Thursday, March 10, 2016


Court remedy possible for ‘erroneous’ seminary documents

  • The Department of Land Management has prepared a petition for the court to resolve misleading information on certificates of title for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary property in Yona, but the process has been on hold, according to former Sen. Robert Klitzkie.

I'll have comments later. 


  1. So Jackie Terlaje says she is not the legal counsel for the Archdiocese of Agana. Then, who is? And why is Ms. Finney not only talking with Jackie, but also "waiting on what she has to say"?

    1. It's called getting all sides of the story. The Attorney General's Office will determine if there is anything criminal that had occurred, just human error or something in between.

    2. Now that’s pretty stupid. The attorney general is not tasked with an investigation. There is no investigation. There is only what Bob Klitzkie has demonstrated. He can call for an investigation all he wants but the AG can ignore him. But believe me, Bob is not going to let it stop there. It would be better for the people who are supposed to do their job to do their jobs. Meanwhile, tell David to get a good attorney. LOL.

      And "getting all sides of the story"???? Well, yes. So where is the other side? Huh??

  2. Doesn't look like Mr. Rohr's followers will be willing to accept any answers that are in disagreement to their cause. Just give the people charged with the investigation time to sort it out.

    1. LOL. What answers? They haven’t uttered a word. Why? Because they can’t. Every word they have uttered so far has turned out to be a lie that has led to the next and bigger lie. And now its got them into criminal trouble.

      And what? “give the people charged with the investigation time to sort it out.” LOL. WHAT INVESTIGATION? The only person doing any investigating is Bob Klitzkie.

  3. Anon 9:44 You gotta be a neo. What could be clearer with the facts presented I mean more than full disclosure, your side however is so so full of Kool Aide. You believe without question everything uttered out of pius mouth notwithstanding the facts. Indeed pitiful! You are indeed a truly faithful Cult member whose only version of the truth is the ones from your leaders. Nothing, not even the truth can remove the scales from your eyes or ears. We pray for you.

  4. This is typical neo tactics. Wait, hope people would be distracted by another issue, you can create at a later date. In politics, it's called a cover up.
    And this is what's it is fast becoming, a political cover up. Don't be fooled, Pius the corrupter has sent out IOUS through his channels.
    Now becomes time to pay the piper for all the political hacks that owe him favors, or those he has unflattering information on.
    The corrupter in chief of the evil Sect that hijacked the Catholic Church administration on this island, has nothing to loose at this point.
    It is all speed ahead and secure the hatches.
    He is sitting pretty, because he always has a layer of safety, thanks to the useful idiots doing his dastardly work, either in full consciousness, for whatever gains they think they can get, or in total loyalty based on gullibility.
    Their problem being, this issue is not going away, and everything they do to cover their tracks, just make things worse.

  5. Kiko Arguello is a con man, plain and simple, using tge Church as the avenue for his diabolical grab. You have to give it to his cadre of chosen tentacles like Pius who does the dirty job of "grooming" the hapless victims. They know the drill and implement effectively. Responsibles make sure they dig the dirt at a crucial time, then they will hurl at the proper time to blackmail anyone who digresses from the script. It is all about entrapment to achieve desired goals.


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