Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Let's take apart The Tony's phony-ass statement:

APURON: As you know there has been a series of attacks against myself and the catholic church in these past three years. 

Okay. Stop right there. Stop hiding behind the Church - OUR CHURCH. And quit soiling it with your filth. Stand up and stop sniveling like a pathetic child.

  • Who the hell was it who changed the locks on Fr. Paul? 
  • Who the hell was it who threatened him with an "arduous and painful closure to his assignment?" 
  • Who the hell was it who drug Mr. Lastimoza's family into the street and beat them mercilessly in the press?
  • Who the hell was it who falsely accused Fr. Paul of building a secret staircase to his room?
  • Who the hell was it who, in front of 30 clergy, spoke disparagingly of Fr. Paul and implied that he was in a homosexual relationship with Mr. Lastimoza? 
  • Who the hell was it who kicked Fr. Paul out of the diocese and told him to go find another bishop who would take him? 
  • Who the hell was it who threw Msgr. James out of the Cathedral? 
  • Who the hell was it who publicly and falsely accused Msgr. James of things which were immediately disproven?
  • Who the hell was it who continually trashed Msgr. James in the public media over and over again without so much as even giving him a copy of the charges you were leveling against him? 
  • Who the hell was it, Tony Boy?

Stand up. Put your pants on.  And leave our Catholic Church out of it.

APURON: As predicted just four days ago, these malicious ads have now resulted in a false accusation of sexual abuse. 

BULLSHIT Tony Boy. Right! In less than ten days since the first ad ran, you want people to believe that I found Roy in Hawaii, flew him out here, gave him a script, recruited twenty of his relatives, hired Attorney David Lujan, set up the press conference, and instructed everybody there to lie and cry. You are one sick creature. But then that's what happens when you grovel in the same hole as Pius the Putrid for twenty sickening, disease-ridden years.

APURON: To be absolutely clear and to avoid any misinterpretation of my statement, I deny all allegations of sexual abuse by Roy Quintanilla. 

So you call Roy and all his relatives LIARS. Great! Just as we expected and just as we wanted. Here, everybody. Which one is the LIAR?

APURON: I humbly ask for your prayers and encourage all our faithful to pray for me and for those behind this concerted effort to injure our Catholic Church.

Oh, you freaking little coward. LOL.

APURON: I will continue to defend the faith and give my life for the truth. Thank you. Si Yu’os Ma’ase.

Yah, Tony. You gave your life for a LIE. And it's coming down on you big time. Roy is no longer some poor little 11 year old boy who you forced and fondled.


Roy Quintanilla. 11 years old.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Agat
Altar Boy

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