Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Teri Untalan's April 11 letter calling on Archbishop Apuron to resign over his gross mishandling of the Luis Camacho affair assumed that Apuron had taken advantage of an unsuspecting bishop and that Luis had been delivered to the other bishop's care without a warning. 

But as it turns out, the other bishop was in on it.

Responding to an email from Chuck White regarding Luis' very public arrest, Bishop Ballin, the bishop overseeing the region where Luis now is, angrily replied:
Why do you spread over all the world what is strictly personal to Fr. Luis? I am now his Bishop; do you think that I don’t know his situation and why he is here in my Vicariate? Do you think that I am so imprudent as to accept a priest without knowing his personal background? So, why, do you send to me and to others all this information which is very partial? What is your aim in doing that? The good of Fr. Luis, or of the Church? It is not you who is in charge to save the Church in my Vicariate. Be ashamed! If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at him! 

Excuse me, Bishop Ballin, but you're an asshole. You're also dangerously stupid. I'm pretty sure that Mr. White sent you that email just to get you to stupidly reply so we can expose just how high up KAKA* goes. Well done. But back to your being an asshole. And it is best demonstrated in your saying: "What is your aim in doing that? The good of Fr. Luis, or of the Church?" 
*Kiko Arguello Kool Aid


Actually, Mr. Ballin (can't call you a bishop), you obviously care about neither Fr. Luis nor the Church or you would not have exposed Luis nor put the church in your care in harm's way, and I am not talking about Luis' demonstrable sexual proclivities for young females. I am talking about the thousands of innocent Catholic faithful in your care whose lives are already hard and who depend on the Church and its sacraments for their sustenance in more ways than one. 

It is well known that the government of Qatar permits Christian churches to function there primarily to serve the many imported laborers and their families. You have endangered those poor Catholics by knowingly harboring a priest with a known arrest record who disappeared from our diocese under suspicions circumstances and placing him in active ministry with young females of the same age as the one he was with when he was arrest in Guam.

Perhaps you thought that Guam was such a small insignificant place that you could do whatever you wanted and we can go to hell - which is exactly the tone of your letter to Mr. White. 

But you really show that you are an asshole when you use Jesus' words against Mr. White about throwing the first stone. LOL, Mr. Ballin, you are not even bright enough to know that Mr. White is NOT throwing any stones. He was extending you the courtesy by showing you what had already been in the Guam press - even the international press - for over a year, and advising you to be warned. Yet you accuse him of "throwing the first stone." 

In fact, the press coverage of Fr. Luis' arrest makes your statement that what concerned Fr. Luis was "strictly personal," your greatest demonstration of dangerous stupidity. Luis' arrest was one of the biggest scandals ever to hit our island, and it was heated up all the more by this fake and failed bishop who appears to be as KAKA-filled as you are. 

The real bottom line, Ballin, is that you are a KIKO. And that's worse than being an asshole. KIKO's put their agenda first. The Ends justifies the Means. Everyone else can go to hell. Well there's a price for spreading KAKA. And you are going to pay it. 

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