Thursday, May 19, 2016


DianaMay 18, 2016 at 2:47 PMDear Anonymous at 11:08 am,  
Have you also noticed in today's post how he has the media there with him as he hands over his letter to the Archdiocese. Never have I seen a victim of sexual abuse wanting media coverage.
The brood of Vipers need media attention.
J. BautistaMay 18, 2016 at 6:38 PM 
Quintanilla said he’s ready to defend his “honor”.....yes honor appears to be more important than the "truth".

Dear "Diana" (though I know your real name), and J.Bautista. Roy did not ask for media coverage. I DID. In fact, Roy was not going to be public about this at all. It was my idea that his going public could help others who were also victims. Roy knew the cost of going public. Roy knew that assholes like you would try to slime and slander him as you are doing here. But Roy is not a subhuman roach like the two of you. Roy is a person who fought off the urges to take his own life brought on by what Apuron did to him. Roy is a person who overcame the horrors and confusion of what Apuron did to him. Roy is a person who stood up to the demons Apuron inserted into his soul and fought on because his younger down syndrome brother needed someone to take care of him. And while you "Diana" still hide behind your cowardly pseudonym and throw stones at Roy, Roy is a person who can be believed and embraced. Roy is going to win, Diana. You and the pathetic little J.Bautista are going out with the trash that is Apuron. 

So your move, freaks. Let's get this suit you are threatening rolling. What are you waiting for? Time to hide more assets at RMS? 

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