Thursday, February 4, 2016


Continued from Part 3

Here's another angle to consider that I'll flesh out later.

If the Certificate of Title was all that was needed to prove that ARCHBISHOP OF AGANA, A CORPORATION SOLE, ANTHONY SABLAN APURON OFM CAP. D.D. INCUMBENT was still the "owner," of the former Accion Hotel property, then what was the purpose of hiring that big time Denver law firm last year and doing all that hoop-dee-doo in the U Matuna?

A copy of a Certificate of Title from Land Management costs $15.00. The legal opinion of a major U.S. law firm? Tens of thousands of dollars. 

The truth is that the Denver opinion did not do what Apuron, David, and The Adrian said it did, which is why a copy of it was never made publicly available. 

Having failed to fool us with that fake opinion, they obtained a false copy of the Certificate of Title and published it in the U Matuna, and tried to fool us again. 

It is up to you, people of Guam, whether or not you want to remain the fools they are playing you for. Join the Laity Forward Movement for their Fat Tuesday Fundraiser (see info top right), and join them this Sunday to handbill another parish. (Call to find out more - see contact info in Fundraiser note.) 

David, are you paying attention? I'll be back. LOL

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