Thursday, April 21, 2016


frenchie has left a new comment on your post "THE STINKING MONK RAMPS IT UP": 

One must understand, that Pius and the NCW have had a free and very financially rewarding ride here on Guam.
Thanks to their subterfuges, we have paid for their expansion, we have paid for the education of the presbyters pegged to replace our local priests, we have paid for their traveling to and from all their meetings and reunions, plus for a few years, we have paid for the salaries of the "teachers" at the fake seminaries. The ones which were listed as full time, but who in fact, were like this visiting Cardinal, passing by, spreading their distorted propaganda, and leaving until the following year. 

Of course you have to add the families on "Mission" whom we fed and kept here, often finding them cushy jobs in the process. How many millions of dollars have they squeezed off this juicy lemon? We shall probably never know. But Guam certainly has been a productive victim for them.
What better explanation of a parasite? Just living off their host.

They have lived tax free and at the expenses of the parishes for almost 20 years. The Kikos are like the locusts of Bible fame, they have to consume all, before moving on.
This is exactly what the Putrid is attempting to do. He knows his personal days here are counted, so he tries to ensure his cohorts will be able to continue to prosper, after Apuron and himself are long gone.

They continue their lies, their deceptions, their multiple swindles, to hide the full picture of their total take over.
We the true Catholics of this island are the only real obstacle to their dream. 

They realized they over reached with the eviction of the beloved priests, but they did not stop, they accelerated, and hoped that we would get tired, that we would forget, as we did in the past.
They hope they can still parlay one of theirs to replace Apuron, and continue their labor of destruction.

It is up to us, to either let them continue this colonization and destruction, or stop them, once and for all, here and now. We have a choice to be more like the Catholics of Japan, who successfully stopped them, even if on a temporary basis. Or be like Malta, where they were allowed to continue their destruction and colonization of that island.
What is it going to be Guam? 


  1. Stop the evil bastards for that is what ncw really is.

  2. Looks like the LFM ladies, are showing the way at the airport tonight.
    Go girls!!!!

  3. St Joan of Ark pray for them!

    1. Well said Bruce! St Joan of Arc (that is the name of her village)was tasked by God to Boot the English out of France.
      May be she can help us Boot the Spanish, Maltese and Italian out of Guam.

  4. Things are picking up and we're gaining momentum! St. Michael defend us in battle.