Thursday, May 5, 2016


Just because the morons on the hill are morons doesn't mean the rest of us are morons and you can lie to us like they do. Let's get this out in the open once and for all since the masturbating primatologist was stupid enough to get you on the radio.

You said that RMS is a "corporation sole" because RMS has only one member who has all the power. You're a liar.

The very first paragraph, the "formation paragraph," of the the RMS ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION say that Apuron "does hereby form a nonprofit corporation under and by virtue of the provisions of the Guam Nonprofit Corporation Act, 18 G.C.A. §10101..."

Link to full document.

Here is the beginning of the first page of 18 G.C.A.:

RMS was formed under §10101. A Corporation Sole must be formed under §10102. You are one nasty thief. Oh. P.S. That thing at the airport the other night? That's called "The Magellan Welcome." Courage.

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