Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This first screen shot of the poll from 6:04AM shows what's really going on. The PDN goes online at about 4am and most of the people that had voted by 6am are Guam locals.

At about 11am I got word that Pius was on his usual "chat" channels mobilizing his troops to flood the poll. The NCW is a tightly controlled world-wide group of catechists and robots. They are used to being mobilized to flood different Kiko events with numbers. So by 1pm, the numbers in support of Apuron started to rise. 

I was otherwise occupied throughout the afternoon and couldn't get a screenshot but could see the frantic activity in support of Apuron just as I predicted as the word got out around the world through Pius' connections. Toward the end people from both camps found out how to bypass the cookie block and vote more than once. But despite the worldwide press to support Apuron, they still couldn't muster the numbers. 

Of course all of this is a joke. The real bottom line is that the majority of faithful Catholics on this island have been mistreated by Apuron for decades. There is a quiet but deep-seeded animosity towards him. He is spoken about in whispers by the elders. Apuron knows this which is why he is so desperate for the love and affection which he found with his Neo's. Sadly, to them, he is only a useful fool. He will be discarded when he can no longer ordain presbyters for them or hand over more diocesan property. 

Such a sad end. 


  1. Like I said Trust in the Lord. Thank you Jesus and God Bless us ALL.

  2. First of all, I don't give much credence to polls, especially polls taken on Guam, and most especially about such a personal, religious, and controversial subject. You could almost predict the outcome would be statistically questionable, at least, highly improbable, at most. That said, all the other indicators from all the news (factual or not), gathered from the last few years would indicate that there is very little confidence in the leadership of this archbishop by many of the Catholic faithful on Guam. The very fact that our major daily newspaper would even present a poll to its readers, asking this question, reveals a lack of confidence already, in and of itself! There is nothing to be gained or lost, nothing to be gleaned or learned from this kind of poll, people. So don't waste your precious time trying to investigate or analyze the outcome. What matters most is that our church is very much divided, and very much in need of pontifical or divine intervention. Lacking that, we the faithful laity must arm ourselves with deep conviction and faith, knowledge and truth be our weapons and fight the good fight to keep our parishes from being taken over by evil and corruption, lies and greed. We must keep revealing the truth and shine the light where there is darkness and deceit. God bless us all.

  3. Not only do they Lie, they even have to cheat, how embarrassing.

  4. All it took was large offices and classrooms filled with computers to screw with the numbers. Not a real poll that shows vindication for either parties. Still a sad day in Guam.


  5. The concern is not the percentage for or against. The concern is that a bishop should even be named in a poll in a news paper shows how low the archbishop has led the office into. There is no integrity in his life.

    1. Yes, the archbishop has stooped to another low in a feeble attempt to shore up his support. Regardless of the poll results, it doesn't changes the truth that has come out exposing him for the phony, mean-spirited charlatan that he is. No more money from us Tony!!

  6. Although the numbers may be skewed, the poll does show the HUGE DIVIDE in our church. A good leader would have most votes in the middle with the 2 extremes having fewer votes. This shows that both extremes (NO confidence and FULL confidence) are overflowing. IMO, it just shows that what's happening in the church is absolutely not acceptable and that the ArchNEOship needs to get out and start their own church. We normal Catholics want our churches back!