Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Apparently the coordinator thought herself quite "able to judge," both Luis' fitness to lead the Youth Retreat and our response. Obviously only kikos get to judge.


  1. This was sent to me after I linked the news articles of the scandal on all their posts of Luis.

  2. With all the facts in the news, they would still ask that you'd take down the links just so that they wouldn't show the truth about Luis camacho. Sad. Just sad.

  3. neo or bust...

    the truth, does not matter to these people, because its not their truth...
    regardless of what proof is documented and presented, it is not theirs...

    the only truth they will believe in has to come from their community, their responsible, their pius, their kiko...

    for them, the only truth begins with "i was told by pius, who was told by kiko", then, and only then, they will they believe a truth...

  4. Exposure to LIGHT and Truth is too much for them to bare. They prefer the darkness of KIKO. Tim, continue to keep the light on these heretics.

  5. Could Michelle D'Silva be related to Edivaldo da Silva OLiveira?