Tuesday, May 17, 2016


John Taimanglo ·
Tim..your profile picture looks like the devil! maybe you should take a closer look in the mirror. If what you say is true, then publis the names of those who were abused or have them come forward. The property issue, get a lawyer and take those involve to court. Stop talking...just do! Can you really make this happen?
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LOL, Mr. Taimanglo. My profile picture is a picture of my autistic son.


John Fejeran ·
As a way of resolving this issue, why can't there be a panel of say, 3 reputable real estate companies or something that will look into who actually owns or controls the property in question? Both sides to agree on the findings of the panel?
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Tim Rohr ·
Hi John, thanks for your advice. There was a way to resolve this a couple weeks ago when it was proven that the certificate of title issued by the Department of Land Management on October 30, 2015 was in error, and again, when the error was amended causing another error on certificates reissued on December 15, 2015.

Guam Law requires a court proceeding to correct errors on certificates of tilte. All would have been resolved had the law been followed. But the Director of Land Management did not follow the law and the AG was complicit in reversing her earlier counsel on the matter, permitting the existing certificates to be cancelled and new ones issued under a section of the code that does not permit this. So if the AG is compromised, where else is there to go?

Also, in order to file suit, one must have standing. It is questionable whether any individual Catholic has standing. The Archbishop is a Corporation Sole which essentially makes him king.

The Church has laws in place to protect against the rogue action of such bishops, but Rome has no police force. Our only recourse is to take this to the streets.

However, the Archbishop himself has now afforded us an opportunity to go to court by threatening to sue those who oppose him. Bring it on.
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  1. @ John taimanglo.... To compare an autistic kid as looking like the devil is just plain stupid and just goes to show how judgemental and stupid you really are. Idiot.

  2. John, John, John, your last name "Taimanglo" means no air. Para guahu, yanggen taya mangglo, pues tai sustansia I na'an-mu pat I palabras-mu siha.

  3. Hey John, you should feel like crap right about now! You should apologize!

  4. John Taimanglo, I see you're from Talofofo. How about putting up your picture so we can comment on it and tell you how STUPID you are (among other things).

  5. This is when anonymous would have been better. I hope you now feel courageous using your name.

  6. John Taimanglo...I'm a 1:1 school aide (an aide who works with special needs students) this comment makes me SICK!...my student happens to be autistic....he is the smartest kid that I know....SMARTER THAN YOU ARE!...shame on you Mr. Taimanglo! SHAME ON YOU!

  7. Please do the right thing right now, ask for forgiveness. And we will. Every minute counts.