Saturday, April 25, 2015


If you want to see the report by the Denver law firm on the so-called "truth" about the RMS property:
  1. You have to stand at the counter and read it, no sitting allowed (it's 20 pages long).
  2. You cannot take notes.
  3. You cannot take pictures.
  4. You cannot have a copy made.
Oh, and by the way, yesterday was the last day you could see it.

So if Archbishop Apuron is so anxious to prove that he did nothing criminal - legally or canonically - in deeding control of the property to RMS, why hide it like this and make it difficult for anyone to review especially after spending what is probably a huge amount of money on the opinion?

Well, we know why, don't we.

Dear Cardinal Filoni:

This archbishop continues to lie to us, lie to us, lie to us. And since he won't let us see the report, maybe he'll let you. Ask for it. No, demand it. You will see that it was NOT a legal opinion - a real one - at all.

And we shall shortly prove it.

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