Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This first screen shot of the poll from 6:04AM shows what's really going on. The PDN goes online at about 4am and most of the people that had voted by 6am are Guam locals.

At about 11am I got word that Pius was on his usual "chat" channels mobilizing his troops to flood the poll. The NCW is a tightly controlled world-wide group of catechists and robots. They are used to being mobilized to flood different Kiko events with numbers. So by 1pm, the numbers in support of Apuron started to rise. 

I was otherwise occupied throughout the afternoon and couldn't get a screenshot but could see the frantic activity in support of Apuron just as I predicted as the word got out around the world through Pius' connections. Toward the end people from both camps found out how to bypass the cookie block and vote more than once. But despite the worldwide press to support Apuron, they still couldn't muster the numbers. 

Of course all of this is a joke. The real bottom line is that the majority of faithful Catholics on this island have been mistreated by Apuron for decades. There is a quiet but deep-seeded animosity towards him. He is spoken about in whispers by the elders. Apuron knows this which is why he is so desperate for the love and affection which he found with his Neo's. Sadly, to them, he is only a useful fool. He will be discarded when he can no longer ordain presbyters for them or hand over more diocesan property. 

Such a sad end. 

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