Saturday, April 25, 2015


If you want to see the report by the Denver law firm on the so-called "truth" about the RMS property:
  1. You have to stand at the counter and read it, no sitting allowed (it's 20 pages long).
  2. You cannot take notes.
  3. You cannot take pictures.
  4. You cannot have a copy made.
Oh, and by the way, yesterday was the last day you could see it.

So if Archbishop Apuron is so anxious to prove that he did nothing criminal - legally or canonically - in deeding control of the property to RMS, why hide it like this and make it difficult for anyone to review especially after spending what is probably a huge amount of money on the opinion?

Well, we know why, don't we.

Dear Cardinal Filoni:

This archbishop continues to lie to us, lie to us, lie to us. And since he won't let us see the report, maybe he'll let you. Ask for it. No, demand it. You will see that it was NOT a legal opinion - a real one - at all.

And we shall shortly prove it.


  1. Take your time, Tim. Get it just right. Not a legal opinion? Interesting. Very.

  2. Wish I had gone to the Chancery yesterday to read the document. Would they have made me stand (I have hip arthritis and use a cane) leaning on my cane reading a 20-page document? The arch's tactics make no sense. Does anyone have the courage to stage a mental intervention on the arch during Mental Health Month in May? He is deranged. He hasn't a sound mind in his neo body. He is mentally ill and needs HELP!
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  3. Dies the "prove it shortly" mean that you are finally going to reveal the letters that you said would last week?

    1. Yep. I was waiting to see what sort of crap they were going to put in this week's U Matuna. I'll have more today.

  4. *makes a note to check back later today*

    1. as mentioned in another post, i'm waiting for one more confirmation. plus the discovery that the CCOG attorney made on Friday throws new light on it. so patience. it's really damning. not that aaa will care though.

    2. *checks back patiently, but with anticipation*

  5. This deceptive tactic to the faithful parishioners is disingenuous and appalling. Furthermore, this does not hide the fact that Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron along with David the Vicar General, blatantly deceived the Archdiocese Financial Counsel regarding the date of the title transfer. Transfer of deed happened in Nov ......David the Vicar General and AAA scolded the Financial Counsel in Dec....and then fired the entire Financial Counsel in Jan. What a web they weave when this leadership practices to deceive...... STOP THE MONEY..... I'd rather see churches closed then to see a NEO leadership Parish takeover, which is the master plan of this CULT led by POPE KIKO and CARMEN...... Prayers for vocations and having them go thru this KIKO Cult making Factory instead of a real accredited and affiliated seminary off island is another insult this leadership continues to do.....Shame on all the NEO Leaders in the Chancery.....I congratulate you as you have taken down the legacy passed on to you from the late +Archbishop Flores and + Bishop Baumgartner, You all have made international history of how to tear down the True Catholic and Apostolic Church in Guam....This is how answer Christs calling of Feeding his lambs.... Looks more like a slaughter house in the making......


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