Thursday, July 23, 2015


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The following conversation was excerpted from a transcript of Archbishop Apuron's visit to the Toto parish.

...I’m confused because being born a Catholic and being raised a Catholic Jesus is not a sinner. But on his homily, he said that He was a sinner. So is this the Neo way of how we perceive Jesus? As Jesus being a sinner? And if it is then I think this whole thing has confused a lot of people and it has probably caused a lot of things the way people perceive their homily and how they preach their way. So I just wanted to confirm with you and ask if Jesus is a sinner.

ARCHBISHOP (01:01:34)
Well I’d like to know who that priest is… protestant. (Conjecture) But I did ask the question in one of the Confirmation kids when I tested, and sometimes I test the kids before Confirmation in the church, and the kid goes to school at Father Duenas and my question to him was, “Did Jesus sin?” and he said, “Yes.”, and then I said, “Wow.”

ARCHBISHOP (01:02:05)
<inaudible> But no, He’s not a sinner. He appeared to be sin and caught by sins as if He were a sinner and that’s how he died <inaudible> sinless. <inaudible> Honestly I’d like to know who that priest is so that <inaudible> and tell him that’s wrong theology.

The full transcript can be found here.


Dear Archbishop Apuron:

The priest's name is Fr. Angelo Veraldi. He was invited to Guam by YOU last year to teach at RMS. Having been invited by you he was teaching in your name. More likely, he was told to come here by Gennarini and Pius, whom you slavishly serve. But you are the archbishop and you are responsible. 

Here are the priests words:
 He experienced the forgiveness of the Father, because he was a sinner.  He became a sinner.  Willing, not because he was imposed, because he was a sinner, willingly, willing a sinner.

This isn't just "wrong theology", Archbishop. 


If Jesus is a sinner then Jesus isn't God. That Jesus IS God, "consubstantial with the Father" is FUNDAMENTAL to all else. But to you it's only "bad theology"? What???

A heresy is being taught at your invitation, Archbishop! The recording from which that teaching was transcribed was from a class this heretic priest taught to our permanent diaconate candidates. We have to assume that since he taught at RMS, that he also taught this to the guys who are to be our parish priests, some of whom already are. 

We also have to assume that since this was taught at RMS, that this is a Neo-teaching: that Jesus is NOT God. 

Actually we don't have to assume it. Kiko teaches it here.

Archbishop, you are the sponsor of HERESY in the Archdiocese of Agana.

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