Saturday, January 30, 2016


On Sunday, November 29, 2015, the First Sunday of Advent, Msgr. David C. Quitugua published a false public document in the archdiocesan newspaper, the U Matuna.

The publication of the false document is only the latest chapter in a years-long effort to hide a mega-million dollar swindle from the Catholic faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana, the general public, and even the Vatican.

Go here to see a copy of the full front page of the U Matuna
Go here to see a clean copy of the certificate

The false public document is a copy of a recently issued certificate of title for real property currently occupied by the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

The document is false because the deed recorded by Archbishop Apuron on November 22, 2011, "restricting" the property for use by RMS and the Blessed Diego Institute "for perpetual use" is MISSING from the the memorial of estates section of the certificate. 

Never mind the actual effect of the deed ("an absolute conveyance in fee simple") - we will deal with that separately. The deed, even if it only "restricted" the property's use and left the ownership of the Archbishop of Agana intact - as Quitugua claims in the accompanying news story - the deed is still an encumbrance on the property and is required by Guam law to have been recorded:
The registrar shall note at the end of the certificate, original and duplicate, in such a manner as to show and preserve their priorities, the particulars of all estates, mortgages, liens, encumbrances, and charges to which the owner's title is subject. (21 GCA § 29124)

Now why would that be?

Since our discovery of the secretly recorded deed in January of last year, Apuron and his crooks have spent endless effort and money trying to prove that the Archbishop of Agana is still the owner of the property. They published three separate front page stories in the U Matuna trying to prove this:
In addition, Apuron and his crooks have attempted to defend their position several times in the secular press. Last April, Apuron even went so far as to hire an expensive Denver-based legal firm, Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP, to defend his position that he is still the "owner" of the Yona property.

Yet, when it came to actually showing the public the certificate of title, the much contested deed suddenly DOES NOT EXIST? So its "Now you see it, now you don't"??? Really?

So how did that happen?

Certificates of Title are issued by the Registrar of Titles or his/her deputy. Could the Registrar really have missed a deed with mega-million dollar consequences? If so, then all of you who think you own property better run down to Land Management to see if you still own it!

We are left with only one choice. Either the Registrar is dangerously incompetent or the certificate was doctored....and I don't mean after David got it.

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  1. It's sad to read the matuna si yuús since these neos took control of it. A news paper which was suppose to truthfully inform the faithful of what's going on in our church yet now seems as if it's all a propaganda to entice the neo movement. Kinda like in war when armies drop leaflets to say the armies are coming. Or food is on its way. Just a bunch of lies after lies and it's already sickening. I myself have donated what little funds I have to CCOG and have prayed each day for all this to finally end and our church can finally be united as it was back in the days before the neos were even allowed into Guams Catholic Church.

  2. thanks for catching this one, tim. your expertise on this subject and tenacity are a big help.

    yeah, either mr andrew santos (the official whose signature is on that document) and his staff dropped the ball on this one, or the missing entry was intentionally left out.

    but, if it was intentionally left out, what would the motive be? who would it benefit? in such a scenario, i would guess that it's to provide a possible exit and escape--deniability.

    1. It's a deliberate attempt to fool the people of Guam. They think they're so smart.

  3. The question that the Archbishop needs to address to the Laity, is how he allowed the CT that was published in the Umatuna without reflecting the Deed of Restriction (permanent alienation)of the RMS Property. This deed materially affects the status of the ownership. What continues to disturb me if how an Archbishop continues to lie about the transfer of the ownership of this property to Kiko. Archbishop, you are suppose to set the example to the flock. Truly sad and shameful.

  4. This reminds me of a recent gathering I attended. Upon my arrival the music was playing to the song that's well known to the people of Guam "Shame and Scandal In the Family"..With meditation on all the problems we're enduring within our Catholic Church, I here by dedicate this song to our men on the altar in hopes at the end it'll shine some light. Now, I will play the rosary on my CD player, leave it playing while I pray for all. Peace.

  5. This needs to be said -- When a person acts to cover up an unlawful action, that's a glaring admission of guilt and fore knowledge. Other persons who also participate to advance the same "cover up" are no less guilty as de facto co-conspirators in the unlawful action. A claim of "just following orders" from these participants may not be a viable legal defense. IMHO

  6. Apuron, you are such a disgrace! You pull the wool over our eyes, expecting we won't notice and remain ignorant of your malicious deceit! How could you, archbishop? You betrayed us yet, more importantly, you betrayed truth and revealed the dark nature of your personality. How devious, to even command your VG to go along with your lies and insult the former AFC and fire them at will. It seems that the former AFC board had more integrity and had more willingness to protect the patrimony of the Catholic Church. Yet you send them packing!

    How could you stoop so low just to appease your neo masters whom you allowed to overpower you, you who we look up to for guidance and direction. Can you blame us for losing our trust in you and for looking at your projects with caution and skepticism? Your actions and that of your administration have proven to this blog and the entire world that you are the problem. You are the problem because you refuse to pucker up and assume responsibility for the mess we are in. How long are you going to do that? How long are you going to hide behind the comfort of your Equus, your airconditioned office, your numerous trips, your few loyalists, your foreign presbyter adoptees, and pretend that there is no division? Really, are we that invisible to you?

    Many of us do not understand legalese but thanks to educated laity who can decipher your maladroit manipulations, we can see you for who you are: a deceitful leader who has reneged on his promise upon ascending to the position of archbishop. You have forfeited your claim to this position by compromising your integrity. You are not fit to perform, and your cameo appearances are just for show, empty gestures so people detest whenever they see you strut around with your miter and crozier. You are a comedic emoji, a tragic victim of the sleazy cult that you unwittingly brought to Guam. You have sullied the exalted privilege of being our spiritual leader. Enough, archbishop, stop your lies, and do whatever is left of your noble soul to rectify this mess.