Monday, January 5, 2015


But meanwhile, Monsignor Soane Patita Paini Mafi, bishop of Tonga, Tonga Islands, and current president of CEPAC is elevated to cardinal by Pope Francis. Maybe Kiko's influence isn't what AAA though it was. Maybe it never was. No worries, Pope Kiko will have his own list. 

List of New Cardinals Named by Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY — The following is the list of new cardinals named by Pope Francis on Feb. 15 to be formally installed in the position on Feb. 14.

1. Monsignor, Dominique Mamberti, prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature, Vatican City

2. Monsignor Manuel Jose Macario do Nascimento Clemente, patriarch of Lisbon, Portugal

3. Monsignor Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, C.M., archbishop of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

4. Monsignor John Atcherley Dew, archbishop of Wellington, New Zealand

5. Monsignor Edoardo Menichelli, archbishop of Ancona-Osimo, Italy

6. Mons. Pierre Nguyen Van Nhon, archbishop of Hanoi, Vietnam

7) Monsignor Alberto Suarez Inda, Archbishop of Morelia, Mexico

8) Monsignor Charles Maung Bo, S.D.B., archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar

9 ) Monsignor Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij, archbishop of Bangkok, Thailand

10)Monsignor Francesco Montenegro, archbishop of Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

11) Monsignor Daniel Fernando Sturla Berhouet, S.D.B., archbishop of Montevideo, Uruguay

12) Monsignor. Ricardo Blazquez Perez, archbishop of Valladolid, Spain

13) Monsignor Jose Luis Lacunza Maestrojuan, O.A.R., bishop of David, Panama

14) Monsignor Arlindo Gomes Furtado, bishop of Santiago de Cabo Verde, Archipelago of Cape Verde

15) Monsignor Soane Patita Paini Mafi, bishop of Tonga, Tonga Islands


The following churchmen, 80 or older and thus ineligible to vote for the next pope, were also named as cardinals

1. Monsignor Jose de Jesus Pimiento Rodriguez, emeritus archbishop of Manizales, Colombia

2. Monsignor Luigi De Magistris, emeritus Vatican official

3. Monsignor Karl-Joseph Rauber, apostolic nuncio

4. Monsignor Luis Hector Villalba, emeritus archbishop of Tucuman, Argentina

5. Monsignor Julio Duarte Langa, emeritus archbishop of Xai-Xai, Mozambique

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