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Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Land Management Still Has Not Corrected RMS Property Title

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Former Senator Bob Klitzkie still believes the Redemptoris Mater Seminary property was "given away" by Archbishop Anthony Apuron.
Guam - Former Senator Bob Klitzkie is once again calling on Department of Land Management Director Mike Borja to take action on a certificate of title that contains false information regarding the multimillion dollar property the Redemptory Mater Seminary.
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  1. Excellent job by Mr Klitzkie, to present things in a professional, easy to understand,and non controversial way.

    The issue is very simple.
    The DLM is the guarantor of the validity of all properties titles for the Island of Guam.
    Under Mr Borja, a serious violation of the chain of evidence of the property title of at least one property, has occurred. This puts into question the validity of many other titles, and jeopardize the good name, and with it the impartiality and reputation of said department,to guarantee that their work is done properly and according to the letter of the law.

    Now three months later, we are faced with the fact, that neither the office of the DLM, nor the Attorney General's office, have shown any due diligence into the process of "straightening" said title.

    In doing so, both the Offices of the Department of Land Management, and the Office of the Attorney General, have demonstrated a total lack of responsibility, that we are expecting from public officials.
    Specifically, those that are supposed to enforced said rules and laws.

    Basically, the office of the Attorney General, is waiting for a meeting, that they know will never happen. They hope that the span of attention of the people of Guam will be short lived.
    This lack of activity from the people entrusted by the electors, to insure an honest and efficient administration, is very disheartening.

    Basically the office of the Attorney General is saying they prefer to make behind close door, opaque legal deals, with a party that obviously has engaged with illegal, if not criminal behaviors and acts, rather to simply and forcefully enforce the laws, we are all supposed to abide by.
    This is plainly and simply, not acceptable.

    1. Even if this was at best "a mistake," why is this issue still outstanding four months after the fact and after several inquiries by Mr. Klitzkie. If was a mistake it should be fixed. If it was not a mistake and the title is correct then that must be clarified. Yet, all we get is SILENCE, SILENCE, NO COMMENT, NO COMMENT.