Wednesday, November 25, 2015


  • Let's assume I am wrong.
  • Let's assume CCOG is wrong.
  • Let's assume the protestors are wrong.
  • Let's assume CCOG's attorney is wrong.
  • Let's assume the former finance council is wrong.
  • Let's assume Archbishop Apuron's legal counsel is wrong. 
  • Let's assume the donor's representative who told Archbishop Apuron that she had never heard of the Neocatechumenal Way is wrong.
  • Let's assume Aaron Quitugua is wrong. 
  • Let's assume John Toves is wrong.
  • Let's assume Msgr. James is wrong.
  • Let's assume the financial professionals who defended Msgr. James are wrong.
  • Let's assume that the presbyteral council and the college of consultors were wrong when they said that Archbishop Apuron had never consulted them about the termination of Msgr. James when Archbishop Apuron said he had. 
  • Let's assume Fr. Paul is wrong.

  • Let's assume Jackie Terlaje is right.
  • Let's assume Adrian Cristobal is right.
  • Let's assume "Diana" is right.
  • Let's assume Wadeson is right. 
  • Let's assume Archbishop Apuron is right.
  • Heck, let's even assume Zoltan is right.
If all of them are right and all of us are wrong, then there's only one thing left to be done: set things right. And there's only one person who can do it.

On the Fr. Paul issue, he only has to tell us the real reason why he stripped Fr. Paul of his office and banished him from the diocese (since the original charge was immediately proven false).

On the Msgr. James issue, he only has to publish the completed Deloitte audit documenting the alleged mismanagement of Msgr. James.

On the RMS Property issue, he only has to publish the documentation that RMS is a Corporation Sole, and thus still part of the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana.

On RMS itself, he only has to publish the current certificate of affiliation with the Lateran which is the source of its academic authority.

On the protestations of the donor's representative he only has to publicly say that she is wrong.

On the Aaron Quitugua issue, he only has to tell us the real reason he denied Aaron the opportunity to study for the priesthood in a traditional diocesan seminary (since "no money" was proven false).

On Where the Money goes, he only has to publish the financial reports for both the archdiocese and RMS as he promised to do in July 2014.

On the NCW issue, he only has to publish the document permitting the NCW to celebrate a separate communion rite.

On the "Jesus is a Sinner" issue, he only has to publicly condemn the teaching and the priest who taught it.

On the accusations of John Toves, he only has to say that they are not true (not threaten Toves with a defamation suit).

If he is right and we are wrong, then NOT to do these things when it is in his power to do so is to engender the serious evil of Scandal.


  1. Fr. Matthew Blockley.November 24, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    I always believed if Tony prayed for the gift of humility learned to be humble and loved his priest's and people in sincerity of heart so many things would not have happened. I come to this blog as someone who was very hurt by him so i make no bones about it. I want him out just one day before his 75th birthday. That will be enough for me to then let go of this horrible pathetic evil individual.

  2. It's way too generous to expect this little old man who is so full of himself to set things right. He'd rather sit on the sideline and watch the church, built by your ancestors blood and tears, crumble to the ground.

  3. Indeed, it is action or inaction that is gravely morally evil (mortally sinful).

    Contrary to the recent calumny by Diana, I have never said the NCW Cult itself was evil.

    If she doesn't retract, correct, or edit her post, perhaps I should file a federal diversity John Doe defamation lawsuit and then get electronic and other discovery about the Guam NEO Cult blog?

    1. Right On, CNMI Lawyer. Go for it! Let's expose this Diana Susanna for who she/he/it really is. I believe it is not one person with multiple personality disorder. Rather, it is multiple persons with Neo catechumenal disorder.
      Regardless, many people support your effort!

    2. That's right CNMI Lawyer. Diane doesn't know anything. You never said the NCW cult was evil. You only said the NCW cult is the soil where evil lives, thrives, and has its being. Stupid Diana can't tell the difference.

  4. It would require a great deal of courage and humility for the archbishop to put right things right.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  5. Yes, but nothing is impossible with God.

    Let us pray that he truly follow the model of Our Lady during this Year of Mercy, rather than grasping at the final five years for the wrong reasons.

  6. Notwithstanding all the evidence that has been put forward against the archbishop, I - for myself - would rather accept defeat than insist on being right, if such would be the price to pay for him to heal the Church and bring it back to its pristine peace and glory among the people of God of this beloved little island that is ours. I am not “anti-archbishop”; I am very much “anti-what-the-archbishop-does”. I do not believe, however, that he has the fortitude to right the wrong he has done. I pray for him. Would to God that the miracle that CNMI Lawyer refers to that “nothing is impossible with God” would happen. In the meantime, we need to do what we need to do. God helps those who are willing to help themselves. - jrsa.

    1. I seriously believe that Apuron no longer has the authority to say anything. Everyone close to him says Adrian is running the show, and some believe Apuron has been blackmailed by Adrian...and for a long time.

    2. Adrian is the Wormtongue at the chancery. He's the ever busy sycophant, a flatterer, liar, and manipulator. Wasn't he responsible for selling the NCW to Apuron? No wonder the Putrid one pays more attention to him. They're clearly in cahoots.

    3. Adriana is a classic back stabber. Ouch

    4. The Archdiocese is being run by Ardriana and Marian RSM....dynamic duoooo

    5. Our efforts to rid of these people should not only be concentrated on brother Tony, but additionally, on Adrian, David and Marian. The Catholic Church in Guam is where it is because of these of people.

      Lord Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary help us!

    6. Don't forget For Sure For Sure.

    7. For sure, for sure, has to go, for sure