Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Note: There is much in the Catholic press about Italy's recent Family Day. It is being touted as real evidence of opposition to Italy's same-sex marriage legislation. But while the organizers are touting it as "non-religious," the organizer is a major neo-cat and very close to Kiko, who used the previous Family Day (in June) to (wait for it....) promote the Neocatechumenal Way as the only salvation for society. But it backfired. And this year Rome told him to shut up and sit down. You need to know the truth before you get too excited about this event. Here it is.


I normally agree with "The Remnant," a Catholic news organ which is often highly critical of the the current state of confusion and corruption in the Vatican, especially when that confusion can be traced to the current pope.

However, today I disagreed with them and I told them so.

The Remnant posted a piece criticizing Pope Francis for NOT endorsing Italian Family Day held on January 30, an event all but one of the Italian bishops have also NOT endorsed.

The reason given by the CEI (Italian Bishops Conference) - at least in the press - was that Family Day is a politically motivated event, organized to protest legislation permitting same-sex unions, and that the Church did not want to get involved in endorsing something political.

But anyone who has been following Pope Francis knows that this cannot be the real reason. Pope Francis has been mixing it up with politics and social agendas since he succeeded to the chair of Peter, telling us to go out there and make a mess!

No. There is another reason, and it is the first sign of hope for us who have been battling the evils of Kiko Arguello.

I have been hearing rumors for months that the tide is turning, that the world's bishops, particularly in the Vatican, are beginning to squirm over the appearance of endorsing the Neocatechumenal Way. Many have long been uncomfortable with Kiko's undue influence at the highest levels in the Vatican, but till now, have not had the motivation or courage to oppose him.

However, it seems that that's about to change, and the news of the lack of endorsement of Italian Family Day by the pope and the CEI is verification that the tide is turning.

To understand this we must review something. The collapse of marriage and the family after Vatican II - while it was blamed on secularism - was really the result of a failure of church leadership and the mass moral confusion following the Council. 

This was a major embarrassment to the Church (especially since the Council was supposed to usher in a new "springtime") and many church leaders were glad to welcome pro-family groups and movements into their dioceses and parishes because essentially they did the work, at least on the surface, of what priests and bishops should have been doing.

Arguello has used this sad state to insert himself. Under the guise of "pro-family" he has been able to build an empire staffed with priests and prelates who - like Apuron - were glad to let him make them look good. 

Kiko's empire is not just about money and power, it is about the construction of a religion in Kiko's own image and likeness: a religion without real clergy, without "sacrifice," without Christ as God, and with him as the head.

No doubt, the massive flair up on Guam, and the relentless attention by the whole world to this blog and Chuck White's, wherein the absolute damage of this horrific cancer of a cult has been made manifest - thanks primarily to the high profile lent to us by a severely compromised bishop and the mega-million dollar property swindle - has not gone unnoticed in Rome. 

In fact, via our underground connections, we have verification that the names Agana and Apuron along with Gennarini and Arguello are increasingly mentioned with disgust. And we may be seeing the first manifestations of this disgust in the refusal of the pope and the CEI to endorse Italian Family Day. 

Before I tell you why, think about it. The rally is organized to oppose legislation permitting same-sex marriage. The world over, the pope and the Vatican have constantly endorsed such efforts. So why not in their own home country?

Because of Kiko Arguello.

Italian Family Day is organized by one Massimo Gandolfini. Gandolfini is a big time neo-cat, and he has very high-profile credentials as a doctor and author. Kiko has been extremely successful at recruiting these kind of credentialed people to his cause. (Just look at the neo-cat leadership on Guam.)

The one thing in our favor in exposing Kiko Arguello is Kiko Arguello. He can't help himself when it comes to inserting himself and talking about himself (just like Apuron). He runs off at the mouth about things that work with his submissive followers and cowed cardinarls, but don't work so well when heard by the rest of the world who don't know who he is. 

At the first family day held in June of last year, Kiko made quite a splash - a splash which embarrassed the Church - and it was picked up by the world's press. But before we share with you what the secular press said, here is a description about the event from a Catholic blog:
In reality, a personality dear to (Massimo) Gandolfini did not put a “hat” on the initiative but a big sombrero. The perhaps troublesome, but undisputed  protagonist of the event on June 20th was Kiko Argüello, historic founder of the Neocatechumenal Way.  Kiko imposed the times and the modes of the assembly, he sustained its very high costs, he mobilized his movement which made up two thirds of those present in the square, and above all, he dominated the speakers platform, imprinting his seal on the demonstration with a never-ending, closing catechesis. 
In his intervention, which can be heard on Youtube, he claimed to explain: “what it means to be a Christian today” and did so, indicating the Neocatechumenal Way as the path to an adult faith: a faith purified of dogmatic and doctrinal formulas and reduced to a pure “kerygma”, the announcement of an event of which Kiko himself is interpreter and prophet.  The disconnected nature of his exposition, lacking in logic  (artist’s brushstrokes as he defined it) is part of his “theology of history”, summarized in the final “song of the Apocalypse” to which the crowd, under the rain, joined its voice.
The secular publication, Huffington Post, doesn't know much about Arguello or his freak theology, but it did report with horror on Kiko's apparent justification of femicide (translated from the Italian):
Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, spoke from the stage of the Family Day Saturday, June 20 in Rome, causing embarrassment to the Vatican and reactions. 
But what he had missed so far is the fact that Arguello during his long prayer gave his own interpretation of femicide analyzing the motivations that can drive a man to kill his wife and children as a husband "nourishes the love of his wife" when his wife leaves him "the first movement (sic) is to kill her" because "the experience not to be loved and not love is hell."
The HuffPo does not explain how it knows that Kiko's speech justifying the killing of wives and children caused "embarrassment to the Vatican." And that fact that it does not provides for us an interesting opportunity to see inside the Vatican and what they are thinking about Kiko Arguello.

The HuffPo is an extremely liberal - sometimes anti-Catholic - publication. It would have been glad to hang femicide ("war on women") around the Church's neck. But not only does it not do that, it makes it a point to say that the Vatican was embarrassed by Kiko Arguello. 

The fact that they state this without quoting a source tells us that the HuffPo checked with the Vatican, the Vatican issued a statement distancing itself from Arguello and then asked the HuffPo to keep the source anonymous. 

The Vatican normally does not have problem calling out trouble makers by name and taking the credit for doing so. It likes to do this privately if possible, but when the matter is already public, as was here the case, it would not be abnormal for the Vatican to name the perpetrator and provide the authorized source (usually a Vatican spokesman). 

The fact that the "condemnation" is apparently anonymous tells us just how much fear there is of Kiko Arguello in the Vatican. It also tells us much about why Arguello did NOT speak at the second family day this past January 30.

Arguello's speech alluding to a possible justification for a man to kill his wife and children at an event organized to protect marriage and family had to have been the last straw for some key people in the Curia and it led to Kiko being told to "shut the hell up" this time around. 

On January 16, the Kiko lapdog news agency Zenit, asked Kiko if the CEI supported his involvement with Family Day. Notice that Zenit is aware that "many say the opposite":
ZENIT: We can say then that there is support from the CEI behind this event? Many say the opposite ... 
ARGUELLO: Absolutely. For me it is a very important fact that (Cardinal) Bagnasco called me. Maybe there will be bishops who do not want to participate but does nothing ... It is important however that the Italian bishops have joined us, because otherwise we would be there just to expose us, to make us say that we are 'homophobic' and things like that. Not true, behind us is the Church which supports us in this defense of the Christian family that you are doing so much harm.
However, on January 26, it is apparent that Kiko received a phone call from Rome telling him to sit down and shut up this time around. Kiko writes his followers:
Dear brothers, 
The other day I received a letter from Massimo Gandolfini, spokesman of the Committee who carries on the event at the Circus Maximus; in it tells me, and not without suffering, that it is more prudent that I do not speak from the stage, because, according to the Committee: "They can not and should not be involved in any movement, association, group, party, committee nor any other leader religious; the event must have no sectarian connotation whatsoever and not only, a square Catholic ". 
It is clear that we would have had to say before, but no matter. The Neocatechumenal Way, as the reality of the Catholic Church, according to this letter, should not appear as such, so the brothers that they will participate in their personal capacity. 
Courage! We go for the love of Christ, to his Church and to the family and God will reward us. 
Pray for me. 
Kiko Argüello 
Porto San Giorgio, 26 January 2016
And lest the Kiko freaks claim "lies" because this appears on Magister's blog, here is an excerpt from a promotional article for FamilyDay from the Italian website (
(Massimo Gandolfini) an adherent to the Neocatechumenal Way, already among the responsible community of Brescia, a man so close to Kiko Argüello , initiator of the Way which Bagnasco asked to fill in the Circus Maximus mobilizing all followers ; unlike the previous event, this time Kiko will not speak from the stage to avoid excessive direct involvement of the Way (and also new lines of Galantino and CEI that could tarnish the success of the mobilization).
Notice that in the Zenit article, Kiko brags: "it is a very important fact that (Cardinal) Bagnasco called me." However, in the article, it looks like Bagnasco, the president of the CEI, ordered Kiko NOT to speak "to avoid excessive direct involvement of the Way."



  1. Understand that Kiko employed the tactics of Saul Alinsky, a Jewish American radical known as the father of community organizing. He personally had no use for religion (he was an atheist), but he found religion extremely useful in pushing his marxist ideology. He became closely involved in the archdiocese of Chicago, working with socialist-minded Catholic priests to promote his radical agenda — an agenda that includes population control, contraception and abortion, among other things. Like Saul Alinsky, Kiko was an atheist then he "converted" to Catholicism. We now know what his motives are. Let us as continue to pray to St. Michael the Archangel for his help in ridding our Church of the ungodly intruder Kiko along with his minions.

    1. BTW, as a side note to your observation about Alinsky working in the archdiocese of Chicago. Alinsky worked under the auspices of Cardinal Bernardin who employed the services of a certain community organizer named Barack Obama. It was his first job. Thank you Catholic Church.

  2. Thank you, Tim, for everything you are doing to expose and explain the NCW Cult, which has had such pernicious effects on Guam and, indeed, throughout the world.

    May God bless you for your self-sacrifice, and strengthen the people of Guam to stand up for our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church in the face of unrelenting NCW Cult oppression.

    Thank you Chuck, and everyone else who is spreading the light of truth on Guam.

  3. Always the same strategy: Kiko mentions the name of a high authority, the highest if possible, giving him importance.

    First time he says Cardinal Bagnasco phoned him.
    Cardinal Bagnasco is the President of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Why Kiko mentioned him?

    In July 2015, Kiko made his typicall "mess" facing in public the IEC against the Pope, as reported by italian media. Here a link:
    Translated with Google: "Only downsides to an affirmation of Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way: "It seems that the secretary of the CEI has said other but the Holy Father is with us - said Argüello from the stage -. I wrote to the Holy Father, after receiving the letters of some families - he added - and the Pope responded to me when, on Sunday, he said there are ideologies that colonize families and against which we must act. Someone is wrong if he thinks that he does not like the "parades. Ready replication of Don Ivan Maffeis, director of the National Office for Social Communications of the CEI, which he states to SIR: "Piazza alive! In his speech Argüello has, however, become the protagonist of a fall of free and serious style. Oppose the pope and the CEI, in this case, its general secretary is instrumental and not true. "

    Kiko is very suspicious. He mentions CEI before the Family Day 2016, saying Card. Bagnasco has phoned him and at least alreadt begging for his support.

    Even if Kiko doesn't tell the truth, the logicall thing is that Card. Bagnasco should have denied it. But if Card. Bagnasco did it, it would have put more wood on fire after the scandal of Family Day 2015. And Kiko knows. So, even in case Kiko had not tell the truth, best option was silence from Card. Bagnasco, even more when Pope Francis had disassociated from Card. Bagnasco's way of facing Family Day.

    Kiko knows. Here is the trap. Kiko always does things like that. He always faces one against other in his words.
    And ecclesiastical diplomacy doesn't play his game, never plays his rules of confrontation.

    Kiko throws the stone and after it he hides the hand. Always the same.

    Kiko Argüello's declarations never resist the contrast of information from different sources.

    Sandro Magister revealed his letter signed in Porto San Giorgio: "The other day I received a letter from Massimo Gandolfini, spokesman of the Committee who carries on the event at the Circus Maximus".
    It was a LETTER from Gandolfini as organizer. It means it was such a formal communication. Supposedly, Gandolfini was the messenger. Through Gandolfini, Kiko is asked for not being the principal starring in Family Day 2016.
    And for all of people who have been into the Way for a time, the slogan "the brothers that they will participate in their personal capacity" means openly "the event will not be led by the Way".
    And for all the neos, it openly means: "they do not want the Way, the Way is despised".
    And finally, as Kiko did, "it is not neccesary to go". Kiko did not attend Family Day 2016! Gandolfini said Kiko was ill.
    Be sure if they would have told Kiko that with enough time, neocatechumenals will not have attended Family Day 2016.

    When Kiko does not lead something, the Way does not give any support. So simple.

    In Spain neocats never more support the Mass of Families in December, since new Bishop (after Rouco) didn't want to celebrate a public neocat meeting wiht all Kiko's Circus. They just do not care because Bishop Osoro doesn't give all the power to Kiko.

    This is quite evident, I hope more and more people would notice which is real Kiko's way of doing things. He only cares his Way, not the Church.

    People as Tim and Charles know well. Thank you for all your work!

    P.D.: Please, forgive my basic English.

  4. Italian family day organization: massimo gandolfini (ncw), rachele ruiu (ncw) filippo savarese (ncw), simone pillon (ncw), gianfranco amato (communion and liberation), jacopo coghe (tradition), (costanza miriano journalist ncw friendly), (mario adinolfi journalist ncw friendly), paolo floris (ncw), nicola di matteo (ncw), toni brandi (prolife), alfredo mantovano (tradition)

  5. Click here to read a piece from the UK's International Business Times that explains just why the Vatican may be embarrassed by Kiko's rambling speech at last year's "Family Day" in Italy.

    1. corruption inside the Vatican. hmm!

  6. About time the Vatican dresses down this megalomaniac arguello and close down his roadshow circus who call themselves neos! They are nothing but deceptive clowns who are inept at what they do but unable to say no to the whip cracking of their responsible trainers. Their mental conditioning is so dangerous that they are unable to have a coherent dialogue with other human beings. They have been reduced to cowering liars and obedient tasks for public shows. Poor, poor mass of otherwise productive individuals in society.

    1. Unfortunately the mess that the Vatican is willing to accept is an indication of just how bad things are in the Vatican itself.

  7. Exactly, Tim, any decisive action to resolve issues here on Guam would probably necessite the Vatican to clean up its bigger messes - both within its walls and on a global scale. That means they have to give up skeletons they would rather hide than expose the reality that they have been sleeping with enemies on different levels. What a hypocritical system the Church hierarchy weaves while they pompously pontificate about the basic respect respect and dignity of each human being.

    1. The unfaithful clergy don't practice what they preach. Hypocrites!They are the weeds threatening the wheat. Come judgement day the weeds will be separated from the wheat and burned.

  8. Thank you, Chuck, for your link to the UK's International Business Times' article telling of the pervert Kiko advocating of men killing their wives and children if they get upset. I copied the article and sent it to many priest and lay friends so they can see what Kiko is really like. Good thing for women and children that Kiko is not married!

  9. And by the way, kaka in the end didn't show up to the Family Day. Apparently he called in sick..... Probably sick with embarrasment for being shut up and sent to his corner, because he is so sensitive and good, and no one understands him.

    Yes, kaka, only your herds of kikozombies are the only ones left willing to listen to your eternal crap.