Friday, July 25, 2014


Not only am I the only person publicly saying that the charges against you in L.A. are false - even as your Archbishop threw you under the bus and then ran for cover - I am going to hereby defend your right to our material support of you, despite your threat to sue us.

As you can see in the many recent comments, people are calling for you to be cut off from the land of the living financially. I am here to say that no matter how egregious your transgressions may or may not be, no matter what your status is relative to your faculties or "active ministry", as a priest incardinated in this archdiocese, you have the right the material support of your well-being: your stipend, your medical care, your food, clothing, and shelter and whatever else is normally required of a bishop for the material support of his priests.

I call on the Archbishop to continue to see to the care of both your material and spiritual well-being even though he gave no thought of either in kicking Fr. Paul out into the street a year ago. Even though he threatened priests not friendly to your Neocatechumenal Way with the next thing to deportation. Even though you accuse us of vicious lies. And even though you threaten to sue us with the money we collect and hand over to the Archbishop for your support. Yes, Fr. Wadeson, even though.

Now, get down to business, clear your name with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and publish the record exonerating you of all charges.


  1. To Fr. John Wadeson: WITH FRIENDS LIKE TONY APURON, who dropped you like an over-ripe LADA fruit and members of the Neo, both in the Yona Seminary and outside, who did not even bother to say one word in your defense, YOU DO NOT NEED ENEMIES!

    I join Tim Rohr in wishing you well as you go about clearing your name. You have to do this, Fr. John, otherwise you have no one else but yourself to blame for whatever people think of you.

    Please keep us informed through the Jungle Watch blog.


  2. I am thinking that this post is from Tim, but not sure. I had to respond because I agree with what was stated without all the anger I can feel coming from the post. I believe that anyone is innocent until proven guilty and I have thought that many Priest are accused wrongly. I have never seen or run into Father Wadeson so I have no impression on him. Through my many years of life--many-- I have had the unfortunate chance of meeting and coming face to face with individuals making false claims. I don't know if it is a power game or a vengence but they do it. Not just about Priest, but about anyone. He / she hit me or he/she touched me is so easy to say and when the truth comes out, nobody cares because all they heard was the accusation. So sad. When all the accusations came out about Priest, I prayed for the cleaning of our Church but prayed that it would be the truth and not lies. I think the anger towards this Father Wadeson has to do with the ill treatment that our local Priest, Father Paul has endured. The Archbishop tried to strip him of all that he was and then throw him out to the wolves and pigs and whatever trash there was. He completely squashed him so unfairly. His whole action against Father Paul was what has triggered and brought to surface all of this. He has made us fight against each other and made us enemies. We are all Catholics and simply human beings and should always pray for each other. Pray for Peace, Harmony, Father Wadeson and Father Paul as well as our Archbishop. God is in charge and we need to ask the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts, actions and words as he unfolds his plans for Guam and our beloved Priest.Pray for our seminarians both Neo and Cap's.

    1. You are correct. There is no anger towards Wadeson. Sorrow and amazement really. But not anger. If there is any anger, there is anger towards the Archbishop and how he has treated Fr. Paul. But it is not my anger, but the anger of many. I'm just the messenger.

    2. Father Wadeson, I pray you clear your name and put a full page ad that your name has been cleared. What we are doing for Father Paul is what you and your friends need to do for you. If you are inocent, Pray for the truth and work to clear your name.

  3. From what I read above, I don't think this blog is a hate blog. The actions of the one who called this blog evil is the one who is full of. As stated earlier, Fr. Wadeson, you don't need enemies, you have more than enough "friends." I think you have to defend and praise Tim instead. And Tim is not being sarcastic. He meant every word. So, I do hope you are able to clear your name. Confront those who accused you.

    1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2014 at 5:38 PM
      So what do you call this a LOVE blog? Tim destroy,slander,steal documents, e-mail and personal information. You are delusional.

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble here, tim, but Wadeson isn't stupid. Wadeson praised the archbishop and said good things about him in the PDN. Then he said that he'll pray for the persecutors - that's you. We all know that it's you who threw Wadeson under the bus and drove over him.

    3. @ 9:41PM. If you had your own blog and this was an entry in your blog, it would be a hate blog. "Tim destroys, slanders, steals documents,e-mails personal documents. You are delusional." Tell me. Doesn't that sound like a hate blog.
      Re stealing. How did you know? Cardinal Tagle was here and did not seek out Tim to castigate him. Or maybe Tim got a letter castigating him and is hiding it from us. Man, I guess you have to steal that letter from Tim.
      But one thing was clear in that episode. We read the letter correcting the Archbishop for misinformation. You know the story on that invitation fiasco. Granting that Tim stole that document, at least, say also that the Archbishop lied on that. That would be the whole story. Wouldn't it? Sorry, you are delusional.
      Waiting for your reply.

    4. WARNING: The above comment (7:40AM) is EXHIBIT A of KAKA intoxication.

      But for those not drunk on KAKA, here’s the jist of it.

      Wadeson’s entire material well being, his housing, his ability to feed himself, clothe himself, his medical care, his retirement, even his burial costs, depend entirely on the diocese in which he is incardinated. What was he going to say about the man who pays all those bills?

      But the truly revealing thing is not that Wadeson said “good things” about the Archbishop, but that the Archbishop said NOTHING good about him.

      What does that tell you?

    5. What do u know, Tim. The archbishop & Wadeson can talk to each other & probably did in private. The PDN article showed no hard feelings between the two. And now your trying to convince people that Wadeson is your friend? You were the one who threw him under the bus. What Wadeson is going through now is cuz of your mouth. U should be silent for a change.

    6. Apuron is the problem.

    7. Classic KAKA 10:39. You sound like Apuron himself....hmmmm.

    8. It is hopeless to have a discussion with these people. Anybody who doesn't see anything wrong with having their mass outside of the church and not broadcasting the time of the mass, will have difficulty seeing the truth. I guess when the Arcbhishop talked about the wheat and weed, he and NCW followers actually don't believe it. They consider as weeds and not worth their company. If I were nourished by the Way, I will be more than glad to share this blessing with the rest of the Church by attending the regular mass. The only time I see them in church is when it is time to invite us to joy. And then, no more. Again, if you can't see anything wrong with that, it would be hard to talk sense to these people.

    9. To "El Camino" .
      I guess we need to pay attention to details.
      El Camino of course is Spanish. Beside the famous 1970s iconic trendy pickup, we note that it means the Way.....
      Hint, hint!, Nod, Nod! Know what I mean!?
      The Arabic symbol within the sign is a little more obscure for us.
      It is the equivalent to our N, usually used by Muslims to designate the "Nazareans" or Christians.
      This Arabic sign is used widely in countries of the Sahel and western Africa as a sign for Christians.

      A more disconcerting used of this sign has been done by ISIS, to mark the homes of Christians before the Ethnic Cleansing of Mosul the last two weeks.
      The more than 2000 years presence of the oldest branch of the Catholic Church in the world, having come to a end, in complete silence from the American medias.

      It is very telling that a Kiko kookoo, steep in the Talmudist and Masonic Culture would super-impose these two symbols to convey their message of superiority and hate, while blaming the messenger.

      This of course, we are used to, now.
      The novelty being, that apparently the Kikkos have decided to get some heavier artillery to distance themselves from the Archi, while attacking this site at the same time.
      We must be getting closer and closer.

  4. I have been trying to stay quiet for the last two weeks, except for a few obvious comments here and there.
    One thing has been making me quite uneasy from the start, which has not been brought forward as of now. Never less I believe strongly that this could be at the core of issues at hand.

    A very high number of deacons and seminarians who are studying here at the RMS, are listed as on mission or itinerant.
    Another high number of listed professors and formators at the RMS also appear to be coming rarely and for short periods of time.
    Thirdly it has become obvious that the NCW on Guam and in the USA (we shall not get involved with the rest of the world, since it would make it even more complex) has a very rigid and hierarchical organization which does not seem to take questioning, or descent very well.
    Finally our own Archbishop while being in charge of this diocese, appears to follow blindly the instructions of his hierarchy within the NCW.

    This situation has all the markings of a perfect storm for hiding itinerant sexual predators that are the mercenaries of the NCW.
    This of course brings forth some very serious questions, at several levels of the administration of the Diocese, and as far as the honesty in which our Archbishop enforce the decisions he takes.
    In order not to get bogged down by these complex issues, I will concentrate on the issue at hand now, reserving the right to come back at a later date to study the other problems facing us.

    In regards to the "accusations" brought forward in the 1970s by two different children, which were deemed worrisome enough by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to put the statement now made famous: we need to clarify exactly who knew what when and how, not only here on Guam where father Wadeson was encardinated, but also in the Dioceses where he hanged his hat temporarely.

    We have found for example that he served in New Jersey and other dioceses in the USA.
    Most importantly in this case, what did the leadership of the NCW (based in New Jersey) knew, and what did they do to apparently protect him and make him one of their recruit?
    Did the leadership of the NCW exert influence on Archbishop Apuron, and forced his hand in providing incardination for this person?

    These are very serious questions, specially in regards to the long and painful episodes that has rocked our Church for the past 75 years, with the sexual abuse of both children and adults, and the coverup which followed, and which by itself was almost more damaging that the initial crimes themselves.

    Indeed, what we have learned during the past 15 years of revelations about abuse within the Church and the coverup; it is that the leaders which had been entrusted with the well being of the Church and its sheep, had actually failed us by hiding and moving around repeated sex offenders, and by underestimating, even rationalizing the events and crimes.
    These events have caused many to loose faith in our Church, and have raised questions on how to best deal with such situations.
    I personally believe that as a Universal Church we have made great progress in dealing with these hard issues.

    But we also have found out, that despite all these lessons, some leaders still fail to comprehend and continue to fail us.
    It appears that Archbishop Anthony Apuron would be one of these leaders.
    This needs to be change.

    What needs to be clarify is the role played by the leadership of the NCW in this affair.
    Their tradition of secrecy and deceit does not bid well for getting the answers we need. But the Lord works in strange ways.

    Lets keep vigilant on this issue, and do not let the NCW use their usual tactics of deflecting and denying, before accusing others for the problems they created.
    They are already hard at work, trying to control the damage.
    We deserve better

  5. I had the oppotunity of meeting and speaking with Fr. John Wadeson in my parish. he seemed likable, that is the reason why I said he should remove the "Roman Collar" until he is cleared of all allegations. He will still be a priest but should refrain from performing his priestly duties. If he is cleared to perform as a Catholic priest again, I believe he wouls be welcomed back into the archdiocese. Last night while praying the nightly rosary with the wife, I specificallymentioned his name on the fourth decade of the "Sorrowful Mystery" so he can carry that cross until he is able to perform as a priest again. jes of chalan pago

    1. Jes of chaplain Pago, u were the one comparing Wadeson to Desoto. So why the change in attitude now?

    2. Umm, Jes is not the chaplain of Pago. And he probably prays for Desoto too. Get off the blog. It's evil.

  6. I pray even for the Hamas and Islamist who persecute the Christian, I pray for those who need prayers like anonymous 10:42AM. There is no change of hearts. Like Jesus said, "I didn't come for the rightous,, I come for those in need. Jes of Chalan Pago