Sunday, May 22, 2016


On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Roy Quintanilla, made known that he was sexually molested by Anthony S. Apuron, currently the Archbishop of Agana, approximately 40 years ago when he was a twelve year old altar boy in the parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Agat, Guam.

Within a few hours, the Archdiocese released a statement stating the following:

On the introductory page to the "policy," we read:

NO. 1. Despite the first principle of the policy being "the victim is not responsible for the abuse," within only a couple hours of the release of this statement, the Archbishop, the person ultimately responsible for seeing to it that "the victim is not responsible for the abuse," personally attacked the victim.

NO. 2. Despite the second principle of the policy being "the healing of the victim should be primary concern," within only a couple hours of the release of this statement, the Archbishop, the person ultimately responsible for seeing to "the healing of the victim as the primary concern," personally attacked the victim.

NO. 3. Despite the third principle of the policy being "all allegations of sexual misconduct are to be taken seriously," within only a couple hours of the release of this statement, the Archbishop, the person ultimately responsible for seeing to it that "all allegations of sexual misconduct are to be taken seriously," personally attacked the victim.

And within 24 hours of his own attack on the victim, Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron had both Deacon Frank Tenorio and his personal secretary, Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira, personally attack the same victim in the same way.

Having immediately violated the first principles of his own policy, Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron proceeded to violate the policy itself:

Item 2c. requires the Archbishop to "direct an Investigator to do a complete investigation."

There will be no Investigator and there will be no investigation. Per the Pacific Daily News (May 20, 2016), Archbishop Apuron's personal secretary and Archdiocesan spokesman,  Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira, declared: "it never happened."
Rev. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira, who identified himself as a personal secretary for the archbishop, spoke on behalf of Apuron on Friday. 
When asked if Rev. Niland told Apuron what Quintanilla told Niland, Oliveira said, “(Niland) never reported because it never happened.” 

However, in doing all this, attacking the victim - first personally and then with Tenorio and Edivaldo, Apuron has completely admitted his guilt. If Apuron was innocent, it not only would have been easy for him to extend an invitation to Mr. Quintanilla to further discuss the matter, it would have been the right thing for a bishop to do. At the very least he could have done what Cardinal Pell had done when similarly accused. Pell stepped aside and permitted a third party investigation. When exonerated he returned to his job. 

Obviously Apuron has done none of these things. Instead he has immediately and viciously attacked the victim. 

Now, this brings us to why Apuron and the Waldo (aka Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira) suddenly up and departed to Manila yesterday morning. 

For now, it is Apuron's word against Mr. Quintanilla's. Apuron knows that so long as he can keep this one on one, he can continue to deny the charges. However, two on one, three on one, and more... will change the matter very quickly. He must keep other victims from coming forward. 

Fr. Matthew Blockley was invited to be incardinated in this diocese by Apuron in the early 90's. However, Blockley saw something that made him split to Saipan after only a couple of years in Agana and before he was ordained. 

Blockley was ordained in Saipan but ran afoul of Bishop Camacho when Apuron and Pius tried to insert the Neocatechumenal Way into Saipan in the late 90's. According to Blockley, he also stumbled across some grave financial improprieties. Blockley - per his account - was severely beaten one night by a group of thugs (who he believed to be Bishop Camacho's) and fled to the states where he hid for several years for fear of his life. 

Upon his retirement, Camacho released an all points bulletin to all the U.S. bishops to flush out Blockley and force him back to Saipan (though according to Blockley, Camacho knew where he was). The priest in the states who had given Blockley shelter for several years could no longer do so. Still fearing for his life, Blockley fled to Manila, where (again according to Blockley) he is living privately under the protection of Cardinal Tagle. 

What did Blockley see in the early 90's that made him flee Agana? Apuron knows. The only question is what will it take to buy Blockley's silence?

That's all I can say for now.

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  1. I doubt that any amount of money will but Father Blockley's silence. Apuron's resignation and the reinstatement of Father Paul and Msgr James may buy his silence. Oops, wait a minute, fine print will be Apuron nominating Msgr James to be his successor. BIBA! Until all fall into place, Father Michael Blockley will continue to be a threat to Apuron.

  2. My, my, the plot thickens doesn't it?

  3. Apuron is also seeking an audience with the pope. He's having a real run to daddy moment. So typical of bullies when they're victims hit back. Too late, Archie. I got there first.

    1. So the Pope has time to see Tony Again??? With interpreter OJ? Mr OJ you are supposed to wear a cassock to see the Pope. Not your short sleeve shirt with your bulging muscles. Hopeless. If the Pope sees Br Ton. I'll eat my hat. The woven one from FestPac.

    2. Bouncing balls and ball squeezer will probably try to throw curve balls at the Vatican.

    3. OJ interpreting?! The Pope's native language is Spanish since he is from Argentina. Edivaldo the Waldo Juicer is from Brazil. . . Brazilians speak Portuguese. . . but who knows, Edi OJ knows a lot because he is an RMS professor with impeccable credentials.

  4. There once was a Blockley named Matt
    Whose nine lives would rival a cat.
    He fled from skullduggery
    And fierce goonish thuggery.
    Who sent them? A tall pointy hat?

    1. " Nine lives rival a cat"
      Fr.Blockley out of sight for sixteen years. His possible return to this region would be explosive .

  5. Apuron and his spokesperson / personal secretary / bodyguard, probably went to Manila to look for Father Blockley. Father Blockley should hire a personal bodyguard because Tony-boy has been acting mighty funny these days and he looks pissed. Just thought that I'd pass that on. Tony-boy was bought into this money making scheme and he will do everything and anything to protect his interests and the interests of his mob family known as the neocatecumenal way. Please watch your back Father Blockley and may God continue to bless you.


    1. Apuron attacked the victim.
      Cardinal Joseph Bernardin reached out to the victim visited with him.
      Archbishop Apuron should have welcomed Roy into chancery to talk with him.
      A vicious immediate attack on Roy suspect. Then followed by deacon Tenorio's outburst. Not normal responce by Archbishop.


    2. AAA like a headless chicken not knowing what to do. Going to Manila to buy off Fr.Matthew Blockley doub't it will work.

  6. Tim your right. Apuron and his two goons, Uduvaldo and Tenorio, would not respond so vehemently if he was innocent. Roy hit on a nerve and it's raw right now. They are desperate and will do anything, including violating Church poilicies and being Christmas like, to protect his empire of wealth, deceit, vengeance, and corruption.

    1. If you didn't catch SNAP's Joelle Casteix on K57 with Patti Arroyo, please click here to listen to her call. At about the 2 minute mark, she mentioned that the Archbishop's "panicky" response was quite unusual in her experience.


  7. According to research Fr.Blockley born in 1966. He came to Guam in 1992 as a twenty six year old seminarian at the invitation of Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron.
    Archbishop spent 24 years trying to show Fr.Blockley is a delusional person. In 2013 Archbishop Apuron accused Fr.Blockley of an improper relationship. My question becomes for what reason would Archbishop Apuron dedicate 24 years to show that Fr.Blockley is crazy? Unless Fr.Matthew is holding damaging information on Archbishop Anthony sablan Apuron.

  8. Why are we opposing the Way?
    Don't they seek the lost sheep who stray?
    The sheep they pursue
    Are there in the pew.
    Go found your own church right away!

    1. Andrew that's spot on.

      If they would abandon Girardism they could begin to put things right.

    2. I had to look up René Girard. Thank you.

      See, e.g.,é_Girard ; Jerry Bowyer, “René Girard, 'The Einstein Of The Social Sciences'”, Arts & Letters, Forbes, Mon., Nov. 30, 2015, available at .

      Yes, there do indeed seem to be Girardian influences on Kilo’s NCW Cult theology.

    3. Sorry. In the last sentence I meant “Kiko’s”.

      Silly cell phone “autocorrect”! I wish I knew how to turn it off.

    4. I've written a few posts about the NCW and the adoption of Rene Girard's non-sacrificial interpretation of our Lord's Passion by several Neocatechumenal academics. See

    5. Girard = NLP + Hegelism. Which is why it sort-of works for some people, but not well enough. True religion is not nearly so body-language-oriented as this is.

      Father Schmidt was far nearer the mark, as regards the development of religion, IMO.


  9. Roy hit an exposed nerve in AAA.
    AAA can say " it never happened"
    He said he said situation.
    Should another victim come out it does raise serious questions about AAA.

  10. When Tony first brought Guam the Way,
    He said he sought those who would stray,
    But he can’t give a damn
    for his poor flock of lambs
    while he's lusting for mutton each day.

    1. The Irish in Exile shan't fail
      To harpoon, to lampoon, to impale
      The fake, phony clerics
      Who supply such hysterics
      Like thinking they'll really prevail.

  11. AAA escaping FestPac and off-island guests so he won't be causing any distractions and embarrassment.

  12. He is neuther the truth, the light, nor the way, but a fox in sheep's clothing looking to secure his treasures on this earth.

  13. Note to Tony and Waldo. You're not dealing with amateurs. Don't think we haven't factored in your every possible move. Attorney David Lujan standing next to Roy should have been your first clue.

  14. When filled with desperation, all logic disappears and emotion takes over. this makes tony dangerous. who knows maybe Blockley has been his prisoner all along.


  15. Long suspected Fr.Matthew lives in a prison.