Wednesday, November 25, 2015


There seems to be a little bit more going on here. 

Apuron is never one to miss a photo-op, and normally wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the finest regalia. So what's he doing with what appears to be a starched sheet on his head? 

It's rather obvious that this "impromptu miter" was slapped together by the Neos of Medellin for the purpose of "showing off a bishop." The Neo-cult, don't you know, collects bishops. And photo-ops with prelates - as Kiko has shown - is their standard trade. 

So why does Apuron have a starched sheet on his head and a miter that neither fits his head nor matches his vestments - his normal attire?

Most places, even seminaries, don't have miters laying around. As you know, only bishops wear them. Chasubles and albs are easy to come by, but not a miter. 

A bishop would have looked out of place in this picture without a miter, since it appears everyone else is properly vested. 

So they made one.

But why didn't Apuron bring his own? Did Harold forget to pack it? Maybe. All the stress of "going on mission," and all that - or was it lying to DYA about going "on mission? Any way, Stress for sure!!

But more likely, Apuron was not expecting or perhaps WANTING his picture to be taken, so he didn't pack a miter. But why not? Well we know why he doesn't want his picture taken - for the very reason that it would find its way to this blog. LOL! 

Those boys down in Medellin don't know the absolute rot their fun visitor has made of his own diocese. They probably just think it's wonderful that a bishop would travel half way across the planet just to sing for them. So they of course wanted a pic and were eager to post it.

But maybe there's something else. 

It appears Apuron celebrated Mass here. Did he get the permission of the local ordinary, Archbishop Ricardo Antonio Tobón Restrepo, the archbishop of Medellin, to celebrate Mass in his diocese? 

Did the Medellin archbishop even know Apuron was there? 

If he did, then there should have been no problem borrowing a miter from the local bishop. But instead, Apuron shows up peering out from under a starched sheet looking like newly hired kitchen help.

Oh well. 

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