Thursday, May 5, 2016


May 5, 2016. About 8:39am

Edivaldo doesn't want to be seen but is in the studio. The new puppet master.
He is NOT  a visitor.
What does he plan to achieve now.
LOL. He's staying with his "professor" facade.
Affiliation with the Lateran. Ummmm, they cannot show it.
I have come here to make a in the past years.
People fed false information - in other words the people are stupid.
He was never addressed directly because he always snuck in.
First time it has happened. I'll explain that.
Tit for tat. So the Archbishop hides.
These are real problems....that would be the archbishop.
Not the only one - not true for Guam. It is the only one.
It is not enough to go to Mass.
Great. Go out! Go out Giuseppe. But YOU GO IN GO IN GO IN to our churches and TAKE OUT TAKE OUT TAKE OUT.
LOL The bishop has done a great work fighting against casino. LOL
Fought for defense of life...umm since when?
He's filibustering because he's not used to be asking questions.
He doesn't live here but yet he's supposedly a "permanent professor" at RMS.
Claudia : don't they celebrate mass "normally"
Ambrosian Church. Sorry - we are in the Latin Church.
Sign of peace - discussion in the vatican.
the adaptation that is not allowed is to NOT consume the host immediately
Claudia getting shrill
Oh here we go with the born again story
No documents only the statute - everything else is speeches.
He doesn't quote the speech of Francis which tell them that it is better not to have the way than to create division.
LOL. "The way is for those who are far away from the church - BUT THEY EVANGELIZE IN THE CHURCH.
Not because I have any interest to come to Guam.
He's only been directing things for 25 years.
Claudia had a failed childhood and Catholic formation.
REach out. Well then go ahead. Reach out. Get the hell off the pulpits.
Thank you Edivaldo. These people are sinking their way
Land grabbing.
Every person has to renounce his goods so Gennarini can stay at a Hyatt suite.
There he goes. Gennarini trying to shut Bob down.
LOL. You have the wrong documents.
He says I don't know who drafted the papers. HE SURE AS HELL KNOWS.
He said he had NO role in the deed restriction.
In order to protect the the property assign it to RMS.
Good job, John Taitano: WHERE IS THE ARCHBISHOP
Good job, Patti. They have probably never been asked tough questions before.
And LOL. For someone who had NOTHING to do with the formation of the corporation, he knew which article said way, even though he was wrong about the number.
More later. Courage.

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