Monday, April 4, 2016


If Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron has in his possession, documented proof* that could have quelled the division fomented by his unwillingness to be forthcoming with said "proof," then Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, if he did this purposely and consciously, is singularly responsible for the propagation of scandal and division in his own diocese, and potentially guilty of grave sin, and very possibly, guilty of an ecclesiastical crime. 

*All the "proofs" that The Diana says he has.


  1. THIS is one of most important posts, Tim. Propagation of scandal.

  2. Tim - great fictional story, you hear voices again?

    1. LOL. You Kiko's really are as dumb as we think you are. It's The Diana's story, fool. LOL.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoApril 4, 2016 at 2:33 PM

      Very telling photo - looks like the fires of hell are being stoked for one tony apuron!
      He looks so proud of himself. Disgusting picture of a disgusting thief.

  3. Calling names now Tim, what else can you dig? You fly in the moon.

    1. Oh pobrecito, did I hurt your feelings poor anonymous baby. LOL. Since you won't use your name I guess I get to make one up for you. LOL. Courage. :)

  4. This photograph is more hideous every time it is posted. Hideous for more reasons than we can know.

  5. The Kiko's are a endless source of wonders.
    Tim is underlining the evident point, that we know to be obviously not true.

    The fabricated lie, by the Diana, herself/himself/itself, most likely under the direct supervision of Pius the very putrid.

    What is this lie, or new version of Pius, on the situation of the RMS?
    Exactly what the Dungbat asserted: that Archbishop Antony Apuron, has had from the beginning, all the documents necessary to back up, her/his/its claim that the RMS is under the control of the Archbishop only.
    Claim which, if you recall, was first floated around by Pius himself, in the Pdn several months ago, and relayed ad nauseum by the Diana, the Zoltan, and of course David the VG in his now famous post in the "archdiocesan rag", they publish every weekend. Not forgetting Zenit the official Media arm of the NCW.

    Or, that is at the core of this blog, and many participants' affirmations: simply that this is not the case.
    That this so called "truth" from Diana, is a urban fable, a figment of her vivid imagination.

    In her haste to have a victory lap, and mental back-flip, to celebrate what she perceives as a victory, with the declaration that :"all is well, people of Guam, do not worry, all is well" by the AG; she just served us even more ammunition, with this affirmation that the Archbishop always has had "all the documentation necessary"

    So, if we take the Dungbat at her word, (or more precisely, at the Putrid's word), Tim is right then, to point to the obvious conclusion that the Archbishop is therefore guilty of a grave sin and possibly of a grave ecclesiastical crime, for having allowed this great division in our church, which he encouraged rather that avoided.
    As I said earlier, the Dungbat is an endless source of amazement.
    If most people would should shoot themselves in the foot, the way poor Diana keeps on doing, one time after the other, the GMH emergency room situation would be critical.
    Yet, she continues to shoot herself in the foot, like clockwork, one single time after another one.

    Folks! lets at least recognize that the poor wretch of a thing, is entertaining!
    Even Hollywood, does not have such talented script-writers, able to have so many interesting new twists and turns in their story.

    Ladies and gentlemen!!!: (drum roll please) I present you the amazing, the unparallelled, the wondrous, the unique.....Diana the Dungbat!!!

    Not as tasty, but as interesting as our world famous (thanks AA) Guam chocolate covered Macademia Nuts!!!

    Oh!!! the fruits!!!! Thanks my dear little Diana!!!!


    1. So many twists and turns on this story due to the bungling efforts to spin the truth time and time again. The Neos can't keep track of their lies. The bad ship Neopop has sprung holes and is starting to sink. Captain Tony has abandoned ship. He claims to have health problems when the root cause of his problem is spiritual. 1977 and other sins continue to haunt him. He can run but he can't hide from God.

    2. Dingbat Diana, here's something for you to mull over.
      Apuron, your despised puppet might be next. Enjoy!

  6. The Archbishop has distressed many, demoralized faithful Catholics and made the church less credible to those who are not. God have mercy on him.