Saturday, August 16, 2014


So now that we have exposed another lie from the chancery about the reason for the two editions of the U Matuna last week, apparently Edivaldo and Holly (Diana) are hard at work doing the chancery's bidding to concoct an even bigger lie.

  1. What more of as mess in the financial status of the Cathedral and the Cemetery be in? Just wondering after reading Diana's post....which I have copied and pasted here.It was brought to my attention that Junglewatch claims to have three copies of the Umatuna of last week, August 10th. Well, I also have one copy. The Umatuna was withdrawn due to the fact that the report on finances was not complete, and much worse things are coming out. That is the reason why it was recalled as far as I know. It was also brought to my attention that the financial mess of the cathedral and the cemeteries is much worse than we originally thought. More to come as soon as I can get more information.
I replied to this in a comment, but let's look at it more in depth here. First Diana is Fr. Edivaldo (the pastor of Chalan Pago parish) and Holly Leon Guerrero (and no doubt there are others). Of course they are major neo's and they are seeing their empire collapsing around them so we can expect them to become increasingly desperate. I really do hate to include Holly's name, but until she flat out denies any connection to "Diana" as Ms. Blas did, then we have to assume that she and Edivaldo are a team.

So we are told by Edivaldo and Holly that the Cathedral and the Cemetery are even more of a mess. That would mean that Deloitte and Touche is inept. The letter D & T sent to Archbishop Apuron on January 8, listed the discrepancies that needed to be addressed. Archbishop Apuron used that letter to trash Msgr. James even though, as we now know, all but one issue had been completely addressed even to the Archbishop's satisfaction as evidenced by his letter to Msgr. James of June 26. And Msgr. James had until August 15 to address the remaining issue but was fired on July 25.

That the chancery is saying that there is even more trash is to say that Deloitte and Touche apparently did not do its job and the chancery itself has found even more bad stuff. 

So, let's say that they did. Let's say that Archbishop Apuron and his cronies have "much worse stuff that will be coming out", as Edivaldo and Holly claim. Then please tell us: 

  • What sort of a bishop would be "coming out" at all?
  • What sort of a bishop would be "coming out" with evidence of mismanagement in order to publicly incriminate one of his priests? 
  • What sort of a bishop takes internal problems public without a single attempt to address those problems with the privacy that charity demands?
  • What sort of  a bishop persistently goes to the media (once to the secular media and twice now to the U Matuna) about a problem with a priest that even the manager of the smallest company would not even think of doing? 
  • What sort of a bishop goes public with documentation that he won't even show to the priest he is using the documentation against? 
  • What sort of a company manager would not want to handle his company's problems personally and internally, let alone an Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church? 
  • What sort of a father would prefer to smear his son in the press before trying to work things out with his son?
  • What sort of a bishop is this?

We can only hope, if we are to give charity a chance, that Archbishop Apuron is severely ill and must be immediately removed. Because if this is not the case, then we have a bishop who is evil incarnate, and he wouldn't be the first one. 

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