to error on the part of the celebrant.[citation needed] Sharing the cup takes place afterward, individually, while the faithful are standing at their seats and a priest or Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion carries the chalice around.

  3. Way was directly sent to Guam by God. he alone led the spirit of fr. Pius to us on Guam to bring the life of salt to the community archbishop had experienced the dry and even dead bones of the archdiocese. He alone became salted and then as a true shepherd wanted to salt the priests. What happened a few led by Tim Rohr have tried to remove the salt and allow the bones to die. Tim needs to be salted and the five people who are already dead and wrote death on this page. Salt your life why you have time. Salt is what you need.


  4. From Diana this morning:

    Dear Catholic United,

    "The Responsible and Catechists are authorities."

    God puts everyone under authority. Even seminarians have a spiritual director and children are told to be obedient to their parents. The teachings of the Church is clear. You follow those whom God put you under authority.

    CCC 1899 The authority required by the moral order derives from God: "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore he who resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment."

    Praying for the archbishop is not the same as being obedient and respectful to him, Catholic United. You have shown no obedience or respect to the Archbishop of Guam. Rather, Tim Rohr has become your Archbishop.

    All matters of faith and morals are determine by the Church, and as Catholics we follow everything the Church says on matters of faith and morals. You say that some things are black and white. If that were true, then why is abortion legal? Why did some states and countries pass same sex marriage? When it comes to making decisions as to what whether we should buy a house, whether to send the kids to private or public schools, etc. one can make those decisions. Regarding faith and morals, a Catholic is supposed to listen to what the Church teaches on those things.

    Yes, the pope says to respect the person if he/she wishes to join or leave the community. The Pope NEVER said that when you have doubts on matters of not go to a priest. The poster who suggested that if a person has doubts they should see their catechists, responsible, or priest is correct.

    1. Being a catechist or responsible does this come with a theological degree? Where did your degree come from? Reminds me of a Jehovah friend who had to go door to door for so many years before being made a responsible for my neighborhood.

    2. Theological degree according to the statutes of Kiko! Diploma is a set of the 13 volume catechetical directory. Do you also have Magna cum Laude, Summa cum Laude and cum Laude?

    3. They do not have juridical authority in the Roman Catholic Church. Sorry. But thank you, Diana, for being a guest lecturer for Catholics United. Privilege, really and truly.

    4. They are wisdom figures we follow and listen to attentively. Degree is not needed. Grace! Conversion! God uses the humble. Did St. Peter have cum laude? Answer.

    5. Obviously you didn't understand. The "cum laude" thing is a joke because all the seminarians from RMS graduate with it. That's why it's a joke. Get it? Probably not.

    6. @2:15. Good comparison.