Thursday, November 5, 2015


frenchie has left a new comment on your post "DEAR CDF, "SCREW YOU!" - LV TONY": 

Well, I guess a few words of encouragements are in order.

It is easy, to start looking at your navel when you live on a small island like Guam, and start feeling sad for yourself.

Rome is doing things, even if does not look like it, from our point of view. But Rome is not, and has never been a panacea. We are the ones that need to literally take the bull by the horns. We are the ones who have to confront the presbyters and support our local priests. We are the ones that need to refuse to go along on that charade, the Archbishop, his motley crew of cartoonish characters, and the agents of NCW on island, have been feeding us.

Help yourself, and God shall help you. Ask and you shall receive. But it is not like instant noodles, you really need to work at it.

Just to put things in perspective. Rome just went through the Synod on the Family, which was followed by the release of two sensational, tell all books in Italy on the finances of the Vatican. This itself was followed by the Vatican Gendarmerie arresting two persons, including one prelate, for serious leaks of information.

The atmosphere inside the Vatican at this time is awful, actually it has not been so bad since just before the resignation of Benedict. Spying, informants. Betrayals at every turns. 

The Pope actually has 3 secretaries, not one, in order for none of them will know all of what he does. He has lunch at the Cafeteria with the whole of the Vatican staff, and at different times, to avoid ending up like John Paul I.

He decided to reside at the Residence, because there are more people there, and he felt in less danger than at the palace. He fired the former head of the Swiss Guard, because there are rumors he allowed unwelcome persons in the close network of his predecessor.

As you see, the Vatican is a dangerous place. So you ask me: how is that good news?

It is good news, because, despite the rot that has always been there, (Kikos and his hoodlums are only the newest ones), There always has been good and courageous souls, who were willing to defend the Church, with all their might. These people are acting on our behalf and working hard behind the scene, despite all the hurdles, and the real dangers, they are facing.

So, please stop whining, continue praying, I would say pray with more fervor.

Yes we are facing evil, and we have dealt it a strong blow. We are not alone, it is not going to be as swift as you would want. But things are moving in our favor. Believe in God, continue the fight, in fact intensify it, be stronger. A battle against evil is never easy.

Don't expect Rome to arrive on a white steed in a shining armor to expel the NCW. This is not going to happen. Even after the Arch is gone, they will try everything, I repeat: everything to hang on to their conquests. It will take more work, more determination.

Tim cannot fight this fight by himself.

The corrupts are many and very interested, so steel yourselves for more fights, and more ugliness. It will get worse before it gets better.

We shall prevail, because our cause is righteous and our faith is real and strong. We shall prevail, because WE ARE the Church.

God bless you all.


P.S. Frenchie's lesson reminded me of a column I penned for the U Matuna on the eve of Francis' election: THE STRANGE TRIAL OF THE GOOD LOOKING POPE Perhaps a bit of history will buck you up a bit.

And if you don't have the book TRIUMPH: THE POWER AND THE GLORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, then no wonder you despair. Get it. Read it. Know your history. 


  1. Thank you, frenchie, fit the pep talk and encouragement. I am in this for the long haul and will not give up. Power to the faithful Catholics on Guam.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  2. Thank you Frenchie for the words of encouragement. I will continue to fight the good fight and pray without ceasing for the church. God bless to all. BIBA Katoliku! BIBA!!

  3. I too am in this for the long haul. Tim and the CCOG have been doing a great job exposing the truth about the stupid NEOS.

  4. Pray for the conversion of souls! Pray! You and I really need to pray for the lost souls still living in our midst! Jesus reminds us daily to 1) love your enemies as you love yourself and 2) do good to those who persecute you! Let us together enter with Jesus deeply into the mystery of the Cross! Remember, they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, by our love! We are in this all together! And as it progresses and gets worse, be challenged by Jesus, not to fold in, but to be steadfast in your faith, seek out the Sacraments, and try to see Jesus in all of it! They in Rome are all very worried right now about us my dear people of Oceania. But show them the light! Show them the Gospel values! While the NCW criticize our stance, make fun of us, find every way to piss us off, we must be non-violent in everything- words, deeds, and thoughts! Let this be a fair warning that things will get so ugly as the truth unfolds and while you and I become so embarrassed at these revelations, follow your heart, but more importantly discern the spirits. While the morale is very low for you and me, never tire in spreading God's abundant love. Tough love requires us to humble others while at the same time to humble ourselves! Remember, get the children together and bring them closer to God which requires us to teach them about social justice! This is the way of Jesus who still teaches us to be strong! No matter what comes, as these are all slowly being revealed, it is up to us to pass the faith of our witness to the young people! But the young people are looking, I am looking at what is happening and I am even more invigorated to be a witness to the Cross of Jesus Christ as these devils continue to destroy the faith inside and out! May our Catholic Church be cleansed of these devils who are in possession of the Office of the Archbishop of Guam and all those other corrupted prelates at the Vatican and everywhere in the world! St. Michael, come to our aid and help us to win this Holy War for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! Amen! Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love you! Save souls! Amen!

  5. By any chance, do you know what the pope's email address is?

  6. A wild storm came up, Waves crashed over the boat, It was about to sink. Jesus was in the back, sleeping on a cushion, the disciples woke Him up, they said "Teacher! Don't you care if we drown?" He got up and ordered the wind to stop. He said to the waves "Quiet! Be still!" then the wind died down, and it was completely calm. He said to his disciples "Why are you so afraid? Don't you have any faith at all yet?" Mark 4:35-40
    We may feel like we are about to be swamped by the forces aligned with Kiko, have faith that God is always with us and will let us prevail.

  7. Frenchie - I wish I had all the money in the world, and I wish I had your approval, because if I did, I would buy a full page ad in our local papers, and reprint your "Letter to the Catholics of Guam" - so other people who do not get to read your writings in JW would read you message and have the benefit and encouragement of your comments. Nothing more need be said! Many of us get frustrated at the seeming inaction of Rome, some even accusing Rome of collusion. Your message in a nutshell: "God helps those who help themselves"! Oremus pro invicem! - jrsa.

  8. I too am in for the long haul. Thanks French!

  9. Wondering if anyone yet has picked up on Frenchie's reference to John Paul I.

    1. Murdered? Highly suspicious to die within a month of an alleged heart attack when he had low blood pressure. No, autopsy ever performed to confirm cause of death. If our current Pope is committed to overhauling the corruption within the Vatican, I too would recommend he be cautious. Unfortunately many nefarious characters within the Vatican circles and when you cut off their cash flow, beware.


    3. yep, but i hope the conspiracy theories aren't true and john paul i died of natural causes.

      surely pope francis has made a lot of enemies, having disturbed the established bureaucracy, especially the "vatican bank." not to mention speaking out against the mafia.

      the godfather part iii had a fictionalized version of a hit on the pope, set around the time of pope john paul i.

      let's all pray for the holy father.

    4. Fr. Matthew BlockleyNovember 6, 2015 at 11:03 AM

      Thank you Frenchie. Yes Tim I picked up Frenchies reference. I just sent this post to Magee. Frenchie will know who I mean.

  10. Why would Pope Francis worry about being physically harmed?

  11. Angels and Demons. Art imitates Life. Many times life even more bizarre than art.

  12. Purchased Triumph last spring and still haven’t got around to reading it and now I will have to add to my list, The Book of Gomorrah and St. Peter Damian's Struggle Against Ecclesiastical Corruption. A new translation came out last month and is already sold out on Amazon. From the reviews it might be a good read. St. Peter Damian fought against many of the same corruptions facing our church today.

    1. Triumph is an excellent read for its unabashed and unembellished historical narrative. I am waiting for my Amazon order of The Pope's Armada, and Merchants in the Temple. Those should also provide hours of sheer enjoyment and information.