Saturday, April 25, 2015


The following notice was sent to all the pastors yesterday by Fr. Adrian Cristobal. I have inserted a few comments [in red].

APRIL 26, 2015  

The purpose of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations is to publically [Dear Fr. Adrian. You consistently misspell "publicly" - make a note of it] fulfill the Lord's instruction to, "Pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest" (Mt 9:38; Lk 10:2). As a climax to a prayer that is continually offered throughout the Church, it affirms the primacy of faith and grace in all that concerns vocations to the priesthood and to the consecrated life.  While appreciating all vocations, the Church concentrates its attention this day on vocations to the ordained ministries (priesthood and diaconate), to the Religious life in all its forms (male and female, contemplative and apostolic), to societies of apostolic life, to secular institutes in their diversity of services and membership, and to the missionary life, in the particular sense of mission "ad gentes".

This year marks the 52nd Anniversary of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations

 *  For young men and women; That God may give them the gift of understanding to discern their service in the Church, the priesthood, diaconate, or consecrated life; And for the gift of courage to follow His call. We pray to the Lord. . . .


*  For young people; That they may know the personal love of the Lord for them, and respond with open and generous hearts. We pray to the Lord. . . .

Bulletin Quote
World Day of Prayer will be observed on Sunday, April 26th, also known as "Good Shepherd Sunday."  The purpose of this day is to publically fulfill the Lord's instruction to, "Pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest" (Mt 9:38; Lk 10:2).  Please pray that young men and women hear and respond generously to the Lord's call to the priesthood, diaconate, religious life, societies of apostolic life or secular institutes. You can find many resources to promote a culture of vocations on the USCCB Vocations webpage ( vocations).

20 Ways To Promote Vocations In Your Parish Or School

  1. Have public recitation of the diocesan vocation prayer at masses on Sunday and the daily masses.
  2. Provide Eucharistic adoration on certain days, asking for prayers for vocations.
  3. Send greeting cards to each of the seminarians of your diocese at the beginning of a new semester, holidays, exam times, birthdays, ordinations, etc.
  4. Sponsor poster/coloring/essay contests with vocation related themes and exhibit the results.
  5. Encourage interviews of pastors, priests, sisters, brothers and deacons for the school newspaper or parish bulletin, especially on how they discerned their call.
  6. Create a page on your parish/school website with vocation information.
  7. Host an Altar Server Appreciation Night and ask one of the priests to speak to the servers.
  8. Before a regular meeting, have your ministry or group get together a little earlier to say a decade of the rosary together for a specific priest or seminarian.
  9. Create a collage of photos of priests, brothers, and sisters who have been part of your community.
  10. Include Vocations Awareness lesson plans and programs at each grade level of religious education. Each grade can do a special project and the reports can be combined into a resource booklet.
  11. Have the vocation prayer printed on refrigerator magnets and distribute.
  12. Find out the Ordination date of your parish priests and celebrate within the parish and school.
  13. Promote the lives of saints in various ways, e.g. in the bulletin, on the bulletin board, on posters, in a bibliography, etc.
  14. Take a group from your parish or school to attend the ordination of a diocesan priest or deacon.  [Dear Fr. Adrian, where in Guam can we actually attend the "ordination of a diocesan priest or deacon - a real one?] Check out the vocations calendar for dates of upcoming ordinations.
  15. Invite a priest, sister or deacon to supper to discuss vocations around the family dinner table.
  16. Sponsor a Communion Breakfast with a vocation speaker.
  17. Invite the Director of Vocations to the parish for a weekend, for masses and meals with parish families.
  18. Ask 31 parishioners to volunteer to pray the rosary or attend mass on one of the 31 days of the month for vocations on behalf of your parish and committee.
  19. Celebrate feasts of the saints, such as attending Mass on the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, patroness of missionaries and patroness of many vocations.
  20. Provide intercessory prayers for vocations for Prayer of the Faithful at Mass

O God, Who wish all men and women to be saved and to come to the knowledge of Your truth: send, we beg You, laborers into Your harvest,
and grant them grace to speak Your word with all boldness; 
so that Your word may spread and be glorified,
and all nations may know You, the only God,
and Him Whom You have sent,
Jesus Christ Your Son, Our Lord,
Who lives and reigns world without end. Amen.

The original can be viewed here.


From: Tim Rohr
To: Fr. Adrian Cristobal

Dear Fr. Adrian,

The archbishop really should find someone else to be the vocations director. You mock the position.

Wasn't it you who told Richard Kidd when he was trying to begin his studies for the preisthood that in this archdiocese the diocesan priesthood was "no more", and that there was "only the Neocatechumenal Way"?

Wasn't it you who LIED to Aaron Quitugua about why he could not attend a true and accredited diocesan seminary?

Let's review what you told Aaron:

In 2013, Aaron had been seeking permission to study for the priesthood at Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon in the hopes of being ordained for service in the Archdiocese of Agana.

After several back and forth letters regarding the academic qualification of our so-called local seminary, you finally told him on September 04, 2013 that: 
"the Archdiocese no longer has the financial resources to send seminarians to study abroad."
On November 7, 2013, Aaron responded:
"Since the reason for not allowing local seminarians from Guam to have an education abroad is due to lack of financial resources, would the Archdiocese sponsor me to study at Mount Angel Seminary if I were to consume the cost of my education and formation there since I seek a fully accredited seminary? It would not cost our Archdiocese any money to send me there. As we discussed, Mount Angel is an accredited institution with a general education program."
And then finally on December 27, 2013, after much waiting by Aaron and another letter prompting your response on the same day, you wrote:
"I regret to inform you that your request to have the Archdiocese sponsor you at Mt. Angel Seminary is denied.

In the event that you do have a change of direction in this matter and decide to follow the course of action that we require, please fell free to contact me."
Of course, the "course of action that we require" is the "course of action" that you gave to Richard Kidd:
"In the Archdiocese of Agana, the diocesan priesthood is no more. There is only the Neocatechumenal Way."
To read the full correspondence between Fr. Adrian and Aaron Qutugua go here

So, Fr. Adrian, you blatantly LIED to Aaron Quitugua about the real reason he could not pursue his studies at the accredited seminary of Mt. St. Angel. It was not "due to a lack of financial resources", it was due to the fact that you and the archbishop will permit no man to become a priest unless he is formed in the Neocatechumenal Way.

You at least could have said that right from the beginning instead of lying to Aaron and causing him to seek out his own funding source for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

And now you want us to pray for vocations while you turn these good men away?

Perhaps you should take the advice of an ordained minister who is NOT a freaking KIKO and who also knows how to spell "publicly:"
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 22:04:20 +1000

Dear Fr Adrian:

Let us also pray that our Archdiocese welcome vocations from all sources, be it diocesan, religious, or other. We need to resolve the hanging vocations that have been stalled because they were not of the proper persuasion, such as Aaron Quitugua, and the untold others who may have been turned away because they were not of a certain charism.

I think it would be a very generous gesture by the Archdiocese to have a meeting of the clergy to discuss my many concerns previously raised as a member of the Archdiocesan Vocations Board about the stifling of vocations that have taken place over the past 12+ years, so that a true healing and spirit of vocations can be generated. If the Archdiocese is sincere about vocations of all types, this would seem a natural step towards healing.

Although I expect no response to this request, as in my many previous requests of the past, I would be delighted with a true discussion of what vocations are about in our Archdiocese. Consider this a challenge to move in that direction. Vocations ARE important, not just certain vocations, but all vocations. Let us truly pray for this openness to all vocations!

In Christ,

Deacon Steve


  1. Let us pray for vocation, but PIUS, it's the RMS OR THE CARMEL IN JERSEY THAT YOU LEAD THE NCW FLOCK. WHY PRAY FOR VOCATION WE HEN THE NCW SEND OUR WOMEN TO THE MALTESE CONVENT AND OUR BOYS TO THE RMS? I pray for the true and local priests on island which would include those from the Philippines. I pray for the success of the seminarians in Malojloj. For the RMS seminarians, I pray that you did not enter the seminary to hide your troubles behind the cloth.

    1. NCW keep walking for life; so they need NCW form of vocation. This they have to piece together for themselves. Confusing. But that's the way it seems. Where they go they bring the WAY!!

  2. Fr.Matthew Blockley.April 25, 2015 at 4:33 PM

    I read the letter of Deacon Martinez my first thought was here is a guy who has a deep love for the church and believes in assisting every perceived vocation to the priesthood and religious life. I have often said on Tim Rohr's page that one of the greatest things we can ever do is to serve Christ in his priests. It extends to also encouraging vocations to the priesthood, the religious life and also important the single consecrated life, and married life. We encourage these vocations in the community in which we live and work. Vocations are always best raised and encouraged in the local church. Guam is very blessed with good diocesan priests , carmel monastery, sisters of mercy, Dominican sisters, the Jesuit fathers, the Franciscan Fathers. A good priest, a good vocation director will assist a young person in discovering helping a person discern where God is calling them. To direct every potential seminarian or religious vocation to Ncw is best described as stupid. But then dear readers remember the pots and Pans, and oh yes, those stinking cats.
    Wonder if the cathedral rectory still smells of cat shit?

  3. Fr.Matthew BlockleyApril 25, 2015 at 6:03 PM

    There is nothing wrong with a seminarian covering his own cost for seminary formation. The ordinary should be only happy to have this offer made by a seminarian. After all Archbishop you allowed me to pay remember. I have the document signed by you allowing. Then a decade later you deny others to do what you allowed me. where is Justice here? Why cannot these seminarians pay their own way.? I

  4. I wood like to thank Father Adrean fore publically aksing Us. Donen't pick on him. He Kant help it. Ur mean.

    1. Adreana was one of his names in seminary. Interesting comment.

    2. Adriana? As inn a tutu'......ahhhhh, haaaaa

    3. Was the tutu one size fits all or was it special ordered at Victoria Secrets

    4. Excuse me, commenters, he prefers to be called Diana.

  5. Number 15. Invite Father Adrian. That should be a blast.

  6. I began coming to Mass again regularly when my mother passed away at age 90 on Mar. 27, 2014. Fr. Paul Gofigan heard my first confession after over 35 years of not receiving the sacrament of penance. I wanted to receive Communion at my mom's funeral Mass. It is disheartening to me that at this time when I have become an active member of the church that there should exist such a divide at the hands of the arch. Or should I say at the hands of the arch's neo puppet masters. Now we are to pray for vocations. We do not need any more malformed neo presbyters on Guam. Theirs is not a vocation to serve the Church but to further the agenda of the neo leaders. Yes, let's pray for those who have a true, sincere calling to serve the Church as priests, nuns, and brothers.
    Let us also pray that Rome takes action and asks the arch to resign. Five more years of his mental aberrations is too horrible to contemplate.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  7. The funny thing is, when there's actually young men who answer the call to priesthood, they're turned away because they refuse to be formated with the NCW curriculum.

    Or when well respected and inspirational priests are doing good works, they're being repaid with unnecessary slander, hate, character attacks, and disgusting rumors said amongst their brother priests and the community at large.

    How about adding onto your list, Fr. Adrian.

    #21- Review our practices regarding our treafment of those called to serve, because we are obviously f*ucking up somewhere.

  8. Praying for vocations is one thing, but, forcing men to come to Guam to meet the ncw quota is something else. A couple of years ago I had a very peculiar conversation with a priest in a public area. Since he was from the continental US, I tried to make him feel at home and eventually asked what brought him out to Guam? And he said, "They told me to come out here!." He seemed angry with "their" decision. His honesty was confusing, but I didn't want to pry. He was also very defensive about the subject of Guam or any city being a mission status. I was totally surprised by his negativity and at the time I was completely ignorant about the NCW and that he was a product of the NCW. I hope that we all pray that he "comes out from his NCW's CLOSET" and revert back to the one, true, holy, apostolic church!

  9. fr adrian's hypocrisy notwithstanding, the prayer for vocations itself is still important and valid. so let's pray it on our own, for all the good reasons that it was originally intended. remember that God answers prayers in His own way, and part of that answer may just be the speedy cleanup of the fiasco that is the ncw-controlled archdiocese.


  10. Many RMS students do not even want to live on Guam let alone Incardinate into the archdiocese. This is why they have no respect for the culture . Students simply want to get ordained and leave after.

    1. This is probably more true than we know. And it's serious crap.

    2. Yes it is true, Edivaldo makes fun of Guam people and culture. Why does he stay in a place he obviously detests? Those apuron wines and dines (and who knows what else?) have no love for ministry with the local church. They are here simply, as 12:51 said, to fill the ncw quota. What a shame that we are made to pay for the huge expense of supporting ungrateful foreigners - all because apuron lies about his true motives. We are all pawns of his evil ambition and greed.

    3. 8.18pm. In no other dioceses of the world will NCW priest's receive the financial backing as they do on Guam. They don't stay because they love you, they stay because of the money. I know it's very sad to be used as ATM machine.

    4. Yes indeed, we are sadly used because Apuron Taking our Money. Wake up people! STOP THE MONEY!

  11. John Charles Ada Toves "Typhoon"April 26, 2015 at 1:58 PM

    This is one of the two utterances which screech in my ear. My dear friend, Adrian, we are the laborers sent in for Our Lord's Harvest. Shame On You for having committed these egregious crimes along with your archbishop! How could anything come out clean with your hands so soiled.

    The prayer for vocations is critical for our Church and its healing. Adrian, remove yourself from the process! Remember when we were in the seminary. I almost believed you were a nice person.

    1. No he pretends to be a nice person. He is a sick bastard.


    2. Adrian smell sulphur.

  12. Today's gospel about the Good Shepard had me thinking, as it should, is the Archbishop a Good Shepard or a hired hand? Are we not his sheep? Is he willing to lay down his life for us? Personally, I don't need him to die for me physically, however, is he willing to die to this world for us? The worldly goods, the acclaims and titles. Not sure, but I maybe I smell like a goat and therefore will not be getting much sheparding from him. However, I know that I am washed in the blood of Christ through His Sacrifice, therefore that should have washed the goat smell off of me. Waiting on the Archbishop to start acting like a shepard again and not like a hired hand. No need for a "counter" Tim, I am holding my breath on this one.

  13. Don't hold your breath, Joseph. Those of us who refuse to drink Kiko Koolaid know that he is a hired hand. Make no mistake about it, he has been hired by the mafioso kiko arguelles.

    1. Seminarians were wandering around the Sanctuary. Not very snappy altar servers. Now they disappeared. Where did they go? So how is Harold doing in his esteemed position in life at RMS. Where has he been? Miss, ya, Harold. Hope you weren't kicked to the curb.

  14. Archbishop read every word of his false homily this morning. NOT very inspiring. Never looked up. I don't think he cares for his flock anymore. Even his flock who flock to the CB 9:30. When was the last time he wrote his own homily? 40 years ago? We want the Jucatan, we want the Jucatan. Nothing left to sell, Archbishop. Nothing. Bye.

  15. Fr.matthew Blockley.April 26, 2015 at 10:40 PM

    Diana. Like a vampire. She can't be exposed to the sun. She'll melt!!!