Thursday, May 5, 2016


Mr. Gennarini was asked by talk show host Travis Coffman to provide links to the documents Mr. Gennarini says show papal approval of the NCW - something to which the neocats constantly resort to authenticate themselves. 

The word "approval" is the trick. There is "approval" in the sense of words of encouragement and appreciation, and then there is "approval" in the sense of an official stamp. 

The neocats like to point to nice words and even a few letters but none of these are official approval of the neocats or anything they do. The only official approvals the neocats have is of the 2008 version of their statute and the 2011 version of their catechetical directory. But try to find either!

Here is an example of how deceptive they are. The official neocat site is: 




You will get the neocats logo but no statute. Click on the logo and you get a blank page.*

By contrast go back to the Home Page and again click on STATUTES


Click on Text of the Statute

Voila! You get the text of the statute. 

However, this version should NOT even be on the website since it NOT the approved Statute. Yet it is obviously the one the neocat hierarchy wants you to see. In this version of the statute, sitting to receive communion is permitted. In the APPROVED version, sitting to receive communion is NOT permitted. 

There are also many references to documents and statements from before 2008. Actually, none of those documents and statements apply since the NCW did not undergo a full Vatican review until the ad experimentum period of 2002 to 2007. The only documents and statements that apply to any current approval is what has been stated and said since 2008. And what has been said is actually very severe - albeit via papal pastoral language which seeks not to condemn but to continue to attempt to shepherd in the right directions. However, as you have seen on this blog for more than two years, the neocats totally rely on the lack of public condemnation as their "approval." 

*The only way to get to the 2008 Statute is to "right click" and open link in a new tab. Notice how hard it is to get to this versus the 2002 Statute which is made immediately available to the visitor to the site. The unwary would not know that the 2002 Statute was in fact DISAPPROVED and REPLACED by the 2008 Statute.

The entire NCW mode of operation (at its hierarchical levels) is full of this type of slippery slime. 


  1. Tim you're being a bit too harsh. I thought Gennarini was pretty candid in that interview. I would still like to see some supporting documentation but he cleared up several things for me, especially about ownership of the seminary and their reasons for doing the Mass properly.

    1. Nothing and I mean nothing comes out with any neo to be true. Supporting documents are the proof you all or I would archie had promise to deliver as soon as he finds it. All he had to do was go back to their neo boss and request for copy but they too do not have one.

    2. And we should believe Gennarini because..? @6:20 AM, you're full of shit!!

  2. Now, now, ANON 7:41. ANON 6:20 has a right to his opinions. Really no need for name calling. All we've been asking for is proof (documentation) of all the NEOs claim is authorized. By Gennarini just saying it "is", does not make it so. So for you to believe just by his word, you are just demonstrating to me how you are easily manipulated.... And that is what the NEOs are hoping to continue on doing with the people of this island. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This abuse needs to STOP.