Friday, August 15, 2014


Funny? Sad? Pathetic? Sick? Don't know how to label this. Archbishop Apuron takes to the media to smear Msgr. James in the public square and then publishes an apology to his mother for getting her name wrong. It's getting harder and harder not to use expletives! 



  1. Split personality? Back stabber? Neo Puppet?
    All of the above!

  2. Passive aggressive form of action. Manifests a dangerous mind.

  3. I'm sure his mother is looking for a different kind of apology from Tony Apuron.

  4. I always thought that great care was taken when naming someone's mother or father. I guess I was wrong in this instance. They don't proofread up on the hill? To some this may seem like a minor thing, but to us locals we are very protective of our parent's names. Yes, I know we all make mistakes as we can all see these past weeks...many mistakes and still no corrections.

  5. Sick minds produce sick things. The archbishop smears Mrs. Benavente's son in the Umatuna for two straight Sundays, and issues a press release to the PDN and other secular media doing the same, without affording Monsignor James the opportunity to rebut these scandalous allegations as any decent man would. He owes Mrs. Benavente an apology for unjusltly and wickedly destroying his son's name and reputation. Hmmm...does that not remind us of what happened to our Blessed Mother as she helplessly watch the AUTHORITIES lied about her son Jesus and then crucify him!

  6. I feel compelled to come out from the shadow of "anonymous" on this one.

    Firstly, I'm pretty sure my grandma was more proud to see the community celebrating Monsignor than she was bothered for having been identified incorrectly in the U Matuna. She was truly happy that day, and in high spirits.

    Secondly, it's highly doubtful that my grandma expects an apology from the Archbishop, and likely continues to keep him and his... new administration... in her prayers. Remember that it's in the Domestic Church, or the Catholic Home, that we first learn about God and how to serve and honor Him. It should be noted that Uncle Father learned his humility and quiet dignity from our matriarch.

    Thirdly, the amount of support shown to Uncle Father has been tremendously humbling. I've personally been the beneficiary of hours of his counsel, and he is truly one of my favorite people in the world. Seeing him go through this has been painful for me, especially being so far away. So for what it's worth, thank you all for rallying behind him and the Church that he's loved since we were kids.

    Melissa LG Do

  7. Beautiful, Melissa.

    Msgr. James, We are all behind you!

  8. The Umatuna gives a "sorry" ad for the upcoming feast of the "Sweet Name of Mary,". I remember the ad being in color and full blown on the last page. Why in the world did they use the picture of Our Lady of Asumption? It used to be the image of OUR LADY OF KAMALEN?


  9. While the image of Mary is that of the "Sweet Name of Mary" every year for the September event. The fiesta ad has always been a full-page, mostly colored, layout, until this year.

    Santa Marian Kamalen's image is on the December ad for the 8th. Also, full-page and mostly colored. But we'll see this year...if you know what I mean.

    In some years, the graphic experts in the Pastoral Office opted to print in black and white, for artistic reasons, mostly for artistic interpretation. This is especially true for the full-page ad out in the Umatuna for Holy Week. We know this because we would be part of the planning committee for the fiesta, until this year.

    We also know that the Cathedral always have to pay for these ads to the tune of some thousands of dollars, with no financial help from the Chancery and the Archbishop.

    I would not put it past them to 'down-grade' the full-page aspect to a smaller one, for the Fiesta announcement because they, the new (Neo-comprised) administration, do not regard Mother Mary in the same way as the previous administration, under the leadership of Msgr. James.

    Santa Marian Kamalen and the Sweet Name of Mary have always held a very high place in the hearts of the volunteers and staff of the Cathedral because of what Mary means to us. Jesus in the Ultimate! He is our Savior, for this we love and respect His only mother, Mary.