Monday, July 27, 2015


Are you ready for some side-splitting funnies???

ZOLTAN: During the meeting, someone yelled at me, I was accused that I am a colonizer and should go back to my country. Nobody countered that. I requested opportunity from Vangie Lujan to respond, who moderated the discussion, based on personal attack. Vangie wanted to allow me to respond to the charge, but Greg Perez overrode her and closed the discussion. It was after the end of the meeting when I told Vangie that I was denied to respond to a personal attack and this could come out in the newspapers.

- The person "yelled" at you, Zoltan, because the audience had just spent ten minutes listening to you insult them. You had a full ten minutes to say whatever you wanted to say. The meeting did not belong to you. It was not a back and forth between you and whoever you wanted to pick on. You spoke your mind uninterrupted and it was the next person's right to speak his or her mind. You used your turn. 

- Nobody countered that because most of the room felt just as insulted and outraged as she did. The person shouting at you to go back to your country was an obvious retaliation for having to sit there and listen to you insult her. 

- Greg Perez was not at the meeting. He is in Hawaii visiting family.

- Go ahead and put it "in the newspapers". LOL. 

ZOLTAN: 1. Where is the evidence that Fr. Gofigan's release from the Santa Barbara church is Dededo was related to the NCW? Explanation: Mr. Rohr published a pamphlet, apparently without ISBN number, about the case, but there is no evidence anywhere of the involvement of the NCW. What is the source of this pamphlet? Is this, perhaps, a gossip and hearsay only?

- LOL. No ISBN number. LOL. The evidence is in Fr. Paul's own words in the chapter entitled THE TALL WOMAN. I stated this clearly to all who were listening. Apparently you weren't. 

ZOLTAN: 2. Is it true that there was talk among the members of the previous financial council for the Archbishop of selling the Yona seminary? Explanation: There is a lot of talk about the seminary, but not much about protecting its function. Is it not possible that what happened there was for protecting its function as a seminary for the foreseeable future?

- More LOL. My answer was that even if the finance council did talk about selling the Yona property, THEY HAD NO AUTHORITY TO DO SO. But thanks for mentioning this again because this is the dirty little lie Apuron keeps spreading to you fools to cover his rear end. And btw, if in fact the finance council did discuss selling it then THEY WERE DOING EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO since their job is to advise the archbishop on the best use of assets. In fact, such advice is turning out to be true. Keeping and maintaining this monstrosity is breaking everybody. Selling the property could have provided for the building of a new seminary that wouldn't take so much maintenance and could have provided for both an endowment for seminarians for years to come and the maintenance of a credible faculty instead of the fake one we have now. But the bottom line in this lie is that ONLY APURON COULD AUTHORIZE THE SALE of the property.

ZOLTAN: 3. What is the reason of spreading superstition about the NCW: claiming NCW teaches that "Jesus was a sinner"? Explanation: a conceptual charge of heresy was made based on a taped speech of one single person who obviously cannot speak English very well. However, no one spoke directly to this person and asked him if he believed that Jesus was a sinner.

- Never mind the LOL. It is assumed. The taped speech was a professor invited here by Apuron to teach the seminarians and permanent diaconate candidates. The heresy is further demonstrated by Kiko's insistence of painting the Trinity OUT of his icons. People were extremely insulted that you insisted that this was a superstition when the priest's words were undeniable. This is why the lady yelled at you.

ZOLTAN: 4. How would CCoG increase transparency in parish finances if parishioners are encouraged to shortcut collection and give donations directly to the priests in envelopes? Explanation: CCoG has an item on its agenda to increase transparency and accountability. If CCoG president Mr. Perez encourages the above mentioned practice, is he not in apparent contradiction with the goals of CCoG?

Again, Mr. Perez was not at the meeting. For the record, the CCOG is for withholding all money UNTIL the archbishop publishes the financial statements he said he would publish over a year ago. Since Apuron refuses to do so, even though he promised to do so, the people of the archdiocese have no other recourse other than to withhold money. 

ZOLTAN: 5. What is wrong with presbyters and the celebration of St. Patrick's day? Explanation: It was claimed that presbyters are not priests and St. Patrick's Day is not a Catholic holiday. Perhaps, the leader of CCoG was not aware that Catholic presbyters are consecrated priests and St. Patrick's Day is a great feast day in the mainland and in many Catholic countries around the world.

St. Patrick's day was not a major feast on Guam until RMS was named after him. There is nothing wrong with celebrating St. Patrick's feast day, but people are aware that it is a ruse to legitimize RMS. And as for these presbyters being Catholic, well that's the issue, isn't it.

ZOLTAN: 6. How could one Catholic group call for war against another Catholic group? How could the same person claim that the war he is suggesting is a "war against the devil"? Explanation: Jesus teaches love and peace, but not war against your own denomination. Perhaps, Mr. Perez has never learned about Jesus as a teacher of all Christians?

Actually Jesus teaches that we will find the abomination in the temple. Obviously you don't know your Catholic history. That history is riddled with fighting against heresies like yours. And once again, Mr. Perez was NOT at the meeting. 

ZOLTAN: I did not get answer for any of these questions, except the 2nd. Mr. Rohr said that the financial council did not have authority to sell the property. This was a smart sentence. Unfortunately, it was not a real answer to the yes/no question that should have been a clear yes or no! What we got instead, was simple evasion.

- ROTFLMAO. See answer above. 

ZOLTAN: Then, sensing that sand got into the CCoG machinery, Mr. Rohr gave a noticeable hand sign. He did not know that hard-of-hearing people, like myself, are alert of nonverbal communication. I was sitting in the front row, so I just saw everything! After the sign was secretly given, someone stood up, started shrieking and yelling at me. I won't repeat what this person uttered. It was a clear instance of a prearranged xenophobic attack, some kind of Plan B or escape mechanism in case of trouble for the masterminds of the meeting. I had to call attention that I am an American citizen who cannot be sent "back to your country". Well, I don't have to say that an angry mobbing mood developed in an instant and I felt seriously threatened for my safety. Meantime Mr. Rohr was smiling like a sphinx as if teasing me, "you see it is not me, I am not doing anything..." This lynching atmosphere felt obviously good for him and his smile showed that he enjoyed it.

- More ROTFLMAO. A "secret hand sigh." Oh my God, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO....!!!!!

Thanks once again, Zoltan, for mobilizing the opposition against the Neocatechumenal Way. No one is quite as effective as you are. Oh, and BTW, Mr. Perez was NOT at the meeting.


  1. Tim, Seems like it was Zoltan who was NOT at the meeting. Well, the lights were on but nobody was home. Quite effective! LOL!

  2. More evidence why the neos CANNOT know and see what's really happening in the archdiocese. The effects of KAKA are irreversible.

  3. My apologies to Mr. Perez. I mistook him for the chairman of the meeting, assuming he was there. It was completely my fault. Whatever I said about Mr. Perez, does not apply to him but to the chairman of the meeting. I would be glad to meet Mr. Perez and clear the misunderstanding in person, if he wishes to. Thanks.

    1. You mistook a lot of things at the meeting, Zoltan. You especially mistook those present for fools, telling them what they had just heard with their own ears "superstition". That was an insult to their intelligence, something you feel that you have a license to do. You are right to be worried about your safety. But it won't be because of any secret hand signals I give. LOL. It will because of your mouth.

    2. Worried about his safety ???????? TIM. '' WOW''

  4. Zoltan was once told in Diana's blog to be quiet. He just can't seem to help himself and continously puts his foot in his mouth. What can you say, the man has admitted not passing any of the scrutinues....MIND IN BONDAGE!

  5. Zoltan, stop assuming and get the facts straight. You basically stated in your comment above that all locals look the same. That's like the pot calling the kettle black. You probably believe that using big words will make you far superior than the rest of us. Save that for your RMS presbyters. We will continue to fight for what is right and eradicate the wrongdoings of AAA and the NCW on our island. We don't want the NCW here on Guam, plain and simple. Just GO AWAY!! We will not stop fighting and if you don't like it! GOOD!!

    James T.

  6. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 28, 2015 at 1:11 AM

    Zoltan. It is obvious you aqre an A$$. Unfortunately, not the A$$ St Paul was riding upon. Go and lick your wounds, and leave us people of Guam alone. You are on the losing side, so stop trying to WIN Give up and respect the true God who respects you. He wants you back in hHis church, not in Kiko's church.

    What say you???