Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A reporter called the seminary yesterday and this is what happened:
"I called the RMS in Yona and asked for Father Wadeson and I overheard the person who answered say John, this is for you. Seconds later, the person who answered said, sorry he's not here at the moment."
So they teach you to lie at Redemptoris Mater Seminary. Wadeson is a formator of seminarians. By definition he is their role model. But even the people who answer the phone LIE. Think about this next time you are asked to contribute to this place. 


  1. I guess the person who answered the phone should have told the truth and said, "Sorry, but Fr. John said to tell you that he's not here at the moment" the same way some children tell callers, "My Grandma said to tell you that she's sleeping and can't talk to you now."

  2. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 23, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    It's true what they have been saying all along...the Archbishop is a good leader, a good teacher, and a good shepherd. Whatever he does they have learned to follow. Unfortunately, what they have learned is how to lie. They just haven't learned how to lie well.
    Very sad example you have set for your young and old men who want to "serve the Church".
    So which is it? Archbishop Anthony, are you wheat or weed? Based on your fascinating homily on Sunday, I learned not to judge for myself. Only you can answer that question. Look inside and see, and answer. Weed or wheat?
    Then do the right thing!

  3. Damage control, across the board. Of course, some seminarians would like to take off...but they are prisoners. No money, how can they escape? They need guidance from the runaway Seminarian of yore.

  4. So, he was here all the time. I really give these guys A for all their wonderful spins. Paraphrasing him. "I have to leave so they can't use me in attacking the Archbishop." What a spin! Bravo! You know, you could have stayed and proved us all wrong and stop all these attacks on the Archbishop. Man, the way these guys lie. And to think they are priests and Archbishop. Man, not one of them has admitted any wrong doing. None at all. Unbelievable. That's why you don't sense any repentance on their side. Just more lies. Time to demand to have Fr. Paul back. They accused him of disobedience. Disobedience, my foot.

  5. Show your support for Fr. Paul's innocence! Send your teens from NORTH and CENTRAL Guam to the Youth Empowerment Session this weekend at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Social Hall in Yigo,

    SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2014. Doors open at 8am. TOTALLY FREE!! FREE FOOD!! FREE T-SHIRTS!!

    This event ends with Mass(Roman Catholic Rite) at 7pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Fr. Paul will preside. All are welcome to attend Mass! Come and worship in Spirit and Truth! Support Fr. Paul's group the Rainbows of Mercy and Catholics on the Move! Pray for our youth. Pray for our Archdiocese!

    Peace to you and God bless you all!

  6. Excellent suggestion, Marjorie! We should all support this endeavor not only to support our youth, but also to show our support of Fr. Gofigan's initiative to make sure all youth of Guam are afforded the opportunity to attend Catholic youth events, locally and internationally -- especially youth for whom financial costs may exclude them from participating in empowering and spiritually-enriching and authentic Catholicism.

    For those of us who may want to give to this cause as opposed to giving to the archdiocese' annual appeal -- which really just goes towards lining the kikos' pockets -- how and where may we send our monetary donations?

    1. So want happened to the one scheduled for the Immachulate Heart of Mary on the 26th. Thought Yigo was on August 2?

    2. Anonymous (July 24, 2014 at 12:44 PM), I checked with Fr. Paul and he said that because the first session (originally scheduled for 12 July) was postponed due to the storm, it was decided to combine the Yigo and Toto sessions at Yigo for this weekend (26 July).

      According to the flyer, the 2 August session is supposed to be in the South, location TBA.

      If anyone wants to donate to this worthy cause, donations may be made to Rainbows of Mercy and dropped off at St. Anthony rectory.

    3. It was postponed due to the storm.

  7. Interesting to compare the actions and attitudes.

    On one side the Archbishop and his cohorts of the NCW.
    Elitist meetings, passing of the garbage bag, secretive decision making, cloak of silence and fear.
    Career pursuing, nest building, money laundering, nepotism and a lot more.

    On the other side a simple parish priest illegally removed and ostracized by his own Bishop.

    You would think that this priest of ours, would have cowered, or been overwhelmed by a desire for revenge.
    This is where most of us would have fallen when faced by such odds.

    What did we get from our persecuted priest? The total opposite instead.

    Past the initial phase of distress, and the need for redress, we saw a man who chose to walk on a pass to serenity and service to the Catholic Youth which he had made his mission, well before this unwelcome episode.
    Rising above the fray, and while being persecuted by his own father, Fr Paul chose to pursue his initiative of Rainbows of Mercy to help Guam Catholic Youth prepare for the next Catholic Youth Days in Poland.

    While our Bishop was traveling and plotting on how to lure Catholics on this island to bow to the Diktat of the NCW, by lying, forgetting, hiding, misrepresenting, distorting and plain abusing his office, an humble priest was actually against all odds doing the work our bishop should have led, if he was not consumed by his own demons.

    This my Catholic Sisters and Brothers is the best resume of the situation we are facing for over two decades.
    Lets pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to give Fr Paul the fortitude he so much needs to navigate these dark waters surrounding us.

  8. Fr. Paul for Archbishop!

  9. Might does not make right, Archbishop!

    God bless Fr.Gofigan and some of our other non-neo priests who have been and continue to be the spritual compass for the Catholics of Guam -- steadfastly guiding, evangelizing, instructing and spiritually nurturing us.

    That we have not seen nor experienced the above from the Shepherd and from his hierarchical appointees and followers is the only "transparency" that can be attributed to their reign.

    St. Michael, the Archangel, St. Rafael, the Archangel and St. Gabriel, the Archangel assist us with your angels. Pray for us, guide us and protect us. Amen

  10. Let us not forget: The abusive treatment of Fr. Paul at the hands of Tony Apuron was one of the main (if not the main) reasons that more of us now have a heightened awareness of Tony's mismanagement of our contributions and his mistreatment of non-neo priests.

    His continued refusal to produce independently audited financial statements and the very real fear of his retribution by non-neo priests confirm this.

    So, I agree with Anonymous @5:59 p.m.: Fr. Paul for Archbishop! To replace you know