Friday, July 25, 2014


Some have seen the name of Fr. Matthew Blockley in the comments on this blog and recently in two PDN stories (here and here). You may be wondering who he is. Rest assured that he is not a name the Chancery Three expected or wanted to see. In fact, rest assured that the Chancery Three are probably hard at work discrediting him, and in fact may have already begun the Tagaytay treatment

If you google Fr. Blockley you will find stories like this one from 2008 essentially involving an all-points bulletin from Saipan Bishop Tomas Camacho to find and flush out Blockley who he considered to be AWOL from the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa. 

The story made more or less national news because Fr. Blockley was staying with a priest friend who was also a well-known Fox News commentator, Msgr. James Lisante. Let's let Fr. Blockley tell you the part of the story that is not in the news:


In July of 1992, while yet a seminarian at the Pontifical Beda College, I came to Guam at the invitation of Archbishop Apuron. I had met Archbishop Apuron through friends we had in common in Northern California. I had some choices about which diocese I wanted to be incardinated into so I accepted Archbishop Apuron's invitation to come to Guam. 

Upon arrival I was assigned to the Cathedral Basilica with Vocation Director, Fr. Adrian Cristobal. It was obvious from the start that Fr. Cristobal did not like me. Adrian ordered me to sit with him, eat with him, and always be with him like he would make the altar boys do. 

When I refused to be his butler and clean his room he would get upset. He would rant and rave like a mad man, screaming at me about his position in the archdiocese and his power over my future. On at least one occasion he threw pots and pans around the rectory's kitchen while ranting and raving at me all the more and screaming about his power. 

After refusing to be Adrian's house boy or to be cowed by his power trips, Adrian reported me to the Archbishop saying that I was disobedient and was not suitable for Guam. So I decided to leave Guam and went back to Rome. 

However, before I left, I had met Bishop Camacho and he corresponded with me after I returned to Rome. In the summer of 1993, Bishop Camacho invited me to join him for a pastoral year on Saipan and so I did. However, Archbishop Apuron and Adrian were quite angry to learn of my return to the Pacific. 

I eventually was ordained on July 7, 1996 for the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa (Saipan) and Archbishop Apuron was present. The following morning in the chancery prayer room I overheard Archbishop Apuron expressing his anger to someone about me and was surprised by what I heard, though I kept it to myself. 

In 1998, Archbishop Apuron and Fr. Pius, through Fr. Tenorio, began making inroads into Saipan with the Neocatechumenal Way. Knowing the history of the NCW in England, where I was from, and its having been denounced there by several bishops including the bishop of Clifton who called the NCW a form of “spiritual enslavement,” I worked to stop its growth on Saipan. 

Then all hell began to break loose.

To be continued.


  1. WHAT? Come on and finish your story now

  2. Adrian, your very, very highness.....uh, oh, now we all know and BELIEVE!!

  3. This is fascinating.

  4. OMG . . . great reading for a rainy Friday evening, Tim!

  5. Mr. Rohr, you mentioned the backside of the Archbisop being licked by backside is about to be cooked. Think over the last few days with Wadeson. Slow down are welcome.

    1. Ooooh. Scary. Guess the Blockley story scared you. Right, Adrian? Wait till they hear about the cats.

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    3. one can pinpoint the exact location via IP Address! how fun!!!!

  6. Wow this is interesting.

  7. Ranting Ravings sounds right.

  8. Replies
    1. Shock and awe? save that for now...for the big bang.

  9. I love that Fr Adrian tried to bully him with the obedience card. Do my house work, clean my room, etc. Good formation for a future priest huh? Is that how the seminarians are formed at RMS Yona?
    I've heard that people in the community do their laundry and take care of all their needs. I guess nobody in your community felt like helping you so you had to take it out on poor seminarian Matthew Blockley.
    Speaking of obedience, didn't Fr Adrian and Archbishop play the obedience game on poor unsuspecting deacons also by forcing them to join the Neo cult or not be ordained?
    Wow, they certainly have a wicked, twisted sense of obedience in the Neo world.
    What ever happened to : lets do this for the greater glory of God instead of the greater glory of ME! ?
    Sad sad sad.

    1. The 'obedience' card is a very dangerous tool used by the NCW. Community members are constantly told that they need to be obedient to their catechists. Even the priests in the NCW encourage this, as though the catechists somehow determine a person's salvation. One can only imagine the great influence these catechists have over the NCW communities. Very dangerous. So it is no small wonder that the Archbishop and Fr. Adrian feel that they are privileged enough to force people into obedience. Perhaps they need to be reminded that pride is the deadliest sin.

  10. Well done 9.13pm. Look at the details. 1992 22 years ago.
    Cathedral 22 years ago key. Fr. Matthew retuns 22 years

  11. ......the "obedience game" was played on the poor deacons AND the poor seminarians who refused to be strong armed to join the NCW.

    AND Fr. Adrian is STILL Vocation director!

    It is CLEAR that Apuron has no intention of changing and unifying the diocese.

    Archbishop Apuron, you are dragging your FAMILY NAME through the mud! RETIRE! Save whatever face you have left!


    1. Obedience, the theme of Diana all the time. They must know each other well.

  12. Dopey Diana, not so dopey. She set up another blog, elcamino and answers herself. Her different personalities talk to eacch other. This is fascinating. For a psychiatrist!

  13. Blockley account is factual details checked.
    He was in cathedral July September 1992.
    He blasted the vocation Director.

  14. All indications that he would not make a good priest... to a2:34a... "blasted"

  15. It was said that he went to the P.I as he wished for schooling but when it was time to return to Saipan he refused and was disobedient. I would like to hear his side of the story. It seems he has had a lot of controversy.

    1. You shall. In fact WHY he did not return is the major part of the story. You won't believe it...but then again...!!

  16. Tim, what happened to the promised part II of this story?

  17. All I can say is "Ti maimaigu' si Yu'os."

  18. Is this even true? Bishop Tomas A. Camacho was always such a nice bishop here...