Thursday, May 21, 2015


Thank you Deacon Steve for not being a stooge to KikoCrap!

Apuron must follow his own policy

Regarding the letter from Joaquin "Danny" Santos of Piti in the May 5 Voice of the People, it is unfortunate that he views sex abuse prevention as an adversarial issue. Shouldn't we all demand our leaders to make every effort possible to protect our children?


  1. Typical of Deacon Steve who speaks from an integrity of heart and a clarity of mind. Thank you Deacon for being objective in the current chaos that characterizes apuron administration. We have been suffering from a lack of moral leadership, and we need an assurance of the presence of balanced leadership such as the strong voice of Deacon Martinez who says it like it is.

  2. Dear Most Rev. Archbishop HON Tai-Fai,

    Our patience is running out. We have been pleading with you to do away with our shepherd who has chosen to side with satan. The Church on Guam is tumbling fast due to your inaction; we, the majority faithful Catholics do not want the NCW on our island.

    Are you in contact with Apuron on a regular basis like once a week? Pius Sammut is more like Apuron's boss. Numerous letters had been sent to you that cites the many lies of Apuron with documentations and proofs.

    We are praying for you to do something.