Thursday, November 5, 2015


frenchie has left a new comment on your post "DEAR CDF, "SCREW YOU!" - LV TONY": 

Well, I guess a few words of encouragements are in order.

It is easy, to start looking at your navel when you live on a small island like Guam, and start feeling sad for yourself.

Rome is doing things, even if does not look like it, from our point of view. But Rome is not, and has never been a panacea. We are the ones that need to literally take the bull by the horns. We are the ones who have to confront the presbyters and support our local priests. We are the ones that need to refuse to go along on that charade, the Archbishop, his motley crew of cartoonish characters, and the agents of NCW on island, have been feeding us.

Help yourself, and God shall help you. Ask and you shall receive. But it is not like instant noodles, you really need to work at it.

Just to put things in perspective. Rome just went through the Synod on the Family, which was followed by the release of two sensational, tell all books in Italy on the finances of the Vatican. This itself was followed by the Vatican Gendarmerie arresting two persons, including one prelate, for serious leaks of information.

The atmosphere inside the Vatican at this time is awful, actually it has not been so bad since just before the resignation of Benedict. Spying, informants. Betrayals at every turns. 

The Pope actually has 3 secretaries, not one, in order for none of them will know all of what he does. He has lunch at the Cafeteria with the whole of the Vatican staff, and at different times, to avoid ending up like John Paul I.

He decided to reside at the Residence, because there are more people there, and he felt in less danger than at the palace. He fired the former head of the Swiss Guard, because there are rumors he allowed unwelcome persons in the close network of his predecessor.

As you see, the Vatican is a dangerous place. So you ask me: how is that good news?

It is good news, because, despite the rot that has always been there, (Kikos and his hoodlums are only the newest ones), There always has been good and courageous souls, who were willing to defend the Church, with all their might. These people are acting on our behalf and working hard behind the scene, despite all the hurdles, and the real dangers, they are facing.

So, please stop whining, continue praying, I would say pray with more fervor.

Yes we are facing evil, and we have dealt it a strong blow. We are not alone, it is not going to be as swift as you would want. But things are moving in our favor. Believe in God, continue the fight, in fact intensify it, be stronger. A battle against evil is never easy.

Don't expect Rome to arrive on a white steed in a shining armor to expel the NCW. This is not going to happen. Even after the Arch is gone, they will try everything, I repeat: everything to hang on to their conquests. It will take more work, more determination.

Tim cannot fight this fight by himself.

The corrupts are many and very interested, so steel yourselves for more fights, and more ugliness. It will get worse before it gets better.

We shall prevail, because our cause is righteous and our faith is real and strong. We shall prevail, because WE ARE the Church.

God bless you all.


P.S. Frenchie's lesson reminded me of a column I penned for the U Matuna on the eve of Francis' election: THE STRANGE TRIAL OF THE GOOD LOOKING POPE Perhaps a bit of history will buck you up a bit.

And if you don't have the book TRIUMPH: THE POWER AND THE GLORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, then no wonder you despair. Get it. Read it. Know your history. 

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