Saturday, November 22, 2014


John Toves responds to "SNAP says Archbishop Sex Abuse Allegations Only Rumors", posted at PNC

November 21, 2014

Chamorros, shall we forever be ashamed to breathe?  -  Will we always be afraid to say what is on our mind?  Will we always be afraid to stand up?

If this issue blows up in my face, I know I will be fine.  In fact, I will be so happy to have done what is right in the eyes of our Lord.  I will be ecstatic to have courageously served my creator!  What else would I have to gain - monetary benefit, no; personal attention, I do not want it (Facebook "friends" number in the twenties, my choice); or, run for public office on the island, never in my life - too painful.  I do it because my friends, my island, and my church are in great suffering.

PNC's follow up article was very much expected.  They are a business.  I have a business/management background.  Whoever created the headline I highly commend you on your business acumen.  Think of how soap operas are written.  Their objective was achieved in optimizing readership for the second airing of this story-line.

However, the single most important phrase is that "no one has come forward".  Of course…we have been taught to be fearful!  A classic tune had these lyrics:  "you've got to be taught/ to be afraid/ of people whose eyes/ are oddly made/ of people whose skin/ is a different shade, …you've got to/ be carefully/ taught.  Yes, we have been taught and we cling to that lesson for dear life!  What would my family and relatives say?  Would it look bad to others?  Will they not want to know or be seen with us?  Will they not talk to us?  -  Yes, we have learned well.

I was called a "nut-hugger."  I said "fine, I'll be a nut-hugger."  I was also called a "maronee" and a "pine hole", I said "I would wear them proudly."  I've said this to you before, my Chamorros,  -  when you see fear, you say to it "FEAR, GET BEHIND ME BECAUSE I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!"

BASTA!  -  TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HURT AND WILL BE HURT!  YOUR CHURCH WILL BE IRREPARABLY DAMAGED!  YOU WILL PASS THIS DAMAGE ONTO YOUR CHILDREN!  IS THIS YOUR PARENTING???  We have been dominated by other cultures.  DO YOU STILL LIE SUBMISSIVELY???  APURON IS NOT A DEITY!  -  He is a human who breathes and bleeds blood; and, who lies, hurts others, hurts his church, and seeks personal wealth and stature.

As I said, I don't care if this blows up in my face!  I will have a clear conscience and the LOVE  of The Lord and Our Lady of Camalin.

Do what you need to do…

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