Monday, November 24, 2014


"...the people of God can forgive their priests, when they are weak; when they slip on a sin ... the people know how to forgive them. But there are two things that the people of God cannot forgive: a priest attached to money and a priest who mistreats people. This they cannot forgive!"

- Pope Francis, on the same day he met with Archbishop Apuron. 11/21/14


  1. Am i missing something over at Diana's blog? It is the chirping sound of crickets on these resent revelations.

  2. I don't agree with the ArchBishop in his ways with the Neo movement, but I cannot be happy or shout for joy because he is suffering. Our Church must continue to pray for each other and to continue to pray for the ArchBishop. I pray for him everyday and will continue to do so. Respectfully, Sharon O'Mallan

    1. WHO is "suffering"? According to those "who know", he has been skipping about the chancery for months singing "no one can get me, no one can get me", while Joseph Lastimoza and his family is being drug through the mud on FALSE allegations ("danger to children") by Archbishop Apuron, and the same with Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, Aaron Quitugua and the list goes on. Apuron is waging war on our church at the instruction of Kiko Arguello, Giuseppe Gennarini, and Pius. These are the only people "shouting for joy". The rest of us are shouting for JUSTICE.

    2. No one should feel sorry for our dear Tony. He occupies (for now) the most powerful position for the Church on Guam. Everything is/was within his control. He could have easily handled problems by being a true leader, meeting with his priests and speaking the truth.

      Instead, he chose a different path. He abdicated the position given to him by Rome in allowing others in the NCW to call the shots. Many if not all of these actions were self-serving to the NCW and detrimental to the rest of us Catholics. Tony knew what was happening, and he still allowed it. There must be a reason. Some speculate money or promises of more power (a red cap). We may never know why, and it really doesn't matter. The fact that he ceded the throne is enough.

      He chose not to meet with his priests to discuss his concerns. He did not meet with Fr Paul before deciding to end his career. He did not meet with Monsignor James before deciding to end his career. He did not meet with Aaron Quitugua before deciding to end his hopes for becoming a priest at a real seminary. He could have saved these men a tremendous amount of pain, but chose a path directly intended to produce pain in these men. Remember his own words to Fr Paul...resign immediately or face a "more painful and arduous conclusion to your ministry..." This Tony no longer has the power of an Archbishop because he gave it to Kiko, but he certainly goes out of his way to inflict pain whenever the opportunity arises.

      He could have said, "I was wrong, I apologize, and I am going to make things right." Instead, we have seen him lie time after time. He even lied in front of the Apostolic Delegate. He has told some many lies he can no longer see a way out of this whole mess. He only tells more lies in the desperate hope that somehow this sordid matter will just go away.

      Sorry, Sharon and others who feel sorry for this man. I will not feel sorry for him. He has brought this on and now the right things have to happen. He is only answerable to his boss, Pope Francis. And now he seems to squirm at what is happening, and the position he currently finds himself in. What did he expect?

      Tony is a grown man and must realize there are consequences to his actions. These consequences are now starting to reveal themselves. Other criminals get caught, they face public scrutiny, and they go to jail. Do you feel sorry for their pain? Why not feel sorry for the victims, and be thankful that the system prevented more victims from falling prey to that criminal. The same holds true for Tony.

      I will give Sharon one bit of credit though. The fact that she is praying for Tony is commendable. I too have prayed for him. I have prayed that the would bring our diocese back together, I have prayed that he would be truthful, and a leader. And I will pray that when it really counts, he is worthy of forgiveness because he asks for it. But I also pray that our Church on Guam be guided back to the real faith that has been shaken so deeply.

    3. Janet B - You're right. No one should feel sorry to AAA for WHAT he has allegedly done. The tremendous harm done to the victim (he allegedly tried to commit suicide by slitting his wrist) cries out to Heaven for vengeance and retribution. Even the Lord Himself warned "woe to those from whom scandal comes to one of these..." So there is justifiable anger and hatred for the deed. I agree with you, Janet.

      ** There is another side to this coin of retribution, and that is "hate the sin, but not the sinner". Even Christ had the greatest of compassion when He encountered the woman caught in adultery, and cautioned her accusers "Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone". We can (and perhaps should) forgive - and pray for - a repentant AAA for his alleged misdeeds, should he repent. But the true Christian should not gloat and shout with personal glee at the punishment to be meted out. I agree with you, Sharon. Somewhere, too, in the Good Book, it is written: "Vegeance is Mine!"

      Hate the sin, but not the sinner. Let us ALL pray for each other. Let us pray for the victim(s) whose life/lives may be irrevocably ruined. Let us pray for the perpetrator, as Pope St. John forgave his assassin, and as St Maria Goretti forgave and prayed for her abuser.

      The important thing is healing for our Church. Let us all pray for that.

    4. Why is there an assumption of vengeance? Had John wanted vengeance he would have come out with these allegations long ago. He did not. As he has stated, he is only standing up to Apuron now for the same reason I am: to try and stop Apuron from destroying more people.

  3. This is an extremely curious situation. If the Archbishop was/ will be reprimanded by Rome that would prove some truth in the allegations. Ir would have an inevitable impact on the NeoCat at Guam, as well. Perhaps the best thing for the Archbishop would be to seek remedies, as reinstating Fr Paul and Fr James, accepting full responsibility for the financial mess at the archdiocese and cut back the ambitions of the NeoCat at Guam. This could be a starting point of any reconciliation with the rest of the island. Of course, an uninhibited operation of the Cathedral gift shop and the museum must be also restored.

    NeoCats would be prudent to start to distance themselves from the Apuron, because there could be some impact and ramification. It is possible the Arguello has already accepted the axing of his favorite Pacific Arch following some Vatican deal. In that case the ax will surely fall. It is also possible that Arguello has known all about Apuron for ages and used his leverage of sensitive information to make advances on Guam. This is what otherwise called blackmail. If this is so, then Apuron should openly confess about all the pressure that was placed on him by well-informed NeoCats. This might save his legacy if not his office.

    1. voice, Diane just posted some news about AAA meeting with the Pope from KUAM.

    2. So, is there still a mole in the Chancery? Does this anonymous sound like Adrian Crystal No Balls?

      AnonymousNovember 24, 2014 at 10:04 PM
      It is so funny to see the way Jungle whatever interprets the facts. I cannot stop laughing at the assumptions that they are making about Archbishop Apuron’s meeting with the Pope. Since they do not have a clue about the reason behind this meeting, they come out with tall stories. Since they were not present at the meeting, they invent fairy tales. They keep repeating the deceptive ‘news’ of a bunch of amateur journalists – the KIPA/APIC press agency. It is so comical. They must be maddened at the audacity of Archbishop Apuron who just went to the top of the Church and spoke with the Pope himself. This took them by surprise. The mole in the Chancery did not report this to Jungle whatever, because this infiltrator did not know about this meeting. They must be shell-shocked.


      DianaNovember 24, 2014 at 10:30 PM
      Dear Anonymous at 10:04 pm,

      You are correct. The jungle did not know that the Archbishop was not summoned by the Pope. They just automatically assumed that he was. I had a strong feeling that it was the Archbishop who requested to meet with the Pope, which is why I never posted anything about this meeting until now. That request was most likely made in South Korea. After all, the Pope was not expecting Archbishop Apuron to be in South Korea.

    3. Actually, we pay very little attention to Apuron's little game of chess. What he does or doesn't do doesn't much matter anymore. You will soon see why. We have bigger plans.

      However, in fact we did know that Apuron was going to see the Pope. His plan is to try and get the pope to come to Guam when he comes to the Philippines in January. He believes that if he can get the pope to come here he can beat us.

      How sad that this little man, so prepossessed of himself, has to chase the pope down, first in a Korean parking lot and now in Rome, for nothing else other than to save his skin. What a pathetic little picture.

      And as for our saying he was "summoned", we have been careful not to say that. We already knew he was going to Rome with his little boys on his victory tour. We already knew he was going to try to see the pope to get him to come to Guam. So no surprise. However, I think it was Apuron who was surprised which is WHY ADRIAN WOULD NOT TELL US THE CONTENT OF THE MEETING.

      Our constant stream of letters to the Nuncio have been finding their way to Rome for quite a while. Plus there was the issue of Apuron LYING to the Archbishop of San Francisco about Wadeson. Francis probably figured "well Apuron, as long as you're in town..."

      The meetings with Mueller and Covolo on the same day, if not at the same time, is not coincidental. However, as mentioned many times before. WE ARE NOT WAITING FOR ROME TO ACT. Apuron has lost ever last vestige of credibility and integrity. He has forever doomed himself to the memory of a corrupt, narcissistic cleric of the worst order. He will go away one day. The church has survived the likes of him before. And yes, we pray for his soul, which is why we also pray that he is soon relieved of his selfish ministry so that he may yet have a chance to save it.

    4. Well, I hope you are successful in getting the Pope to come to Guam, as a matter of fact, because there's a whole island, minus a handful of your kind, ready to express how sick and tired we are of you and your hurtful and deceitful treatment of YOUR OWN PEOPLE. You bring foreigners to our island to use us and trash us. And you are supposed to be our archbishop??? HOW EMBARRASSING! You are not my archbishop!