Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Apuron complaint under review

Written by
Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno
Pacific Daily News

The Archdiocese of Agana has stayed silent on a former high school seminarian and altar boy's molestation allegations against the island's highest Catholic leader.
John C. Toves, 50, has stated in recent letters to the archdiocese that while he was an altar boy for then-Agat parish priest Anthony Apuron, Toves had personal knowledge that Apuron allegedly sexually molested a former co-seminarian.


  1. Similar stories when ministering as a young priest in Marianas

  2. "Under Review." What the hell does that mean? If I were innocent, I would not have to review anything! I would IMMEDIATELY do anything and everything to protest my innocence, starting with asking a THIRD PARTY to conduct a PUBLIC, UNBIASED INVESTIGATION AND IMMEDIATELY STEPPING DOWN to allow the investigation to go unhampered. Not someone appointed by me to "investigate" and then (surprise!) later declare my "innocence."

    To me, saying an accusation is "under review" is tantamount to a delaying tactic while a plausible (in their eyes) answer is worked out. Maybe they are reviewing past tactics, such as:
    1. Blame someone else (a la blaming Fr. James for the closing of the museum).
    2. Or, go through the motions (a la providing preliminary financial reports, but NOT the
    AUDITED ones).
    3. Or, finally, use the famous Apuron defense: "There are no allegations."

    Anthony Sablan Apuron, you are already being tried in the Court of Public Opinion held everywhere (workplaces, restaurants, rosaries, funerals, fiestas) that concerned Catholics
    meet. The longer you take to set up an impartial investigation, the more people think YOU

    There can be no excuse for delaying such an UNBIASED PUBLIC INVESTIGATION! In this day and age of technology and high-speed communications, you can be anywhere in the world and still set this up immediately and publicly.

    And, as an aside, in a conversation about the alleged SEXUAL MISCONDUCT OF ANTHONY
    SABLAN APURON, the name of another priest came up. Who knows how many more priests
    will also be accused of sexual misconduct!

    As the lady from SNAP said, attitudes are changing. people are becoming willing to talk. And John Toves said it well: respect the position but you do not have to respect the man who holds and abuses that position.

    And I say: If it takes scandals and civil lawsuits involving financial compensation to make Rome listen up to what the Catholic faithful on Guam are going through, then so be it!

    1. Frank Dela Cruz at 10:16 AM — thank you so very much for your excellent comment! I was drafting my comment on Microsoft WORD and when I came to post it, I read yours and decided you said all I wanted to say — and more! — in a more DIRECT, NO NONSENSE manner.

      Thank you also for using your name and for not posting as "Anonymous."

  3. Anonymous Catholic of GuamNovember 26, 2014 at 10:43 AM

    It has been made apparent that apuron is definitely a liar. The bending of truth to suit you is still lying. And in some respects, keeping quiet is worse than lying, too.
    Like Jesus Christ, remained quiet, Msgr. James did not speak out against you, apuron, and your neocancers. However, UNLIKE YOU, apuron, Msgr. James was supported and defended by good people---professionals in their own fields, respectable members of society, whom may have been labeled imperfect at one point in time, as they naturally follow the human design, but still are functioning as good citizens.
    Putting everything aside, with no fear for themselves and the repercussions that may encompass their movement, these professionals came forward. They faced the people, via the press, and hailed Msgr. James’ innocence over financial mismanagement accusations, not just with useless testimonies in forms of “echoes,” but with real documented evidence.
    The resounding truth: 1. Msgr. James did not commit financial mismanagement. He only managed what he could with what he was given by the chancery and apuron, which was, for over a decade, a BIG, FAT, NOTHING!!! Now, the NewNeo Administration of the Cathedral have to beg the people for things that were well provided for before, i.e. Church maintenance, as if everything just appeared out of thin air, straight down from God, because under Msgr. James, God truly provided.
    2. apuron and the neocancers wanted the Cathedral, Cemeteries and Gift Shop to use as money-making entities that they thought these were. But the money tree left with Msgr. James and these fools did not realize the amount of work that went into keeping these entities afloat. Idiots!
    apuron, now where are YOUR people? Where are your testimonies of love and benevolence? Choose wisely in who speaks in support of you. Brainwashed “college kids” that preach about being a neo, then posting on faceBook how they feel that they’re true calling is to be a professional wh*re. Or the ESL “seminarian” disobeying you, by going to the blogs, as they reveal the true fruits of your neocancer cult. Worst of all, adrian cristobal, who has been eyeing your seat in the Church. Whom everyone knows, is as dirty, guilty and secret-laden as you are, apuron. These neocancers cannot do anything for you because they can clap, sing, and dance their neo show all they want, and we TRUE Catholics will not heed nor believe their propaganda.
    You are crazy, apuron, to start the name calling and mud-slinging, when it turns out, you are the dirtiest of them all! And not just with mud, but feces----you are most disgusting!
    We see you, even just your picture and we do not imagine red cap on you, we see red horns, that truly befit you, that of a devil! Shame on you for causing us to sin! Shame on you for touching our children!
    Step the hell down, apuron! Defend yourself, if you are innocent. But we all know you will keep quiet, apuron, because INNOCENT, you cannot prove because YOU ARE NOT!

  4. It seems to me that the Archbishop needs to do three things immediately:

    1) unambiguously and publicly declare himself innocent of the accusations (and innocent of any sexual relationship whatsoever with the alleged victim.)
    2) notify the Apostolic Delegate of the accusations
    3) set an impartial investigation in motion pursuant to the Archdiocesan Policies of Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Abuse, with a panel free of any conflicts of interest (e.g. employed by the Archdiocese, etc)

    Silence on his part, I believe, will not work to his benefit or to the benefit of the faithful here.

    Perhaps he will map out his plan in this weekend's U Matuna Si Yu'os.

    Chuck White

  5. Correct Chuck 6.23pm. Silence is no longer an option here. Suspect the Apostolic Delegat and the congregation for bishops already informed of the complaint. In fact rumored someone with Guam connections working in Rome at the present time reporting directly.

  6. Roman correspondent.November 27, 2014 at 2:41 AM

    Confirmed two serious complaints concerning His Grace Archbishop Apuron with the Vatican. One reported direct to congregation for bishops.

  7. Guam chancery is simply not qualified to handle the seriousness of the present situation facing Archbishop. External investigation required.

  8. Congregation for bishops = ouellet = filoni = kiko

    1. Yes, quite true. And it is difficult to find a congregation or dicastery which is not infected with Kiko. This is why we are not waiting for nor depending on Rome.

  9. To Roman Correspondent (Nov. 27th @ 2:41 AM), please share the details with the Guam media
    (and Archbishop Krebs, if he does not know already) .