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9/26/14: We have identified the SPEAKER as Fr. Angelo Veraldi, from Italy, and we have been informed that he is or has been also instructing the seminarians at RMS. 

The following is a transcript of this recordingIt is a recording of a presentation by someone instructing the current candidates for the permanent diaconate for our Archdiocese. We are not sure if this is a member or the clergy or a layman. We ARE sure that he is not from here and we are working to identify him. You will note the extreme difficulty in understanding right from the beginning (poor candidates), but it gets worse.

9/25 Note: There were several comments questioning why those who were present did not challenge the speaker. We don't know that they didn't since we don't have a recording of the whole session. We do know that they didn't challenge at the moment that it was said, but that is not something to be alarmed at. I had to study the recording several times to be sure that the speaker really did say what he said and that he meant it in the way he said it. We are thankful for whoever recorded this. We realize the fear that almost anyone who is not neo and a is a member of the clergy or who aspires to be must deal with. Therefore I have decided not to entertain any comments calling into question the lack of a response from the candidates. 

SPEAKER: ...very action, action of liturgy.  Liturgical action.  Also when we sight the son by ourself, because as a church we pray for everybody.  And then there is Jesus Christ inside, inside of the sons (signs?).  Sons (signs?) must be referred to, to Jesus Christ.  Is a prefiguration.  He experienced, he experience the son (sign?) before ourself.  Before me and before you, Jesus Christ experience the Son (sign?).  He experience the love of God, the Father.

 He experienced the forgiveness of the Father, because he was a sinner.  He became a sinner.  Willing, not because he was imposed, because he was a sinner, willingly, willing a sinner.

Okay. Press pause. Let's review.  This man, be he priest, deacon, or layman, is speaking to a class of candidates aspiring to the permanent diaconate. No one can officially speak or teach on the Catholic faith without the permission of the Archbishop. Thus this person, whoever he may be, is teaching our diaconate candidates under the official seal of approval of the Archbishop, and he is teaching that Jesus is a sinner!!!

When I first heard this, I thought he had a language problem and was really trying to allude to what Paul says in 2 Cor 5:21: "For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him." Of course, we know that Christ did not become a sinner, but rather took on the sin of the world and was treated as a sinner for our salvation. 

Let us say that it IS a "language problem" and he was not intentionally teaching that Jesus himself was a sinner like us. We then must ask: WHAT is this person doing instructing diaconate candidates (and maybe priest candidates too) when he has such a poor command of the language that his instruction is a best confusing and at worst heretical? 

Let's take this a bit further. Our Archbishop likes to tout all the different countries that the seminarians at RMS are from. However, all those different countries mean "all those different languages", and when the instructors are just as diverse, how does any real learning go on at all? 

Because of the RMS "product" we are now seeing in our parishes - the barely understandable language and the even less understandable content - many have begun to ask this question. And here we see, or hear, actually, a "professor" of some sort, teaching men studying for the diaconate, that Christ became a sinner!

But it's actually worse because in fact it is NOT a language problem. He meant what he said because he begins by telling us that Jesus "experienced the forgiveness of the Father." There is no mistaking this. The professor clearly believes that Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, became a sinner and that God the Father forgave him. 

Houston, we have a problem. (Or should we say ROME!)

The rest is just as messy, but we will come back with comments on this later. Press play. 

SPEAKER: In the mass many times we say, has he approach his passion.  Willingly accepting.  Accepting.  He took the sins away, all the sins away.  Then, the time of liturgy is not just to choose some hour and go to the church.  The time of the liturgy is -- could be always and everywhere.  When we spend some, some, some moments praying the liturgy of the Hour, or we pray -- the Lord’s we pray -- in the Eucharist, for example.  The time is everywhere.  Everywhere.  Any time is good for do liturgy.  Any time.  I don’t do liturgy -- I repeat -- I don’t do liturgy only when I go to celebrate mass; no. Also in my room I do liturgy.  The time -- I repeat -- don’t be a worry about why you repetition because Roman says, “Repetita *juvant.”  The things which you repeat are fruitful.  Are fruitful.  (Chuckled)

Okay.  And in the time of liturgy we do *cult.  Cult means honor, worship.  Worship.  We do worship.  To whom?  To God, of course.

If we go to the Old Testament, we see the prophets.  What were they doing?  Doing?  They were choosing time to preach the word of God and ask the people to come down to renew themselves.  And at what time?  Doesn’t matter.  What time?  Doesn’t matter. They are free from the slavery; they have to do some liturgy.  They are in the -- in the side they do liturgy, because they remember.  Remember.  Remember God.  And fortunately, the Hebrew in exile, in exile, they didn’t live the *cult of Yahweh.  No.  Fortunate.  Fortunate.  We sometimes, we, when we are sick, for example, we don’t pray.  We are lazy.  Or we have something to do.  I have to go visit the person.  I have to go to do the work.  And then we forget liturgy.  We forget prayer.  Forget prayer.  But, what does it happen?  Because we are human being.  We are not angels.  We are not saints, already.  Already.  Perhaps somebody of you saint already.  (Chuckled)  Perhaps.
No, I’m -- I’m not saint already.  I’m not saint.  I wait to be ______, to be ______.

I said to this morning, celebrating mass, we become happy, or you become saint when we observe the Lord.  When we observe the Lord we become saint.  But, what happened?  There’s always devity.  Devity.

UNKNOWN:  Devil?


UNKNOWN:  Devil?

SPEAKER:  Devil.

UNKNOWN:  Diablo.

SPEAKER:  Diabolus, satan.  He always there.  He’s always there.  And he wants me to observe his law.  But I have to observe the law of God.  And the law of God is not an imposition.  Many times all the Christian think that the law of God is an imposition.  Obligation.  No!  No.  No.  You should put it in your mind: it’s not an obligation.  Because God says also, if you observe my law you will become saint.  You will become happy.  If you -- if you.  And then many times, of course, God says observe entirely as you command to your children.  Observe that.  “Don’t do that!  Do that!”
“What have I to do that?”
“Because I am your father.”
And then I give you my will.  My will is a law.  The law of God is will of God.  What is the will of God?  Love.  Love.  He loves me and you, when he commands me and you to observe his law.  It’s not a rule.  The law of God is not a rule.  It’s an expression to do something good.  Could be an imposition.  I go on the road and then I saw the light, traffic light, red.  Then I -- I would say, no, I don’t stop.  What happen?  What happen if I don’t stop?

UNKNOWN:  You get killed.

UNKNOWN:  Accident.

SPEAKER:  Accident.  Perhaps accident.  Then there is a green.  You do, you do pass.  The same is the law of God.  It tells me how can I behavior myself.  And the behavior should be good, not bad.  Paul was feeling this, this battle between him and the Lord.  Was feeling.  He said, me know why.  I wanted to do good thing; I do bad thing.  Then, we are the same as Paul; we are not stranger people.  Stranger people from Paul.  No, no, we are the same.

Then, the time to do liturgy is always and everywhere.  And don’t forget that.  Why?  Because we think, many times think that liturgy must be done in the church or in the chapel or in the room or in the powder room, or in that house where I go to celebrate mass.  No.  Everywhere.  Everywhere.  Many times I do pray on the plane when I fly.  Many times.

I tell you one fact.  I was once on the plane, and then I saw a Moslem people pulling out of his pocket their rosary, their rosary.  And then I said to myself, “Why am I not to do the same?”  I pull out my rosary and I started to say my rosary. (Laughed)  In front of him.  In front of him.  Because they think to be very, very faithful people.  No, they are faithful as us, as our same thing.  Faithful, the same.

And then I am called to do a ______.  Saying the rosary is not a liturgy.  Saying the rosary not liturgy.  Liturgy maximum could be blessing of the rite of funerals.  They are liturgy.  They are liturgy, but not rosary.  Not the procession.  I tell them, not the procession, not the _________ are not liturgy.

We can call them paraliturgy.  Paraliturgy.  Instead of real liturgy, they are this actions.  But they are not liturgy, because liturgy means action from Jesus Christ with the people, with his people.  This is the definition.

To glorify God and sanctify ourselves.  This is the liturgy, real liturgy.  And who sanctifies our self?  Who?  What sanctifies our self?  Sacrament.  Sacrament.  Eucharist, baptism, confirmation, matrimony, anointing to the sick.  All the sacraments give sanctification.  All.  Each one has got one some characteristic.  But is always sanctification, salvation.

In Italy, still now, the parents do baptize their children because they fear, they fear they grow up with -- with legs like this.  *Clown legs, like this.  Or they dream bad dreams.  They do bad dreams, they say, Sicilian people, Sicilian people.  But it’s not for them.  I don’t do liturgy of the baptism for that purpose.  But I do the liturgy of the baptism for becoming Christian.

What does it mean Christian?  To enter your family above.  To experience eternal life.  What is eternal life?  I told you already.  What is eternal life?  You ask ________, (laughed), the oldest.  Full of wisdom.  The old people are full of wisdom. (Laughed)  What is eternal life?  Eh?  Which each can experience.  I -- I say we have to experience yet.

UNKNOWN:  Salvation.

SPEAKER:  Huh?  Salvation?  But what is salvation?

UNKNOWN:  Love of God.


UNKNOWN:  Love of God.

SPEAKER:  Love!  Very good, very good, very good.  Love.  Eternal life consisting -- do love, in do love.  God save me and you because he loves me and you.  He is giving me salvation through his love; not through my works, which sometimes are bad.  Sometimes I say -- many times I’m bad.  Envy, *ill wish, selfishness, sensuality, laziness, indifferences.


SPEAKER:  Anger.  Hunger.  Hunger.

UNKNOWN:  Anger.

SPEAKER:  Anger.  Anger.  We got age. (Laughed) Otherwise we have -- we have hunger, we are hungry.  Are you hungry or angry?  (Laughed)

UNKNOWN:  Sometimes at the same time.

SPEAKER:  At the same time.

The time, the time -- I repeat -- the time of liturgy we cannot have to go and _______ on the sea, on the pacific sea.  No.  Or in Guam, in the forest of Guam, no.  In Italy, no.  Everywhere.  Where I am, I can spend time, time for liturgy.  And liturgy must be done for you parents, for you fathers, must be done with your family.  Did you experience sometimes?  Because when I ask some men who is married, “Do you pray with your children?”  As it was a surprise.  Do you pray with your wife before going to bed?

Do you remember what did Isaac with his wife -- Rebecca, no?  Rebecca? -- it’s written in the bible: Before unite themselves they were going out of the bed, kneeling down, pray, and then unite.  (Laughed)  Yeah?  They were doing liturgy, of course.  They were doing liturgy, because they thought if we don’t -- if we don’t do that we are not real Christian.  Real Christian believes that liturgy is what -- is an action for Christian.

And then I repeat also the time we cannot have to go and search the time.  No.  Somebody’s walking, can pray, can do liturgy.  See?  If I pray with _______, I go liturgy.  Not every prayer, of course, is a liturgy, not every prayer.  Personal prayer not -- Why?  Because the characteristic of liturgy is to -- is dialogical.

UNKNOWN:  Dialogue.

SPEAKER:  Dialogue.  Is a dialogue.  A sense of characteristic of liturgy is dialogue.

UNKNOWN:  Dialogue with God, right?

SPEAKER:  Dialogue with God, or with the people.  With the people to God.  And that is a main characteristic of liturgy.

Some Christian -- I would say many Christian want their children to be baptized privately.  No!  No.  Because baptism is not, is not a private thing.  Baptism is liturgy. And liturgy calls people.  Calls people.  Now, the church after the Vatican Second said it will be better to celebrate the various sacrament during the Eucharist, during the Eucharist.

But, what happened?  What happened? All the people were asking the priest, the parish priest, “Could you baptize my son during the mass?”  “Could you make our matrimony during the mass?”  Yeah.  And then as there were many asking, the church said stop, stop, stop.  Ask the permission to the Bishop.

Now, in my diocese, if you want to celebrate sacraments during the mass on Sunday, you have to ask the Bishop. Why?  Because there are many, they wanted.  And then the people, normal people, coming to mass were tired.  Every sacrament is a liturgy.  Every sacrament.  Even if you do penance, penance on the road going somewhere, yes, is liturgy, because God, Jesus Christ is here, is there.

UNKNOWN:  So, if a rosary is not liturgy, what other prayers are liturgy?  What prayers?

SPEAKER:  Private prayers are not liturgy.

UNKNOWN:  So, what prayer do I say?

SPEAKER:  Liturgy of the hour.  Liturgy of the hour is liturgical action.  Liturgical action.  Not private.  Privately I said, angelus Domini salve Maria is liturgy, no.

UNKNOWN:  So, are you saying that if I take my bible, do the night reading, by myself, in my room, by using the book, it is liturgy?

SPEAKER:  Liturgy.

UNKNOWN: But if I just go out, like you say, praying or saying the rosary by myself, or in the church, is not a liturgy?

SPEAKER:  No.  It’s not a liturgy.

UNKNOWN:  And what is the reason for that, Father?  Why is it that, because I use the book it becomes liturgy?

SPEAKER:  No, not because I use the book.  I can say the psalms mentally.  I can say it’s liturgy.  Because Jesus Christ.

UNKNOWN:  For saying the psalm in your own mind it becomes liturgy as well?

SPEAKER:  Of course, because the psalms are prefiguration of Jesus Christ.  They call Jesus Christ.  Otherwise, we have no liturgy.  Same Eucharist, no.  No?  We have _____ liturgy.

UNKNOWN:  Can I also summarize that the liturgy of the hour is being said all over the world, and at no time is it not being said.  And that’s why when you’re saying it by yourself, you’re saying it with the community of the world.

SPEAKER:  Yeah, of course.  Also Eucharist is being celebrated all over the world, at all time.  All time, for ______ hour, no?

We are here in nine hour before Europe, or something.  And then we are celebrating -- I celebrated this morning, the Eucharist at 8:00.  8:00 was there 11:00, before 11:00.  And then could be said that liturgy -- Eucharist especially -- Eucharist is celebrated all the over the world, at all time, __________ time.

Jesus Christ, when big sacrifice was intelligent.  Was intelligent.  He knew that his sacrifice was celebrated all over the world at all time!  At all time!  The sacrifice in the temple, the temple, is a Jerusalem temple, was said just on that hour.  On that hour only.  The truth of sacrifice of Jesus, the Eucharist, is wonderful.  Wonderful.  Because we can have the fruit from the liturgy at any time!  At any time!  When we are sleeping we can receive, yes, because there are many other communities celebrating.  (Laughed)  Huh?

UNKNOWN:  So, devotion, liturgy and paraliturgy, those are like -- those are not liturgical?

SPEAKER:  No, no, no.  Devotions are not liturgical action.  No.  No, no.  Devotions to Saint Patrick, we are doing the novena of Saint Patrick.  It’s not a liturgy.  Not a liturgy.  Unless it is included in Eucharist it becomes liturgy.

To go to Lourdes, to go to Fatima, to go to Medjugorje, is a liturgy?  No, it’s not liturgy.  Not liturgy.  Is a devotion.  If I gather with the other people, celebrating mass is a liturgy, real liturgy.  But not when I go to the sanctuaries.

UNKNOWN: So, Father, even if we’re gathered as a group and praying, if it’s not a mass it’s not considered liturgy?

SPEAKER:  But should we, the group, should be done -- how can I say? -- some which we can say, we can say, here is Jesus Christ doing this prayer with us.  I repeat, the rosary is not a liturgy.  Not a liturgy.  Adoration to the sacrament is not a liturgy.  Not a real liturgy.  But we have to do.  We have to do.  Not because it’s imposed, but because we need also private prayer.  We need.

Alfredo was saying to the seminarian, “Don’t pray only when you come to a Eucharist or when you come for the little _______.  Pray by yourself.  Yourself, yes, of course.

UNKNOWN:  Is benediction part of liturgy?



SPEAKER:  It’s not.

UNKNOWN:  But it’s Christ.

SPEAKER:  The blessing, yes.  The blessing, yes, but not the adoration, not --  something like that.

UNKNOWN:  But it doesn’t degrade, it’s not a degradation.  The devotion is not a degradation, no?


UNKNOWN:  It has valid effects?

SPEAKER:  Oh, blessing, yes, because it’s God who blesses us.  It’s God.  Jesus Christ blesses us.  And he is with me and with you, with the people.

Funeral, I said before, the rite of funeral is __________.

Okay.  We can go on, or take a break.


  1. This does sound like The David who tried to teach but confused, my confirmation student about Chastity in marriage. I had to answer more questions after he left, than what was posted to him in that hour of instruction

  2. Maybe professor Edivaldo....don't forget he went to Rome...was supposed to teach at RMS...why not??

  3. OMG! Let's take a loooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggg break Father!! Please!
    This is horrific! And the Archbishop is ok with these heresies and this kind of curriculum? God help us all! And the neos wonder why Aaron Quitugua wants to be formed in a traditional seminary off-island? Can you imagine what other "catechesis" is being taught, not just to these diaconate candidates, but to the seminarians! this is the kind of formation they receive? Pathetic!!! No wonder why they can't give homilies and come out confused about the real world. We can only pray that Rome will hasten to act.
    Jesus was a sinner? I am awestruck at that statement. I just cannot imagine a priest saying that Jesus was a sinner. God help us all.


    1. If this is the teaching in the deacon formation programe. imagine what goes on in RMS.

  4. Just wait until the Venerable Jubilarian Adrian finds out there are more tapes! He's going to be looking for the DIABLO who done did give the tape to Tim. Tim you are not in the program are you? Didn't think so.

    1. Recording a lecture is standard stuff for any student. And no teacher of the Catholic Faith should be saying anything in a class that he wouldn't say to the world. That's what is so scary about this. The man speaks without any hint of awareness how wrong he is. It's a real window into what goes on in the NCW and why so many are so brainwashed they don't have a clue how wrong they really are.

    2. Actually, I was told that there were conversations that took place that were not recorded but was corrected. It was not recorded so I believe we are seeing only part of the picture. Was this the only time this was stated?

    3. We are sure that there were further conversations since the recording ends with a "break". If someone who was at the class would care to submit how this was "corrected" they are welcome too. But I would still hold that the danger lies in the fact that it had to be "corrected". And, tying this "Jesus became a sinner" idea fits rather neatly with the other kiko belief that Jesus was a "scapegoat".

    4. It would be interesting to hear the "correction" if one was indeed made, but the priest's original statement about Jesus becoming a sinner was so explicit and clear that it would be very difficult for him to "correct" it. There was no nuance whatsoever in his words.

  5. Keep your eye on Rome for NEW IDEAS too. Streamlining the annullment process without Cardinal Burke on the Team? Strange to say the least. Seems Francis has someone in his way too!

  6. Tim, I think the professor is an Italian-speaker, and I think you've mistranslated his attempt at the english word "signs" as "sons". Signs, not sons.

    The heresy problem cannot be blamed on this professor's inexperience with the English language. He says three times that Jesus was a sinner, and even says that Jesus experienced the forgiveness of the Father. Neocatechumenal manure.

    It turns out that there are many bishops around the world shoveling this bullshit onto their flock for the privilege of hobnobbing with the red hats. And it must stop.

    A Critical Look at the Neocatechumenal Way

  7. Asked the question many candidates are still left in the program for Deacons?? Seems many dropped out. Where are classes held? Or is this all secret information too?

    1. I heard there was 11. Don't know who they are or where they meet. Even if its not secret I'm sure the deacon candidates are worried about getting kicked out if they appear on this blog.

    2. True, Tim. POOOF! Gone.

  8. Is this really for real?? Jesus help us!!

  9. " Is benediction part of liturgy? SPEAKER: No."
    " Bwahahahaha!!!
    Eucharistic exposition and benediction is a complete liturgical service.
    Eucharistic exposition and benediction are no longer considered devotions, but rather are a part of the Church's official liturgy. Whereas in the past benediction was frequently added on to the end of another service or devotion, this is no longer permitted. Eucharistic exposition and benediction is a complete liturgical service in its own right and is to be celebrated as such. USCCB
    how about LITURGY of the hours? this guy's a priest? what a joke.
    Does Rome know this kind of teaching is what they are rubber stamping?
    "So in Christian use liturgy meant the public official service of the Church, that corresponded to the official service of the Temple in the Old Law."
    This may explain a lot-"The other sense of the word liturgy, now the common one in all Eastern Churches, restricts it to the chief official service only — the Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist". taken from Catholic Encyclopedia.
    Problem is,we are NOT AN EASTERN church!
    As far as the language thing is concerned, it is because they make no attempt to learn the vernacular here, and let me make a distinction, vernacular means common language of the people- in our local church that is english. They think rather that everyone should learn spanish.
    How arrogant...

  10. I thought that the Jewish community asked the Catholics to refrain from using the word "Yahew" and that is why they replaced the word in a song?

    As for the words "diablo", "devil", or "satanas" we are getting used to it. After all there are now 2 label devils in our household. Thanks NEOCATS for the title. I am sure that the devil or devil like character in us will come out sooner or later!

  11. I'm blown away this afternoon, shaking my head, replaying the nonsense of this speaker.

    Information is the enemy of all cults. In all fairness information should also be the NCW's main defense but it seems like the more we hear the more the more they don't want us to. As a side remark, why didn't Archbishop or Fr. Pius address the patrons themselves in the Masses, why the flanking maneuvers to the NCW members and the children? If you have the Truth in your Hands, why not just go HEAD ON into the crowds. Such plots. Better than most books on my Kindle.

    Let's all please support the blog further. Help pay for the bandwidth. Additional bandwidth allows more people to click and access without lag or delay. For the storage space it occupies. For additional features, like greater log retention, tracking, etc. etc. It just helps bringing all these errors of these supposed "Salted Ones" to light.

    Implore Archbishop Krebs daily, weekly if possible. Archbishop Krebs....Christ is a Sinner. This is what's being taught in this Diocese.

    Is it true Archbishop, Fr. Adrian, Fr. Pius, Msgr. David, that Christ is a Sinner? Three times the instructor said this. Give this instructor an F on doctrine unless you guys are really Lutheran, and no offense to the Lutherans out there.


  12. Confirms archbishop no longer teaches the Catholic Faith.

    1. “The Neocatechumenal Way,” Cardinal Rylko said, “acts according to the proposed writings of the founders ... which will have the title of Catechetical Directory of the Neo-Catechumenal Way,” he announced to thunderous applause.

    2. So on what page does it say that Jesus is a sinner?

    3. That would be none of your business. You are not a catechist.

    4. Anon @ 9:43PM.

      And what are the requirements to be a catechist? Nothing.

      You are just picked by another nobody in front of you to do so. You're asked if you'll be one because "God asks you to". or because "the Holy Spirit has chosen you" in front of your peers. How can one say no to the question?

      You can work a 9 to 5 job and be a catechist come Tuesday nights with no catholic doctrinal education behind you not to mention you may not even have a college degree. Let's not even talk about having any kind of background in the behavioral sciences for that matter~!

      Yet you can be a catechist because you've heard the testimonies from others and you know how to hash or parrot your own out. And the NCW powers that be like the way you can get creative and emotional. Or they like your history, your history of adultery, drug abuse, because you tell it so poignantly.....please your answer is full of pride, something your catechist would scold you about.

      Honestly, listening to this audio, was this guy in a drunken stupor to say Christ is a Sinner?

      Anon 9:32 What is your defense to this NCW Catechist who says repeatedly that our Lord is like us? Tell us we're wrong now....

    5. To Anon 9:43PM,

      That's the best answer you have? "That would be none of your business. You are not a catechist." REALLY??!!? That tells me several things about you and your NCW brethren:
      1. You have NO CLUE where it says that Jesus is a sinner in your NCW Directory because they won' let you see it.
      2. You are all brainwashed and blind.
      3. You're dumber and more stupid than your catechist for believing that bullshit.

      By the way, if you're interested, I have a HUGE parcel of property about half a mile south of Cocos Island that I would like to sell you and the NCW for $0.01/square meter. Better yet I'll give it to the NCW for free. Feel to build your own churches, seminaries and communities on said property. Erect (oops, Edivaldo would like that word) all the POPE KIKO the DECEIVER idols you want, and while you're at it, take AAA (substitute ASININE for one of the A words in his name) with you. We don't need his pathetic, brainwashed ass anymore!

    6. Thanks Fidei. However, I'm guessing that 9:43 is on our side and was just being facetious. However, if he is not on our side and was not being facetious, this is exactly how they would respond and in effect, do all the time by reserving their secret documents to themselves.


  13. Archdiocese of Agana Guam confirms Jesus Christ was a Sinner.

  14. Just watched addressing this exact heterodoxy from Hans Balthazar.

  15. Hans Balthazar heterodox? ahahaha

  16. This was truly disturbing and painful to read. What makes it worse is that these, "professors," are shaping these men to be a part of the clergy. Knowing that these nuts were deemed, "worthy," of preparing these men for the clergy is extremely unsettling. Though no one stood up to challenge these speakers, I could only pray that these men come out of this with their spirituality, common sense, and integrity still intact.

    Oh, and by the way, I seem to recall that more than a decade ago, the archbishop asked, "Can Jesus sin?" for the trivia portion of a Confirmation Mass, and he corrected the candidate saying that Jesus COULDN'T SIN! Good luck talking your way out of that one, sir.

  17. NCW professori, and others, for your edification watch this video.
    You will learn the truth of the Church! URL is:

  18. Pope Pius X on modernism speaks to all Catholics (TLM,NO,NCW...)

  19. I am speechless! But again, not surprised. After Diana lecturing me that Jesus is a Jewish God, I just cannot be surprised that much anymore... Ouch! She also says Isaac was an "idol" to Abraham. It looks like an official NeoCat tenet. But there is absolutely no scriptural basis for this tenet. Isaac was a beloved son of Abraham. God taught Abraham to not sacrifice Isaac or any human being for that matter. God taught Abraham to sacrifice animals rather than kids.

    The next thing will be they call Jesus an "idol". How fitting to their twisted "theology"... Then you don't obey Jesus, don't obey an "idol", don't obey a "Jewish God". So you don't have anything left but obeying their cult masters! How terrible is this? But this is exactly the logic of Kiko Arguello's curious movement, this is the teaching of the NeoCat. You see all this nonsense justified laborously and every single day at Diana's blog.


  20. Who is this priest teaching Jesus Christ became a sinner? Needs to be named and shamed.

    1. It would be an error if we attributed this teaching to a single priest. His teaching is not his own and I believe we can trace it to Kiko Arguello. In any event, the one person most responsible for this error is Archbishop Apuron since the priest is obviously here at his invitation and sponsorship.

    2. Tim, I could not agree with you more! He is directed to teach a certain way, the NEO way. No doubt about it. Fr. Angelo may be a good person but a wolf in sheep's clothing. At least that's what it sounds and looks like.


  21. Suspect this priest whoever he is may be teaching only what hee has been taught by the cult. This is bad enough. Greater concern here is that the ordinary of Guam allows this to be taught in a church establishment that is supposed to be training deacons and priests. It raises the question of academic theological standards in the Guam seminary.