Wednesday, March 9, 2016


In the March 9 KUAM News story entitled "Klitzkie working on 'bogus' certificate of title for Yona property," found here, there is a hyperlink to Mr. Klitzkie's letter to Michael Borja, Director of Land Management, dated February 17, 2016, found here

The letter is quite a read and a real education on the whole matter, but of immediate interest are these references to a female legal counsel for the archdiocese:

As Mr. Klitzkie states in his opening remarks to Mr. Borja, the letter serves "to memorialize" a meeting which Mr. Klitzkie appears to have had with Mr. Borja and his legal counsel, Kristan K. Finney, Esq., who (as per this link) is from the Attorney General's office. 

We see clearly from the excerpt above that Attorney Finney identifies the counsel for the Archdiocese of Agana as a female. However, as we have seen from the many mentions of his name, and particularly on the September 7, 2011 agenda for the finance council in which there is a record of his counsel to Apuron NOT to sign title over to RMS without amending the corporate documents, Atty. Edward S. Terlaje is the legal counsel for the Archdiocese of Agana. 

Perhaps Mr. Terlaje has since been replaced by a female attorney, but we wonder who could it be since Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje, P.C., CANNOT be the mystery female attorney since she herself has said so:
"Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje issued a statement to the media and dismissed the legal opinion of attorney Jacques Bronze. Terlaje said she issued the statement and her opinion in her capacity as an individual." 
Note: I don't know of any close family relationship between Ed Terlaje and Jackie Terlaje (which is her married name).

What is even more disturbing is that Atty. Finney, from the AG's office is saying on February 15, 2016, the date of the meeting, that she has to "sit down with her to see what can be worked out." 


First, there is the matter that this is almost two months after Mr. Klitzkie first brought this to the attention of the Director (first letter was on December 23, 2015), in which Mr. Klitzkie called for the Director's "prompt corrective action." And here we are two months later waiting for the AG to "sit down with her to see what can be worked out"!!!!!!

I believe Mr. Klitzkie will probably lay this out on Travis Coffman's show tomorrow afternoon on K57, but there is a legal process for such "corrective action" and I'm pretty sure it doesn't include the AG "sitting down" with the someone to "see what can be worked out" behind the scenes, ESPECIALLY if this female counsel turns out to be the same female counsel who procured the false documents to begin with. 

This is some SERIOUS (fill in the blank). And if said female counsel turns out to be who we think it is, then it will go to show just how deeply the evil is embedded in Apuron's "Way." 

Rome, are you watching? Since you won't take on the KIKO's, WE WILL! In fact, WE ARE. 

Tune in tomorrow afternoon to K57 about 4:30pm to hear the next chapter in this increasingly sordid tale. Rome, you can listen on line here:

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