Monday, August 11, 2014


The new administration at the Cathedral-Basilica is hardly a week old and already they are showing what a mess we can now expect with incompetency at the helm.

On December 4, 2013, Archbishop Apuron issued a Decree (Prot. No. 0113-085) stating the following:
2. APPROPRIATE TITLE FOR DEACONS...Because they are not constituted in the presbyterate, deacons do not receive the tile of 'Reverend.' Therefore the salutation, greeting or title of 'Reverend Deacon' or 'Reverend Mister' is no longer permitted...This decree is effective December 8, 2013. 
Yet, even though "'Reverend Mister' is no longer permitted", on the first Sunday in full control (August 10, 2014) of the Cathedral-Basilica, the new administration lists the following three deacons as:
  • Reverend Mr.  John C. Dierking, Permanent Deacon
  • Reverend Mr.  Augusto Cepeda, Permanent Deacon
  • Reverend Mr.  Steve Martinez, Permanent Deacon
Archbishop, will you be calling in Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the new Rector, to read him a list of charges? How about a statement to the press, publicly destroying him? What? No search and destroy orders from Mr. Gennarini?

Is it any wonder why our archdiocese is becoming a laughing stock?

P.S. I'm going to save the jerks some embarrassment, though since they are too cowardly to every use a real name they don't really have to worry. They say that the August 10 bulletin was just a cut and paste from the previous bulletin. But the previous bulletin - the one, by the way, that was hurriedly pulled because of the picture, was put together by the staff of the previous administration. Note that the previous administration OBEYED the decree, a decree that was written by the current rector. Oh well.

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