Monday, May 16, 2016


PDN: "Citing the deed of the property, which the church released to the public late last year, the archdiocese notes that the deed lists the church as the sole owner of the property. "

So here's the main problem. The idiots who released the statement to the press referred to the "title deed." There is a certificate of title and a deed. But there is no such thing as a "title deed." 

What the archdiocese "released" was a copy of the certificate of title. Actually they "released" two different versions of the certificate of title, though they had three.

  1. On Nov 29, 2015, they released a version that did not show the latest recorded instrument - which was a deed. HERE
  2. On December 15 they received altered versions of the certificates which showed the deed but showed the wrong beneficiary of the deed. HERE
  3. On March 15, thanks to the skirting of the law by the Director of DLM with the assistance of the AG, both certificates were cancelled and a new title issued showing the seminary as the beneficiary of the deed but still showed the Archbishop as the title holder. HERE

All the certificates are wrong because the Deed states: 
“NOW, THEREFORE, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed subject to the covenants and restrictions set forth herein:..”
The only “restriction” is that the property remain in “perpetual use” by a Guam corporation called Redemptoris Mater Seminary but no restriction that it remain a seminary. To read the deed go here:

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