Wednesday, November 19, 2014


  1. I posted this on the other blog in case it doesn't get approved:

    9:53PM. Good points It is a false premise that Kiko is some kind of prophet. Correct he is not. He is a European based "Evangelizer" just like Jim Bakker was to the United States.

    The Prophet's in the OT and those in the Early NT had but one job, to announce the coming of Jesus the Christ Lord. He has since died for our sins and foretold that He will come again. No other prophets are needed. And since then no other man in the history of the Catholic Church has had the audacity to have the label marked onto himself as one.

    St Padre Pio was right, they are false prophets...

    Kiko and the NCW fashions everything in it's founders' image and version of theology, history, aesthetics, everything with the expertly veiled premise that it is all for Christ. Please give me a break.

    It is all a machine for Kiko, even his closing lines are selfish, "pray for me". whereas any other humble religious person would bestow their blessings.

    The NCW would have you think that to know your Catholic Faith that you would have to follow their steps so you can bear your personal crosses and defeat them so as to feel you have reached some kind of Heaven on earth. This is a nice mechanism to have you give annually to their organization, the tithe. Though not as rigidly administered on Guam, it is in other countries.

    Souls follow the NCW hoping in that it will change their lives with the automaton of all the things the NCW would have you do and in most cases it doesn't work. On Guam NCW gambling addicts fall back to gambling, unwed couples still have babies despite all the scrutinies and words and Eucharists that they attend to.

    To be a witness, all you need to do is love each other as Christ instructed. you do not need to shout your confessions in front of a trash can with the bishop watching you.

    Please open your eyes, if you do not see that the NCW is fashioning itself as another Vatican with its organizational chart of responsibles, bishops, buildings, conferences, then really this is more than just an "Itinerary of Faith" as the minimally try to project. Other people in the NCW have left as the internet has exposed more and more of the goings on. The enemy of their secrecy society and the corner stone to knock it down is this platform right here.

    Locally speaking, i am saddened that Archbishop "outsourced" the "saving of souls" wherein he always had the absolute power to direct his clergymen to start outreach programs, walk the streets, stand at the rear of churches and hand out pamphlets. He always had the means but sadly with some gifts, it was forsaken.

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