Friday, November 20, 2015


This comment deserves its own post. I would like to address the two highlighted items.

  1. I am convinced of the true intentions of CCOG due to the litany of dubious and devious NCW schemes on the island, among which are: seminary property board of directors all NCW and foreigners except for a token figurehead Apuron, the conditions wherein the said legal document was "displayed at limited time and under watch" at the chancery, the attempted line up of NCW appointments during the Apostolic Visitation, defensive posture of Apuron whenever asked about the property, firing of Archdiocesan Finance Council who simply wanted the topic placed on the agenda, and so many other glaring missteps on the part of the chancery. 

    Please, please support CCOG! We need to know the truth! If this issue goes to court as it should, at least we have the peace of mind to know that said property has not been alienated and remains in the Agana inventory. If CCOG is proven wrong, it will desist from its quest, and Apuron is exonerated from this particular accusation. On the other hand, if the property has indeed been alienated, it has to be returned to its rightful owner. Yet as was mentioned, it should not have come to this if the Archbishop of Guam has been forthright in the first place. If he had wanted to give church property away gratis to this group, he could have come clean and even appealed to the people, etc. and see where that would have gone. For an archbishop to strong arm everyone to get what he wants is just not the right attitude and not in the right spirit as a leader. 

    I suspect that there is something in it for himself, for him to behave in a manner so vile as to lie to the people he was sworn to protect and uphold as a spiritual father. This betrayal is like the worst possible scenario of a father who abandons his children to fend for themselves in a dark and dangerous forest. CCOG is the "deus ex machina" that provides safety and justice for the children. Please help bring this particular issue to a close by supporting CCOG. Please.

"...if the archbishop had been forthright in the first place."

This was one of the most amazing discoveries. Attached to the DEED recorded at Land Management which conveyed title to the Yona Property to RMS, was a DECREE OF DESIGNATION "announcing" to the Archdiocese of Agana the "assignment" of the Yona Property to RMS for "perpetual use." 

The word "announcing" is in quotes because that is exactly what a DECREE is supposed to be: an ANNOUNCEMENT - a public one. The only problem is: Apuron NEVER published the Decree. He recorded it with the DEED so he could say he "decreed" it, which is what he was supposed to do, but he NEVER DID: he never DECREED it!

This is one of the most staggering of deceptions in this whole long saga. Apuron knew his action required a public decree. However, because his legal counsel had advised against it and because the finance council had only recently voted against it, Apuron could not make the Decree public. So he recorded it with the DEED as if he had actually publicly decreed it!

This, more than anything, shows that Apuron knew he was deceiving us, knew he was violating church law, knew he was robbing the archdiocese of a significant portion of its patrimony, and knew he was not supposed to do any of it. Yet he did.

Here's a note to Jaqueline T. Terlaje. If what Apuron did was completely legit as you claim, then why did he not publish the decree as he was required? How about this. Even though (as of tomorrow, Nov. 21) it is four years after the fact, how about publishing the decree now? And while you're at it, publish the legal opinion you say refutes ours. We're waiting.

There is also something in the Decree that exposes the hand of Gennarini, Pius and David the VG. These thieves knew that Apuron wasn't going to be around much longer. In fact, the impetus to get Apuron to hand over the property was precipitated by his heart surgery earlier that year (2011). 

Like conniving children anxious to get an aging parent to give them control of their parent's assets before it's too late, these three thieves conspired to put power over the conveyance into the hands of none other than Apuron's most useful fool: David the VG. At the very end of the Decree, after Apuron gives away the property, Apuron writes:

The reason for this is obvious. Either death or age is soon to catch up to Apuron, and Gennarini and Pius needed to make sure the property was firmly in NCW Cult-control. And now it is. 

"I suspect that there is something in it for himself, for him to behave in a manner so vile as to lie to the people he was sworn to protect and uphold as a spiritual father."

The commenter is right. Everyone who knows Apuron knows that he is driven by greed and even more by a rare depraved level of narcissistic pride. Apuron has embarrassingly always fancied himself to be something more than he was. 

I say "embarrassingly" because people have been embarrassed for him. It hurt to hear the man sing and think he had a voice that others wanted to hear. It hurt to watch him parade around in his "broad phylacteries" and punch his fist out for his subjects to kiss his ring. I could go on...and so could many others. (People have always been willing to forgive him for his arrogance and greed, until now. Until he began forcefully and brutally hurting his own priests.)

So there was no doubt that Apuron saw wealth, power, and a path to ecclesial rank in what Kiko Arguello was selling...since wealth, power, and ecclesial rank is exactly what Kiko Arguello sells - especially to bishops with "no clothes." 

Apuron was an easy sell. But now that his deceptive deeds have been exposed and Rome has passed him over, we can now see that there is something else at work here, and maybe has always been at work. 

I believe it is blackmail. And knowing what I know now. And given the written testimonies I now have in hand. And seeing to what levels of depravity Adrian and David are willing to descend, BLACKMAIL is increasingly easier to conclude. 

What to do?

We've been here already. Stop putting money in the basket. EVERY BASKET! Start putting money in CCOG's basket. We must push this to the highest levels of both civil and church law. And go beyond that. Keep calling in to talk shows. Keep writing letters to the editor. Keep writing letters to Rome. Many of you know things that only you can share. Send those things to Rome (See Contact Nuncio tab at the top.) And join the LAITY FORWARD MOVEMENT, people who have the guts to stand on the street and show their face to this corrupt regime. 

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