Monday, August 11, 2014


The new administration at the Cathedral-Basilica is hardly a week old and already they are showing what a mess we can now expect with incompetency at the helm.

On December 4, 2013, Archbishop Apuron issued a Decree (Prot. No. 0113-085) stating the following:
2. APPROPRIATE TITLE FOR DEACONS...Because they are not constituted in the presbyterate, deacons do not receive the tile of 'Reverend.' Therefore the salutation, greeting or title of 'Reverend Deacon' or 'Reverend Mister' is no longer permitted...This decree is effective December 8, 2013. 
Yet, even though "'Reverend Mister' is no longer permitted", on the first Sunday in full control (August 10, 2014) of the Cathedral-Basilica, the new administration lists the following three deacons as:
  • Reverend Mr.  John C. Dierking, Permanent Deacon
  • Reverend Mr.  Augusto Cepeda, Permanent Deacon
  • Reverend Mr.  Steve Martinez, Permanent Deacon
Archbishop, will you be calling in Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the new Rector, to read him a list of charges? How about a statement to the press, publicly destroying him? What? No search and destroy orders from Mr. Gennarini?

Is it any wonder why our archdiocese is becoming a laughing stock?

P.S. I'm going to save the jerks some embarrassment, though since they are too cowardly to every use a real name they don't really have to worry. They say that the August 10 bulletin was just a cut and paste from the previous bulletin. But the previous bulletin - the one, by the way, that was hurriedly pulled because of the picture, was put together by the staff of the previous administration. Note that the previous administration OBEYED the decree, a decree that was written by the current rector. Oh well.


  1. It does prove one thing. Monsignor David, the Vicar General and the canon lawyer for the archbishop, and the person who writes and clears the decrees of the archbishop, and now the rector of the Cathedral, is incompetent because of all people, he would know about the decree he wrote on this matter!

  2. Tim, the removal of the title reverend is quite giddy to me.
    A cursory review of the term reverend is defined in dictionary. com thus:

    [rev-er-uhnd, rev-ruhnd]
    1.( initial capital letter ) (used as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order): Reverend Timothy Cranshaw; Reverend Mother.
    2.worthy to be revered; entitled to reverence.
    3.pertaining to or characteristic of the clergy.
    4.Informal. a member of the clergy.
    Since it is a title, we'll use the noun definition, just as the term mister is listed in the same dictionary as a noun, ie Mr. Tim Rohr. So "a member of the clergy".
    Can. 1008
    "By divine institution, some of the Christian faithful are marked with an indelible character and constituted as sacred ministers by the sacrament of holy orders. They are thus consecrated and deputed so that, each according to his own grade, they may serve the People of God by a new and specific title";
    Can. 1009 §1. The orders are the episcopate, the presbyterate, and the diaconate.
    So are the deacons clergy?
    I believe the spirit behind Pope Benedict's motu proprio was to further define the role of the permanent Deacon. Alas, the decree has been made and I will abide by it...

    P.S. I learned something in my research of this:
    Art. 3. The text of can. 1086 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law is modified as follows:
    "A marriage between two persons, one of whom was baptized in the Catholic Church or received into it, and the other of whom is not baptized, is invalid".
    Interesting, especially in light of the upcoming synod on marriage.
    In Christ,
    Deacon Dave

  3. This bulletin is just a copy and paste of the old administrations bulletin. You can tell the changes in it. so you read the new administrations bulletin and it is just a copy and paste from the one who used to do the parish bulletin to the one doing it now. This is just some news that your trying to make. A big mess again tim.

    1. Go back and read this entry one more time. READ SLOWLY and give the information time to sink into your thick skull. I fail to see how Tim has made "a big mess again." Either give reason to your statement and further clarify it or don't say anything at all.

    2. Hey RC. I'm tempted to call you an idiot but I'll hold off. Good thing you didn't use your real name. Click here to see the bulletin for the previous week which was the work of the previous administration. They obeyed the decree which was written by the new rector who doesn't even follow his own decree.

    3. Yah, ha, IDIOT!

  4. Deacons are ordained to the diaconate. They are not ordained as “permanent” or “transitional”. Therefore, it makes little sense to use different forms of address, clothing, or sacred vesture depending on those categories. It is the bishops’ prerogative to determine such rules in their dioceses. The timing was interesting when our Ordinary Tony made use of his prerogative. Making use of document of USCCB . IF a permanent Deacon took his case about the collar to the Congregation of the Clergy....would be a different story, don't do it in this climate you'll lose more than the clerical shirt off of your back!! By the way, is the present class of Deacon candidates holding steady in the stormy sea? Can we find out the repercussions of all this instability of late in this important matter??

  5. Nah...Nah...He didn't get the memo......wait a minute.....He wrote the memo!

  6. Oh my goodness. Poor Archbishop, losing his bearings.

    1. Losing his bearings? Diana wants to know: Just how do you know this and where is your evidence? She and her other personalities love to say that. ahhhhhh haaaaa haaaaa.

    2. Yes. LOL. Tell her to keep checking my blog.

  7. Oh Tim, picking on the itty bitty things? No news to expose? Get real, It’s no big deal!

    OR IS IT?

    Every big lie starts out itty bitty small, let us not forget. A mistake in the parish bulletin may seem small but it is reflective of the bigger problem that is at hand. Incompetency, let us all just reflect on that word.

    This is the second week that there were snafus with the bulletin that have been produced by the Cathedral, first the feuding men tearing up the church that was printed, then intercepted, as they tried to not let parishioners get a copy (though it echoes the truth of what is happening to the Church and also shows the failure and inadequacy of the leadership and staff of the new admin). Then this week’s mistake of labeling deacons “Reverend” that has been changed many moons ago (the correction was even on the torn up church edition, because that was done by an employee that did not get directives as to what to do next. The whole Church of Guam was instructed to do so by the Archbishop himself a while ago. Another proof of incompetency in the office and its people.)

    Will Msgr. David be charged with any kind of mismanagement? Of the Cathedral office, at least?

    1. NO! Because David will just call in sick. Then there's only Adrian he'll have to do EVERYTHING then. not Fair! He has his blogs to take care of. Then he'll really be talking to himself!!!

    2. You guys are almost there forming your own Church. is already have been advertised. The fruit of Rohr and his disciples.

      NYC in da house.

  8. Small lies:

    When PNC attempted to get a statement from the Archbishop on Aug. 8 after he concluded a memorial mass for the Chagui’an Massare, in reference to Wadeson

    PNC: "Were you at least aware of the allegations that were made?"

    Archbishop Apuron: "There were no allegations." (With his back turned, running away from the reporter)


    Go to VIDEO: Archdiocese Admits They Were Aware of Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Father Wadeson from PNC in July 22. “The Archdiocese confirmed that it knew about Father Wadeson’s tainted past.”

    The Archdiocese already confirmed and admitted it over 3 weeks ago that they WERE AWARE of the allegation against Wadeson and Archbishop’s default answer was a lie, "There were no allegations."

    1. Poor Tony. He is so used to telling lies he really has lost track of truth. His reality now is what ever his catechist tells him. The koolaid has finally taken full effect, even to this man who is supposed to be our model of holiness. He can no longer help himself. He can no longer lead. He can only follow his leaders - - - Fr Pius/Giuseppi/Kiko.

      I pray that other Neos take note of what too much KAKA can lead to. A complete submission to the will of another man. Please take note that at this point poor Tony is completely unaware of how entranced he is. Only a total intervention could possibly help. But who will help him? He has already turned traitor on all his non-neo friends. And his "new family" will not intervene because this is exactly what they want - complete submission.
      I pray you come to your own realization before the KAKA gets to you like it has gotten to poor Tony. If a friend tries to help you, please listen. Stop drinking the KAKA. Get out before it is too late.
      I, too, have given over to complete submission. But in my case, HIS name is Jesus.
      My prayers are with those who still have a chance that they act before it is too late.

    2. Janet B make sure you have a backing of Father Wadeson allegation. Can you provide me proof that he really did it. Show us evidence here on this blog.

      Let's go back 43 years ago, name and the place where this happen, do you know them?

    3. If he is innocent then the Archbishop treated him unjustly by stripping him of his priestly duties and he did us an injustice by fleeing instead of simply stating that he was innocent.

    4. Tim - he left the island out of obedience (24hrs). If you remember the letter was aiming at you in Umatuna. Now live up to what you did.

      You must be happy.

    5. Oh really? When did he leave?

    6. After I question Tony Baloney for his "there are no allegations" comment, Anonymous August 12, 2014 at 12:55 PM asks me to provide specific info on the allegations against Fr John. Sorry stupid anon, that is really a question you should direct towards Fr John himself. The fact that the Archdiocese of LA has banned him for life speaks quite clearly as to their concerns on his ministry and the safety of others.
      If I were accused of something, it would be my responsibility to clear my own name. Why in all that time has Fr John not even attempted to clear his name? Is it because there is no need since the kikos will always find a safe refuge for him where he can hide away without having to answer these questions?
      The bigger question is why did Tony Baloney send him away? This in itself seems criminal. Maybe Tony should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting. If he felt strongly enough that Fr John was a risk to the people of Guam, that would explain why he took the drastic measure to remove his priestly privileges. He no longer can minister to those he may be a danger to. So we see why Tony acted as he did. But then to order Fr John to leave island...where did he order him to go, and did Tony Baloney send an appropriate warning to where ever Fr John went?
      We really need to know these answers to see the real lengths Tony Baloney will go to protect his own neos. And then we can look to see how he treated Fr Paul and Mons James to see the great lengths Tony Baloney goes to persecute those priests of his who do not subscribe to the Neo Criminal Way.
      Anonymous August 12, 2014 at 12:55 PM - you really need to start asking more intelligent questions if you want to be taken seriously. Otherwise, stay out of the jungle!

  9. Did anyone watch the mess that was the Archbishop's 9:30am Mass? It was not good and the look on the Archbishop's face was very telling. This is what happens when you screw with the Alter Servers as well. I guess they decided to replace the Head Servers aka MC with a seminarians who for sure did not practice in "the way" that Archbishop wants things done. Messy messy messy.. You almost had to laugh when he stood there ... flipping pages... awkward silence..pouting until the back up book was brought forth for him to read from.. Ooops.. I felt bad for the 3 alter servers who just came back from vacation. You can see the look of panic and uneasiness. As for Deacon Steve he did not look happy to be there. Watch it online again ...

    1. Saw that. The poor altar server holding the green book! Did you see the part when AAA was yawning while trying to sing. Must have had a rough night. No sleep at all! WORRYING, WORRYING, WORRYING! Jiminy Cricket!

    2. I am sure that the parents of this altar server were not very happy! Who was suppose to have gotten things ready before mass? Oh I forgot, they all quit!

    3. Yes, but look how snappy the RMS alcolyte seminarians were. Yes sireee. No need for altar servers anymore at the New Neo Church in Agana!! Poor Archbishop was hyperventilating with Deacon steve towering over him.

    4. Perhaps the worst is that Archbishop does not give a homily. Ever. Just reads to to get it over with. No connection with the congregation at all, at all. Small man with the big green hat that gets bigger and bigger with every fib he tells .

    5. He's in a hurry for lunchee lunchee. Right after Churchee.

    6. The Archbishop's homilies are a joke. They are either lifted from other sites, or he just rephrases the readings. No interaction with the people. He is cold and heartless. I could read a script better than him! I always thought the Archbishop was supposed to be more than just an actor playing a role, more than a puppet.
      Maybe he should let Deacon Martinez preach more often. At least he appears to still have a heart. He seems to speak from the heart and connects the readings with life. Poor Fr Michael J has no clue. Every homily sounds the same, confused, and leading nowhere. I think I'll have to start going to a parish where the priest speaks to us, rather than parrots kiko.

      Now a former Cathedral faithful, but still faithful to the Church and God!