Saturday, November 28, 2015


Well then, restore the liturgy...and start with the MUSIC.

Prima Luce is a group of Catholic musicians who wish to promote the beauty of the Church’s musical patrimony. The group seeks to participate in the revival of the Christian tradition of liturgical and devotional music – including Gregorian Chant, sacred polyphony, and other developments stemming from the tradition – through the performance of hymns, antiphons and other chants in a spirit of prayer. In order to partake in the ongoing growth and development of this great living tradition, Prima Luce also contributes contemporary compositions and encourages young musicians to learn from the musical riches of the past for the perpetuation of the Church's tradition into the future.


  1. We need to support young people like this who desire to keep,the music traditions of our church alive. We need the beauty of Gregorian chant , we need our traditional hymns and devotions to feed our our soul and mind. When we lose the tradition of church music we allow people like Kiko to take us back to the 70s when we sang colors of day. Songs that really had no meaning. That was the beginning of our church going down hill. Now Kiko introduces his music which only takes people back to colors of day. Hopeless way to go. We need to encourage young people to keep alive the traditional music of our church. Only traditional church music feeds the soul and mind with beauty and what is beauty I often ask? Beauty is ultimately God made real. And when you have God and beauty on your side you have everything you need. This is why I have spent my life creating beauty .

  2. When I was young I always loved to hear our old Chamorro hymns and old hymns like those of Gregorian chant. These songs added an "otherworldly" sense to the holy Mass.