Tuesday, July 29, 2014


10:59 PM. I made this post at 2:52 PM at which time there were 761 votes. By 8:40 PM the Archbishop's A grade had risen from 11% to 48% with about 10 "A"'s added per minute. The activity continued till 9:20 PM when the A grade rose to 56% and is still continuing. All that activity began after I posted this poll. So we obviously know who reads my blog, as if we didn't know already. (I catch Adrian on here all the time, the Archbishop too.) 

It's very simple, Tim Rohr posted hugely embarrassing numbers and the Neo's mobilized. But no matter. Everyone knows that you can click as much as you want on these polls so they don't mean anything. What matters is that we have a lying, lawless bishop and a chancery seething with jealously and hate. It is now on display for all to see. Why else would they release their report to the media damning Msgr. James at the very moment his prayer vigil was beginning? 

Even more damning of the Archbishop is that he released facts to the media in writing that he won't even give to the man he accuses. Archbishop Apuron and his two buddies are extremely sick and desperate people. All of Guam is now seeing that. And they are about to see some more. 


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