Saturday, June 6, 2015


He was Father Manny "Gary" Garrido who initially was the chaplain for Guam Memorial Hospital. He used to say mass in Toto Parish but was stationed in San Vicente Parish and was asked to be the priest for the Neo community in Barrigada. When he refused to become a Neo, AAA sent him THE LETTER and asked him to show up at THE MEETING at the Chancery. When he came back to San Vicente Parish after the meeting, the locks were changed and his belongings were thrown outside in the garage. His car was taken away. He was forced to call around the community for someone to pick him up. Fellow Filipino priests initially sheltered him but were threatened to be ousted by AAA. Members of the Cebuano Filipino community stepped forward and sheltered him, giving him money and food until he could get a flight back to the Philippines during the peak Christmas season. AAA further threatened that Father Gary was not to step foot into any church on Guam. Father Gary would hide in back of churches during Mass so he could fulfill his Sunday obligation. Finally, when Father Gary was able to get back to the archbishop of Cebu to explain his situation, he found out that AAA rushed to the Philippines ahead of him with a concocted story of disobedience and other sins about Father Gary. AAA repeated the same story to everyone on Guam who believed him. The enraged Cebuano Filipino community kept sending Father Gary money until he was able to find a parish to support him. Just ask any Cebuano on Guam about Father Gary.

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