Saturday, August 16, 2014


I wasn't there, but according to reports, I was apparently present in the homilist's head as evidenced by him saying:

"Those people who commit calumnies and lies against the Seminary"

Excuse me. The LIE was your fooling us for over a decade and bilking us for over a million dollars to support what we were told was a diocesan seminary when in fact it is wasn't. And when we exposed your lie, Archbishop Apuron, effectively admitted that you had been lying to us by scrambling to create a second seminary that is supposed to be diocesan but is only another lie. Calumny?

Calumny is telling Aaron Quitugua that the reason you can't send him to an off-island seminary, his only option if he doesn't want to be subjected to a neocatechumenal formation, is because you can't afford it. And when he says he will pay for it himself, you tell him you won't sponsor him.

And you stand up there and lecture us about calumny? WTH!

And the xenophobic crap that Pius is throwing around? Right. History shows that the people of Guam have been more than welcoming to priests from every culture and country. The problem has nothing to do with where these seminarians are from. The problem has everything to do with why they are brought here.

The problem has everything to do with their trashing of the local culture, the ridiculing of our "cooking", our funerals, and the defacement and hiding of our statues and their mocking of traditional acts of piety as demonstrated in the angry words of Fr. Alberto who recently told a man who he found holding a rosary:

"The rosary will not save the church, ONLY THE NEO will save the church!"

Oh, and who can forget Fr. Francesco's infamous mocking of our spending too much on "cooking" at your meeting with Archbishop Krebs! So who's the xenophobe? (That reminds me. I still have to post that audio.)

But the saddest thing is the degradation this homilist brought upon the people who came to celebrate their patron saint and instead subjected the faithful to his pathetic whining and the spinning of more lies about lies he helped perpetrate to begin with. 

At least I hope the food was good. Were the seminarians first in line again?

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